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What is an Agency Ad Account?

Facebook Agency Ad Account is the type of advertising account that Facebook provides a line of credit (Line of Credit) in the payment manager. Blue Focus The feature is usually offered to Facebook Agencies, Partners, or certain businesses.

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Regular Account Agency Ad Account
PurposeFor individual useDesigned for agencies and businesses managing multiple clients
Number of Advertisers
Typically oneMultiple (clients)
Access Control
Full control over adsControl over ads
Shared with clients or team members
Campaign Management

Self-containedHandles campaigns for different clients simultaneously
Client Collaboration

Not designed for collaboration with clientsFacilitates collaboration and client access to ad performance data
ReportingStandard toolsEnhanced reporting for multiple clients
BM Integration

May or may not use BMManaged through BM for centralized control
Account Limits and Restrictions

Subject to Facebook's ad account policies
Agencies have more leniency in account use and can freely run mess, conversion, BP, etc.
Custom Audiences

Limited in sharing with othersAllows sharing custom audiences across multiple client accounts

Regular Account Vs. Agency Ad Account Comparison

Are you dealing with Facebook Agency ad account restrictions?

No worries! Whether it’s issues with ad content, payment methods, or policy violations, Blue Focus is all over it.

If you are a business, agency, or individual managing Facebook advertising campaigns on behalf of multiple clients, an agency ad account is your ideal choice. And Blue Focus is your trustworthy companion!

Rent Facebook Manager Agency Ad Account?

Why Get An Agency Ad Account For Rent At Blue Focus?

By using our service, you gain access to an enterprise-level BM, unblock FBM, receive 24/7 Facebook representative support, tap into a sophisticated 1k data points algorithm, and have ad account restrictions removed promptly!

Steps To Rent A Facebook Agency Ad Account At Blue Focus

How To Rent A Facebook Agency Ad Account At Blue Focus?

Renting a Facebook agency ad account at Blue Focus is a straightforward process with six steps as follows:

Mandatory Fees Of Blue Focus

Customers register information

Start by providing us with some basic details in this registration form. In this form: OPEN AGENCY ACCOUNT

Duyệt thông tin khách hàng

Review Information

Blue Focus browse Info (Products, Website, Fanpage)

Đặt cọc tài khoản

You’ll proceed to the service signing stage if your information passes our review.

Cấp toàn khoản invoice facebook

Blue Focus registers information with Facebook

With the agreement signed, we’ll move on to opening your agency account. Here’s how it works:

Cấp toàn khoản invoice facebook

Blue Focus registers information with Facebook

Once Facebook approves your agency account, we’ll make sure your agency account has enough funds for your advertising needs.

Đọc rõ lưu ý và chính sách

Read carefully the notice and policy

Before you start running your ads, here are some vital things to keep in mind:

Note Rent facebook ad account agencies ?

Regulations when Rent Facebook Ad Account Agencies

  • Fanpages must have at least 3 posts related to the products sold on the promoted website.
  • If you have above 2 fanpages, each fanpage cannot post the same article.
  • You can register maximum 3 fanpages to promote ad, and can only run ad on registered fanpages.
  • The page name must be relevant with the domain name/website name.
  • If the account is limited, Blue Focus supports free resistance, in the meantime, if you need a new account, please open a new account according to the process – Blue Focus supports free to open an account.
  • The account received the result of permanent restriction, Blue Focus supports transferring the excess money to another account
  • Partner: MMOFACE.COM
  • Contact: Rent facebook ad account agencies from Blue Focus only 1%

To read the specifics, see our Ad account creation standard

Bạn có biết?

Facebook Agency Account Renting Process

Agency accounts will have 2 forms: Account Limited Fanpage and Account Unlimited Fanpage

You can register to rent any type of account, basically these two types of accounts have the same mechanism and everything.

1. Register information

Mandatory Fees Of Blue Focus

Customers register information

Customers provide information about products, services, Facebook page, domain in the information registration form, please click here to register: OPEN AGENCY ACCOUNT


2. Review customer information

Blue Focus  browse Info (Products, Website, Fanpage)

Duyệt thông tin khách hàng

Browse customer information

3. Service signing

Đặt cọc tài khoản

Customers pay fees and Topup

After the information is approved to be eligible to run ads, customers must sign a commitment and pay the fee and amount of Top up.

4. Sign up for Agency account

Blue Focus request accounts to customers

Cấp toàn khoản invoice facebook

Blue Focus registers information with Facebook

We will use the information you provided and registered with FB.

5. Account handover

Customer receives the account and checks the account

Khách hàng nhận tài khoản

Customers receive Agency accounts

After being approved by FB and Topup your account, you can use it.

6.Attention Agency

Đọc rõ lưu ý và chính sách

Read carefully the notice and policy

Please read carefully the policy of Blue Focus to be able to understand our processes and policies, to avoid unnecessary disputes that may occur.

Mandatory Fees Of Blue Focus

Total cost of Blue Focus

Mandatory Fees Of Blue Focus

We want our clients to understand the costs of our services. Here’s an overview of the mandatory fees you can expect when working with us:

#1. Account Opening Cost: $20/account

This is a one-time fee of $20 for setting up your ad account. It ensures everything is ready for your ads to run.

#2. Account Guarantee Cost: $100/account

We ask for a $100 deposit per account. We’ll give this back when our partnership ends. However, we won’t refund this deposit if your account gets blocked because of policy violations.

#3. Service Cost: Varies:

The service fee depends on your business needs and the steps involved in getting an ad account agency through us. It’s tailored to suit different situations and ensures you get the suitable service for your goals.

#4. USD to VND Exchange Rates: Varies

We rely on published exchange rates. You can check this exchange rate online.

We’re all about transparency, so you know what you pay for. These fees help cover the setup, security, and services you need for successful Facebook advertising.

Visit this page to see the cost!

See cost

What are you wondering about right now?


A Facebook agency ad account is a specialized ad account that allows businesses to run and manage their advertising campaigns more effectively. 

This account provides advanced features and tools for optimizing ad performance for advertising agencies or businesses with complex ad strategies.

Blue Focus offers accounts for various products, including clean goods (POD, fashion, drop ship, furniture, household appliances, etc.), beauty salons, cosmetics, spas, and some dietary supplement products (excluding milk and pathological product aids).

No. Blue Focus does not charge VAT.

You only need to pay the required fees, including account opening, guarantee, service, and exchange rate fees.

Blue Focus serves diverse clients but primarily works with individuals and businesses looking to scale their online operations.

So, if you face challenges with ad account blocks or scaling existing campaigns, you are our ideal client.

No, if your account gets locked, your deposit remains safe.

Blue Focus will process the remaining balance in your locked account with in  30minute  and transfer it to a new account, ensuring your investment is not lost.

Yes, Blue Focus offers refunds for the unused budget balance in your account.

We process this refund after  60 days from the date the final balance closes.

Request agency ad account

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    Tips To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ads Using Our Services

    Agency Ad Account For Rent
    Agency Ad Account For Rent

    Tips To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ads

    After completing the account registration process following our instructions, you can use that account to run your Facebook advertising campaign. To optimize your campaign, here are some useful tips:

    • Your Facebook pages should have at least three posts related to the products you’re advertising on your website to keep your Facebook presence relevant to your ads.
    • If you have more than two pages, don’t post the same content on all of them. Each page should have different content to keep things fresh and genuine.
    • You can use a maximum of three registered pages for your ads.
    • Stick to these registered pages to keep everything organized and within the rules.
    • Make sure the names of your pages match your website or domain name to build trust with your audience.
    • If your account encounters limitations, don’t worry! Blue Focus can help you resolve these issues for free. If you need a new account, we’ll guide you through the process at no extra cost.
    • If your account gets permanently restricted, Blue Focus can transfer any remaining funds to another account so your investment isn’t lost.

    Check our product standards for more detailed information and specific guidelines!

    These points help you make the most of your Facebook ads while staying on the right side of Facebook’s rules.

    Open A Facebook Agency Ad Account Today With Blue Focus!

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    carousel facebook

    The journey to Facebook advertising excellence starts right here, right now, with Blue Focus!

    We’ve redefined the landscape of Facebook agency ad accounts for rent, offering unparalleled access, affordability, and expertise. 

    We’re confident that our services and budget-friendly policies set the stage for cost-effective, results-driven advertising.

    So, don’t wait another moment! Seize the opportunity to own an agency ad account for rent today with us!

    Then, you can supercharge your campaigns, reach new heights, and discover what true advertising success feels like.

    Your success is our mission; it all begins when you choose Blue Focus!

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