Which type of facebook ad account should I buy?

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Today, in Vietnam more than 70 percent of the population uses facebook and it is currently the most popular population network.

Because of that, it becomes a fertile ground for advertising activities, buying facebook ad account is also increasingly popular, but today’s advertising accounts often have a variety of forms, so you should choose to  buy a new account. What type of facebook ad account  is suitable?

Below this article we will help you clarify that issue.

Which type of facebook ad account should I buy?
Which type of facebook ad account should I buy?

What is a facebook ad account? What benefits does it bring?

Facebook advertising account is an account for the purpose of managing and tracking your advertising campaigns on facebook. Buying a facebook ad account brings benefits such as

  • Helping you as well as your business can maximize profits by improving the effectiveness of marketing and advertising
  • Find and attract potential customers
  • When buying, the use of facebook advertising accounts can be done immediately and can be used together with many different advertising accounts.

Facebook advertising accounts are divided into 2 types

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  1. Personal advertising accounts;

This account has the same nature as when you create a new account on facebook with full functions such as like, share, comment, often used for small advertising programs and limited budgets.

  1. Business advertising account Agency from Blue Focus

This type of account does not have functions like like, share, comment, but in return, it can help you focus on advertising activities.

Each account type has different strengths and weaknesses, but for a business ad account, the perks you get will also be higher and the planning or implementation of advertising activities will also be more profitable.

What's the difference between renting an Invoice Facebook account compared to a regular facebook account?
What’s the difference between renting an Invoice Facebook account compared to a regular facebook account?

Which type of facebook ad account  should you choose  to buy?

As mentioned above, each type of facebook advertising account will have different strengths and weaknesses, however, according to some experienced people in the field of sharing, buying a personal facebook ad account To run ads, the risk of being locked out of your account is extremely high

And besides, the advantages that when  buying a business facebook ad account   to run ads there are;

New features on facebook are always updated quickly

The best features are equipped to make the management of advertising campaigns easy;

Always receive the most timely support from facebook’s support team;

Suitable for business use, many people in the enterprise can manage together through the use of the same password.

Above is the information we send you about  which type of facebook ad account to buy . Hope the above information of Blue Focus is useful to you.

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