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Learn about Google Agency Account

What is a Google Ads Agency Account?

A Google Ads agency account is a unique account designed for marketing and advertising agencies. It lets these agencies easily oversee several Google Ads accounts in one spot.

This special account empowers agencies to handle advertising campaigns for many clients or efficiently manage different campaigns for a single client.

So, if you want an active Google Ads account in good standing for at least one next year, a Google Ads Agency Account is the ideal solution!

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Benefits of renting an Agency Account?

How is a Google Ads Agency account different from a regular Google Ads account??

There are 3 key points that make a Google Agency account outstanding from a regular one:

Google invoice rental process at Blue Focus?

How To Rent A Google Agency Account? Step-By-Step

Renting a Google Ads Agency Account can be a straightforward process when you follow these steps. This guide will walk you through the essential stages to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

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Customers register information

To begin your journey toward renting a Google Agency Account, you need to register your information. Here’s how:

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Browse customer information

Once your information is successfully censored and approved, you can move on to the next step:

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Blue Focus registers information with Google

Now that you have an approved Google Agency Account, it’s time to take possession:

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Customers receive accounts

Before you dive into using your Google Ads Agency Account, it’s crucial to be aware of some important guidelines:

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Read the notices and policies clearly

Please read carefully the policy of Blue Focus to be able to understand our processes and policies, to avoid unnecessary disputes that may occur.

Note at Blue Focus?

Google Ads Account Rental Policy

  • One Domain Per Account: Each rented Google Ads Agency account is limited to managing a single domain. This restriction helps us maintain clear boundaries between different businesses and ensures accountability.

  • Website Content Requirements: To promote a positive user experience, we require that the websites associated with rented accounts are complete and comprehensive. This means that your website should contain all essential pages, including those related to shipping, refunds, and payment methods. 

  • Domain Stability: After you have been granted access to a Google Ads Agency accounts, it is crucial that you do not change the associated domain. If you require additional accounts for different domains, please follow the appropriate review process. This policy ensures stability and consistency within our platform.

  • Compliance with Google Regulations: It is imperative that your advertising campaigns comply with Google’s policies and guidelines. Any warnings or notifications received from Blue Focus Agency, our advertising compliance partner, should be taken seriously.

  • Support in Case of Account Issues: If your rented account becomes restricted or inactive, Blue Focus offers free assistance to resolve these issues. In the meantime, if you require a new account, you can request one through the provided process, and Blue Focus will support the creation of a new account at no cost.

  • Permanent Restriction Resolution: In cases where an account faces a permanent restriction, Blue Focus is available to assist in transferring any remaining funds to another advertising account for the client. 

Total Fee to Rent a Google Ads Agency Account from Blue Focus

Mandatory fees of Blue Focus

Mandatory fees

  • Account Opening Fee: $25 per Google Ads Agency Account. This fee is charged for setting up your account.
  • Account Guarantee Fee: $100 per account. This amount will be refunded when the cooperation ends, provided you adhere to the platform’s policies. If your account is blocked for policy violations, this deposit will be forfeited.

Variable fees

  • Service Fee: The service fee varies depending on the specific product or service that you are engaging with Blue Focus for. This fee is specific to the type of work you require.
  • USD and VND Exchange Rates: The exchange rates for converting between US Dollars (USD) and Vietnamese Dong (VND) may fluctuate over time. These rates are subject to change and are determined by the prevailing market conditions.

Blue Focus with the mission build your brand

We are proud to be the provider of multi-platform Agency advertising accounts including Google Ads Agency Account, Facebook, Tiktok in Vietnam market.
We are committed to quality service, 24/7 support, LOWEST service fee in the market, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for customers.

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    What are you wondering about right now?

    Frequently asked questions?

    1. What types of products are available for rental accounts?

    Blue Focus offers rental accounts for invoicing purposes for various products, including clean goods (such as POD, Dropship, fashion, household appliances, and furniture)

    Cosmetics, beauty salons, spas, and some products in the functional food category (excluding pathological products).

    If your Google Ads Agency Accountis locked, the deposit will be forfeited. Google will freeze the remaining balance in the locked account.

    Blue Focus will assist you in appealing the lock, and if the outcome is a permanent restriction.

    We can help transfer the remaining funds to another advertising account for you.

    Our service does not charge VAT. We only collect the following fees:

    • Account opening fee: $25 per Google Agency Account
    • Account guarantee fee: $100 per account (refundable at the end of the cooperation, provided you haven’t violated platform policies)
    • Service fee: Depends on the specific product you are doing business with
    • USD and VND exchange rates: These rates may change over time.
    • Blue Focus will refund any remaining budget balance in your account after 60 working days following the completion of the final balance closing process.
    • In case the account is disabled. Blue Focus will assist with the appeal. If receiving the final result is a permanent restriction.
    • Blue Focus supports transferring money to another advertising account for the Client.

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