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Creating Google Ads Copies
When you use the search tool on Google, whether you’re shopping or seeking answers to a question, you may have noticed a series of characters listed below the search keywords. These are text ads. Among the simplest and most common types of Google search ads are text ads. Text ads appear in search results when internet users enter specific keywords into the Google search engine to find a particular product or service. These ads, created by advertisers, display information related to the company’s business or promotion. There are many ways to advertise, introduce, and enhance attractiveness.
In this article, Bluefocus guides you on effectively attracting potential customers by creating Google Ads copies. Ads contain key information about the product and are innovative. Text ads can be said to be the face of a business, so displaying relevant and highly related ad content to the right target audience is essential for advertisers.

The Content When Creating Google Ads Copies

The title of the Google ad must adhere to the following requirements

  • Number of titles: Up to three title fields.
  • Length: Each title field must not exceed 30 characters.
  • Mandatory and optional: The first two title fields are mandatory, while the third field is optional.
  • Consider mobile devices: Consider the length of titles that may appear on mobile devices.
  • Separation: Each title field will be separated by a vertical bar (“|”).
  • Keywords: The title must contain at least one keyword to increase relevance to the user’s search content.
If the ad keywords are “iPhone” and “new phone,” a possible ad title could be “Buy New iPhone.”

Describing Content in Creating Google Ads Copies:

  • In order to supplement or introduce the selling points of a product or service in more detail, describing the content of the ad is essential.
  • Requirements when filling in ad content:
  • Two ad content description fields can be filled in.
  • Each field must not exceed 90 characters.
Creating Google Ads Copies
Creating Google Ads Copies
It is necessary to highlight the unique advantages of the business: “free shipping”, “next-day delivery”, “one-year warranty”, “exclusive discount”, “limited-time offer”.
  • Deploying products, services, or offers helps you to be more competitive.
  • Use information about prices, promotions, exclusive offers: If the ad content meets the needs of users, it can help them make decisions.
– Setting up CTAs to help customers easily take action: “Buy”, “Call”, “Order”, “Browse Details”, “Sign Up”, “Request”
– Using call-to-action links: Help potential customers know what actions they can take next.
– Advantages of digital quantification: “Number 1 service” “100% satisfaction guaranteed, money-back if not satisfied” “Delivery in just one click for $8.9”
Adding numbers in Google ad copies to convey specific messages about their brand, attract audience attention, increase clicks, and high conversion rates in Google ads.
– Adding positive, affirmative text content: “Gifts come faster, friendships last longer” – Women’s Day
Creating Google ads copies with a positive attitude. In addition to providing products and services, they pay more attention to consumers’ mental health to win emotional victories.

Using the website address as the URL

During the use of the search tool, users see the URL, which gives them a rough idea of ​​the type of website they will enter after clicking on it. Engaging text ads will remind viewers to take action by clicking on the link. Whether the content of the landing page (product information, promotional information, etc.) is relevant to the ad can directly affect the user’s dwell time.

Optional field requirements for the website address:

Add two additional optional path fields to the URL. The maximum number of characters for each path is 15 words. If users see the path field, they will have a general idea of ​​what they will see when they click on your ad. This practice enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of them engaging with your ad and website content. Creating Google Ads Copies requires careful consideration of these factors to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance to user queries.
If the final URL is: www.example.com/women/french/iphone then you can enter the text “dresses” in the path field and the displayed URL of the ad will be www.example.com/iphone.
Creating Google Ads Copies
Creating Google Ads Copies

How to Create Effective Google Ads Copies

  • Combine 3-5 ads into each ad group.
  • Creating multiple ads within an ad group gives you more options to win auctions.
  • Optimize ad rotation to increase the number of clicks on Google Ads advertisements.
  • Optimizing your ad rotation settings allows the system to deliver the best ads for each auction.
  • Include at least 3 ad extensions in each campaign or ad group
During auctions, your ads will be paired with the most attractive ad extensions. The more eligible ad extensions you have, the more likely your ads are to meet specific user needs.
Below are three typical examples of text ads for Creating Google Ads Copies:

First Example: Dyson

Creating Google Ads Copies
Creating Google Ads Copies

Benefits of Using this Form of Google Ads Copy:

  • Close relevance between the title and ad content description.
  • Target advertising based on user’s position on Google.
  • Notify consumers that Mother’s Day is approaching and utilize hotspots during holidays to increase website traffic at the right time.
  • Conduct free promotions and other services such as refunds.
  • Insert additional website links to highlight the redirect URLs of the online store.

Second Example: Pizza Pizza

Creating Google Ads Copies
Creating Google Ads Copies

Benefits of Creating Google Ads Copies:

  • Pizza Pizza applies two ad extensions to guide users to the purchasing stage.
  • Add Location Extension – Use text ads linked to a location on the map. Users can click directly to go to the map location and choose the nearest location from multiple location information at once.
  • Use Additional Links with Descriptions – Below the address information, provide various types of food services for customers to choose from. Users can click to view special offers, learn about package deals, and see all menus. Lastly, for the first time for Pizza Pizza, exclusive pizza packaging ensures food safety, making this brand stand out amidst the competition of many pizza brands.

Third Example: Shein Creating Google Ads Copies

Creating Google Ads Copies
Creating Google Ads Copies
Analyzing the Advantages of Creating Google Ads Copies:
By incorporating numbers, compelling advertising messages, and additional benefits, you enhance sensory perception and help users swiftly grasp the offerings of the platform.
  • Up to 85% discount: Clear quantitative discounts provide consumers with a compelling understanding of the promotion’s potency.
  • 15% off for first orders: Exclusive discounts for new customers serve as enticing incentives to prompt purchasing behavior.
  • Explore over 1000 stylish women’s clothing sets: The vast array of styles ignites consumer curiosity as they navigate and browse.
Promotion information:
  • Free Shipping: Reduces purchasing costs for consumers.
  • Free Returns: Alleviates customer concerns regarding post-purchase dissatisfaction. Shein assures customers that they can return items free of charge if unsatisfied.
Additional benefits:
  • Reward Points: Points-based benefits foster increased consumer loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Pay Later: The “buy now, pay later” model revolutionizes international consumer habits, eliminating worries about immediate payment upon placing an order.
  • Creating Google Ads Copies involves more than just compiling information; it necessitates meeting consumer needs, effectively conveying information, instilling purchasing confidence, and ensuring seamless after-sales service. Crafting impactful ads should result from a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. After reading this, why not take action and integrate and refine your own text ads for Creating Google Ads Copies?


Bluefocus is dedicated to optimizing the effectiveness of Creating Google Ads Copies by employing strategic approaches and innovative techniques. Through meticulous keyword selection, engaging ad copy creation, and continuous performance analysis. We ensures that every ad campaign yields maximum results. By prioritizing relevance, user experience, and conversion optimization, we empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive digital advertising landscape.

With us as your partner, you can unlock the full potential of Google Ads Copies, reaching your target audience effectively and driving measurable success for your campaigns.You can also utilize Google agency account rental with various advantages here.

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