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Facebook's automated app advertising

Explore the potential of Facebook as a high-traffic social media platform for businesses and the competitive landscape it presents for advertising. BlueFocus introduces you to Facebook’s automated app advertising, offering invaluable support for ongoing and upcoming advertising campaigns.

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Using Facebook’s automated app advertising will optimize advertising benefits

You may not know it, but Advertising Performance on Facebook is the key to business development. However, maintaining stable advertising performance on a large scale is complex, and displaying relevant ads to audiences on mobile devices is increasingly challenging. Facebook’s Automated App Advertising (AAA) holds a significant advantage in addressing these issues:

Advertising on Facebook will be more effective.

Facebook’s automated app advertising applies an optimized value distribution model, enhancing app events and installations to simultaneously optimize installs and in-app purchases within a single campaign, thereby boosting advertising performance on Facebook.
The aim of the new optimization is to “Balance App Installs and In-App Events,” aligning app installs with the value of in-app events within a campaign.
You can see the benefits of Facebook’s automated app advertising compared to manual app advertising:
  • Increase installs by 30%
  • Lower advertising costs by 40% per purchase
  • ROAS multiplies compared to manual app advertising.

Broadening User Targeting

Businesses simply need to utilize their app store, country/region, and optimization goal, and Facebook’s automated system will help you reach a higher quality audience. With Facebook’s automated app advertising placements, ads will be positioned where they are most likely to yield optimal results with the lowest Facebook advertising costs.

Facebook’s Automated App Advertising Yields Higher Efficiency

Facebook’s automated app advertising features automatic testing and provides effective materials. AAA offers up to 55 different images and videos with a maximum of 5 headlines and 5 descriptions. Dynamic ad optimization will automatically test ad combinations and distribute the best-performing ads.
Facebook’s automated app advertising operates by using a simplified structure (running only one campaign, one ad set, and one ad) to avoid audience overlap. Advertisers can create and publish campaigns with less investment and in less time; alternatively, it can achieve similar efficiency as before by running fewer campaigns, significantly improving effectiveness.

Compared to regular app install ads, automated app advertising achieves the following metrics:

  • Achieves similar results using 50% fewer ads
  • Increases paying user conversions by 30% within a day
  • As you increase your advertising budget, machine learning and automation can help maintain campaign performance stability over the long term.

The Role of Machine Learning in Facebook’s Automated App Advertising:

  • AAA requires an average of 15 inputs, whereas applying advertising manually demands over 40 inputs.
  • Machine learning technology applies the information you input when creating campaigns to the distribution system to determine where your ads perform best. AAA learns and optimizes ad distribution to maximize value over time. You can also make manual adjustments to optimize distribution.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising

5 Simple Steps to Create Facebook’s Automated App Advertising

If the manual app install ads you are currently using are dynamic, they may not be suitable for transitioning to automated app advertising; When you switch your goal to increasing mobile app usage, automated app advertising is also not suitable because they currently only support app install goals.

Proceed to Choose Facebook’s Automated App Advertising

In Ads Manager, select the objective “App Installs,” then choose the campaign type Automated In-App Advertising.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising
Note: Name your automated app advertising campaign appropriately for easy identification in Ads Manager reports.

Proceed with Ad Targeting

Select your app, then choose the app store, country, and language you want to target.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising

Optimize Ads

Choose from 4 optimization goals based on your KPIs.
setting Facebook's automated app advertising
setting Facebook’s automated app advertising
Note: If you are currently using a combination of optimization strategies and targeting, you should continue this approach with automated app advertising.

Set Bidding Type and Budget for Ads

  • Setting a bidding cap can help control costs but may limit the results you achieve because the longer your campaign runs, the more restricted opportunities become.
  • Using a bidding strategy that minimizes costs can help your ads receive more results while still ensuring the full budget is utilized.

Create Facebook Ad Content

Perform the Upload action. Upload up to 50 images/videos, as well as 5 text blocks and 5 headlines. Then, review and publish the campaign.
setting Facebook's automated app advertising
setting Facebook’s automated app advertising
For better performance, you should upload the maximum number of scenes allowed whenever possible.
For different audiences, you can create campaigns for each type to optimize ads. “App Installs Through In-App Events” and “In-App Events” require mapping an event in the app for each campaign and are optimized differently. When using Facebook’s automated app advertising, you won’t be able to use two different app events to perform the same optimization activity.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising

Create an advertising report

Facebook will analyze the automated app advertising reports arranged logically based on input from the campaign creation process. It utilizes data segmentation by time, country, app store, and content to understand the details of how Facebook’s automated app advertising is performing.
  • In Ads Manager, select the campaign you want to view and go to the “Ads” tab.
  • In the “Analysis Data” dropdown menu, select “By Creative” and then choose “Images, Videos, or Slideshows.”
  • Click on the dropdown menu for Columns and select a predefined option or click on “Customize Columns.”
setting Facebook's automated app advertising
setting Facebook’s automated app advertising
Note: If you’ve chosen “Customize Columns,” save that column as a Custom Report and give it a recognizable name so you can review the data and use the report settings for your current or other campaigns.

Things to Know About Targeting and Optimization

For the optimization goal “Measure app installs and in-app events,” optimize ads for both install volume and purchase value in a campaign to achieve a balance between cost per install (CPI) and cost per purchase (CPP).
This method only supports install events and purchase events. If Bidding is set based on install volume and the Detailed Info report column displays install volume, you can add purchase events/cost per purchase to simultaneously view both.
Additionally, you can set specific optimization goals based on key performance indicators and/or manual app advertising that we are currently using.
Optimizing advertising on Facebook will be easier with the support of advertising agencies like bluefocus. You may consider using our Facebook agency account rental serviceto achieve superior results when using Facebook’s automated app advertising in your advertising campaigns.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising
For example: when you use a targeting and optimization strategy that targets optimizing app installs for mobile devices + broad targeting or interest-based targeting on Facebook(flexible), the primary performance metric is the cost per install, and the corresponding optimization goal of automated app advertising is to optimize the number of app installs.
Furthermore, Facebook’s automated app advertising supports multi-country targeting or location-based targeting on Facebook. It groups countries with the same native language or adds language-based targeting.

Machine Learning Phase

During the machine learning phase of automated ad campaigns, there is no significant difference in duration compared to the manual ad campaign application phase.
At the point of stable performance, meaning there are approximately 55 conversions within 7 days, the ad set will exit the machine learning phase.
Modifying targeting, optimization goals, bidding, and ads will trigger the start of the machine learning phase again. Therefore, avoid making campaign changes until stable performance is achieved with at least 55 conversions.

Applying creativity to advertising

Facebook’s automated in-app advertising is not only used to enhance performance but also serves as a means to test creative strategies. The more creative your ideas are, the more valuable the results will be.
Facebook's automated app advertising
Facebook’s automated app advertising
Through experimentation, you can achieve:
  • Improved ad effectiveness through creative themes/concepts
  • Engaging and well-expressed imagery
  • Identifying which benefits and key game copy resonate best with your target audience
  • Testing different images and copywriting across different markets
Using multiple ads is better to maximize the exploration and testing of ads (50x5x5).
It’s crucial to strike a balance between copy and imagery. If creative themes are similar, try differentiating ad copies to make them more personalized, specific, and directly related to the creative theme. When creative themes vary, try writing general ad copies that are suitable for multiple game ideas.
Content creativity through practical application:
  • Apply game branding through graphic cards or image overlays at the beginning and end.
  • Emphasize compelling call-to-action phrases.
  • Consider the silent playback effect in design.
  • Create short videos with a fast pace, maintaining a duration of around 15 seconds.


Leveraging Facebook’s automated app advertising offers a multitude of benefits for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and drive app installations. With the expertise and support of bluefocus, advertisers can navigate this dynamic landscape effectively, optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI. By embracing creativity and strategic targeting, bluefocus empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their advertising endeavors on Facebook’s platform.

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