99 Effective Methods To Set Up The Checkout Page For WooCommerce To Increase Conversion Rates In 2024

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
With the continuous development of e-commerce, the need for information security for online shoppers is increasingly demanding. Therefore, if the checkout page of a website is well-optimized, it will help increase customer trust, thereby boosting purchase rates and sales.
The issue to address here is how to design and optimize the checkout page to be as professional as those of well-known brands.
What you need to do is use plugins to replace and upgrade the default checkout interface. In this article by Bluefocus, we will share with you the best plugins for setting up the checkout page for WooCommerce. These are the best tools I know of, so choose the one that best suits your business needs.
Let’s explore them now!

Why You Should Upgrade the Checkout Page for WooCommerce

Setting up the checkout page for WooCommerce allows you to customize and enhance the default WooCommerce payment page, thereby improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.
Currently, the WooCommerce platform provides a default checkout interface that works fine. However, if you want to boost your website’s credibility and stand out from the competition, you need to invest in creating a highly professional checkout page.
By implementing a checkout page plugin for WooCommerce, you can:
  • Use an attractive checkout page design to increase conversion rates
  • Add, remove, and customize various information fields on the checkout page
  • Improve user experience and enhance website credibility
  • Make your brand stand out
  • Upsell directly on the checkout page
There are both free and paid tools available. Here are the top plugins for creating a WooCommerce checkout page that we recommend.

Top Tool: CartFlows for Creating WooCommerce Checkout Pages

Based on our assessment, CartFlows is currently the number one tool because it offers many professional free checkout page templates. If you need to create an upsell funnel, you can upgrade to the paid version.
Using the free version of CartFlows already provides enough features to create your checkout page. Additionally, you can customize the thank you page (the page customers see after making a purchase).
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
When using CartFlows, you can quickly import the checkout page for WooCommerce and customize it using specialized plugins such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Divi.

FunnelKit for Setting Up the Checkout Page

To be objective, FunnelKit is no less impressive than CartFlows, and some features even surpass it.
Currently, FunnelKit offers more and better-designed checkout page templates. Some of their templates mimic famous websites like Shopify and ThriveCart.
If you want to create a checkout page similar to Shopify, FunnelKit is a suitable tool. Furthermore, it includes additional features to make your checkout page even more advanced than Shopify’s.
However, to use these premium checkout pages, you need to purchase the Pro version. Paying for quality tools is necessary, which is why we rank FunnelKit just after CartFlows.
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
When you invest in the Pro version, you gain access to features such as cart abandonment emails, discounts for the next purchase, welcome emails for new customers, and automated marketing emails.
If you use Shopify, it might cost between $800 to $2500 to buy premium apps and create a highly professional website with comprehensive features.
However, FunnelKit seems to offer similar features for just $99.5 per year. This is a great deal, as FunnelKit is developed by a team in India and provides top-notch quality.
It’s important to note that when building a checkout page for WooCommerce, you should choose one of the two tools I introduced above, as they are the best options. On the other hand, the tools listed below are only for your reference, as they are not as strong.

Using WooCommerce One Page Checkout

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
This tool is developed by the WooCommerce team. In fact, it’s a premium product from WooCommerce, so it has high compatibility with WooCommerce, as it’s created by the same company. However, its price is quite high.
The cost for this tool is $79 per year, which is an (slightly) upgraded version of WooCommerce’s default checkout interface.
Its advantage lies in allowing you to create a separate checkout page for WooCommerce, which is standard. However, it lacks features like multi-step checkout and upselling capabilities compared to CartFlows and FunnelKit.

Using WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons by SkyVerge

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
When using this tool, you can add various functions to the checkout page for WooCommerce, such as gift wrapping options, tips, insurance, etc. Additionally, you can incorporate some services for upselling directly on the checkout page.
It’s important to understand that this plugin is backed by WooCommerce, so it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce’s source code and adds features to the WooCommerce checkout page.
However, with a price tag of $79 per year, it may not be worth it, considering that it falls short compared to CartFlows and FunnelKit overall.

Using Bolt Checkout (with 1-click checkout)

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
The biggest advantage of Bolt is its 1-click checkout feature, meaning customers can purchase with just one click. This makes it a highly efficient setup for WooCommerce checkout pages.
For returning customers, their payment information is securely stored for convenient future purchases.
Bolt is mobile-friendly and includes fraud detection capabilities. However, the investment required for it is not inexpensive.

Using YITH WooCommerce 1-Click Checkout

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
When it comes to YITH, you can be quite confident in the quality of the checkout page for WooCommerce, but its price is quite high. Additionally, this tool requires a purchase to use, without a free version available.
Let’s delve into its functionalities: After a customer’s initial purchase, their information is securely stored. Therefore, for subsequent purchases, customers only need to click once to make an immediate purchase (and deduct funds).
However, if you’re into dropshipping, the repeat purchase rate is typically very low (abysmally low), so there’s no need to use this tool.
In reality, if you want a high repeat purchase rate, you need to engage in eCommerce. It’s the advanced version of dropshipping, requiring you to possess multiple skills and experience.

Using Flux Checkout page for WooCommerce (multi-step checkout)

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
  • When using this tool, it enhances your checkout page with a more beautiful and professional interface, while also offering multi-step payment functionality (similar to FunnelKit and CartFlows).
  • Implementing multi-step checkout means instead of placing all the input fields directly on the checkout page, it divides them into 2 or 3 steps.
  • At each step, users fill in a bit of information. For example, in the first step, they enter their name and email; in the second step, they input their phone number and shipping address; and in the third step, they proceed to payment.
  • Ultimately, Flux Checkout tool still falls short compared to FunnelKit and CartFlows, and its price is quite high (aimed at users with a higher budget).

Using WooCommerce Cart All in One – One-click Checkout

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
This is a tool that you can purchase on Envato Market (from Codecanyon). For just $30, it’s a one-time purchase (for one website) and it helps you set up the checkout page for WooCommerce.
Its main feature is Sidecart. This means that after clicking checkout, it will display a mini-cart sidebar where users can fill in their information and make purchases.
In my opinion, it’s “okay”, meaning it’s not outstanding but not bad either. The advantage is its affordability.
We don’t particularly recommend using it because I’m not a big fan of the sidecart style, and also because products on Codecanyon don’t update directly in WordPress; you have to log in to Codecanyon and download them. It doesn’t bring a revolutionary change to the checkout page for WooCommerce.

Using PeachPay Checkout for WooCommerce

Checkout Page for WooCommerce
Checkout Page for WooCommerce
This is a free tool, it’s suitable for small and medium-sized checkout pages for WooCommerce, with full functionalities such as 1-click checkout, button customization, field customization… Their interface is also quite decent.
What is 1-click checkout? It means that after customers make a purchase once, it will automatically remember their information so that for subsequent purchases, they only need to click once to buy.
In reality, when you’re in eCommerce and playing the brand game, you’ll have a high repeat purchase rate, which is essential for Lifetime Value (LTV) to grow.
Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of optimizing the checkout page for WooCommerce to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. By recommending tools like CartFlows and FunnelKit. We aim to provide businesses with professional and user-friendly checkout solutions. With these tools, businesses can streamline their checkout process and maximize their online sales potential.

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