Shopify Plus is the most effective sales solution for you in 2024

shopify plus
Are you seeking an effective platform for sales and business growth? In this article, Bluefocus will share with you information about Shopify Plus and whether it can truly benefit you. Shopify+ is an e-commerce platform designed for enterprise customers, equipped with powerful features to help businesses grow rapidly and efficiently.
Take the time to explore and consider whether Shopify Plus is the right solution for your business. Let’s determine this through its criteria.

Shopify Plus with Current Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) Criteria

Currently, Shopify Plus is most suitable for brands with an annual Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of $1 million or more.
If your GMV is significantly lower than the mentioned figure, you should consider additional factors below.

Ineffective Current Platform

If you’re considering Shopify Plus, chances are you’re using open-source solutions like Magento or WooCommerce, or a self-built platform that’s encountering issues such as:
  1. Experiencing numerous errors during usage
  2. Website frequently crashing under high traffic loads
  3. Consuming a large budget for maintenance or additional feature development
While your current platform may have sufficed when you were starting out, it’s now stretched too thin to keep up with your growth rate.

Integration Needs for API

During business operations, you’ll likely require third-party software to handle various tasks. If you’re using software such as:
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite, SAP, Odoo, Acumatica,…
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot,…
  • OMS: Anchanto, Quickbooks,…
  • Or any internally built systems with connections via other APIs.
Utilizing Shopify Plus API will provide robust support for seamless synchronization and efficient operations.

Employee Quantity Requirements

shopify plus
shopify plus
Standard Shopify service packages only allow a maximum of 15 employees with access to the admin panel (Advanced package).
If you have more than 15 employees handling various roles (Sales admin, Customer Support, Fulfillment, Marketing, Accountant,…), you’ll need to upgrade to Shopify+, which offers unlimited employee access.

Customizable Checkout Feature

The Checkout page is pivotal to the success of an e-commerce website.
Shopify Plus enables you to customize this Checkout page with brand identity elements, add scripts for payment and shipping sections, and implement promotional programs to boost conversion rates.
Moreover, this platform offers a One Page Checkout feature, consolidating all payment steps into a single page for optimal conversion rates.

Diverse and Appealing Promotional Programs

Building complex promotional programs can be challenging with open-source platforms, often leading to unresolved issues.
Shopify+ supports various types of promotions such as:
shopify plus
shopify plus
  • BOGO
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Threshold
  • Free shipping
  • Free gifts
  • Mix & Match
This allows you to easily create complex and tailored promotional campaigns for specific customer segments and handle promotion logics that are otherwise difficult to manage with other platforms.

Website Traffic Capability

When your website experiences high traffic, especially during promotional events, this platform offers unlimited bandwidth and the ability to handle unlimited traffic.
The “Plus” capability can process over 20,000 orders in 2 minutes.
Website Traffic Capability on Shopify Plus is a game-changer for businesses navigating the complexities of online commerce. With its robust infrastructure and unlimited bandwidth, Shopify+ ensures seamless operations even during peak traffic periods, such as promotional events or seasonal sales spikes. This capability empowers businesses to handle high volumes of website visitors without compromising performance or user experience. Whether it’s processing thousands of orders in minutes or accommodating sudden surges in traffic, Shopify+ provides the scalability and reliability necessary for sustained growth. It’s the foundation for ensuring that your online store remains responsive and accessible to customers, no matter the demand.

Project Budget

shopify plus
shopify plus
Shopify Plus deployment costs requires a substantial and serious investment. Typically, a project will require a budget:
Monthly fees: $3,800
Plus build costs: $30,000 – $150,000
Bluefocus emphasizes that Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for businesses seeking effective e-commerce strategies in 2024. With powerful features tailored for enterprise customers, this platform supports brands in scaling and thriving amidst online competition. Partnering with us ensures expert guidance and optimization, maximizing the platform’s potential to elevate success for your business.

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