The Reasons for TikTok Ads Not Spending Money and How to Overcome Them – TikTok Ads 2024

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok ads not spending money is a common issue faced by many advertisers, causing frustration and headaches. In this blog on bluefocus, we will delve into the reasons behind TikTok ads not spending money and provide suggestions for overcoming this issue.

Differentiating between the states of TikTok ads not spending money and not displaying.

These types of errors in TikTok advertising can confuse advertisers due to the impacts and issues they cause for campaigns. Therefore, it’s essential to understand them thoroughly and apply effective solutions.
  • TikTok Ads Not Spending Money: Your TikTok ads are not fully utilizing the daily budget you’ve allocated. For example, if you’ve allocated a daily budget of $50 for your TikTok advertising campaign, but after a day of running ads, you notice only $20 has been spent.
  • TikTok Ads Not Displaying: Your ads fail to achieve expected results or display on TikTok, despite your budget and campaign efforts. This can be frustrating because your budget has been spent, but your ads aren’t receiving views or interactions.

Reasons for TikTok Ads Not Spending Money

Ads with no engagement

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
The issue of not spending occurs with campaigns set up using the cost-per-click (CPC) bidding method. With CPC, even if the ads are distributed and reach many people, if there is no interaction, it’s almost certain that your ads won’t spend.


  • Switch to ad objectives using the cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding method.
  • Optimize your ad creatives to be more engaging and appealing, making it easier to encourage viewers to interact with the ad.

TikTok ads reported

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
The reason users report your ads may be due to the advertising content not being suitable for the viewers. Additionally, repetitive ad displays can annoy them and prompt them to report the ads.


Optimize the advertising content to align with the target audience. Furthermore, you can submit a review request to TikTok to request the reactivation of the ads.

Utilize advertising content from other platforms

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
“Advertisers tend to reuse old content for advertising, especially on other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., to save time. However, advertising on TikTok is different, with various requirements related to display, video quality, and sound.
As a result, TikTok ads with substandard content will be limited in display and slow to spend, or may even lead to TikTok ads not spending money.


Create new, unique content specifically for TikTok advertising campaigns.

Use personal advertising accounts.

Advertising accounts on TikTok are divided into two types: personal advertising accounts and TikTok agency accounts. Personal advertising accounts typically have lower credibility and lower budget deposits, resulting in limitations on features and spending capabilities.


Utilize an agency account by renting a TikTok agency account from reputable agencies like Bluefocus.

Targeting Error

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
If conversion ads are not delivered to the right audience with needs, then the ads are unlikely to receive interaction from users. For ads with a cost-per-click (CPC) bidding method, this is the direct cause of TikTok ads not spending money. Let’s take a look at common targeting errors.

Setting target too broad

When you target based on single characteristics without accompanying filters to narrow down the range of users with needs, the distribution scope of your ads will be extremely broad. Examples of targeting based on single characteristics include:
  • Targeting only by age, gender.
  • Targeting only by geographical location.
  • Targeting only by interests.


Optimize the target audience profile by adding information about gender, interests, age, and topics they frequently view on TikTok.

Setting target too narrow

If you target too specifically, the customer file will limit the number of people reached, especially considering not everyone is online at all times. Therefore, if your ads target a very specific group of users, it will lead to poor display, low interaction, and slow spending.


Target more broadly, expand the range of potential customer profiles.

Setting overlapping targets

In many cases, targeting too many different audience groups or setting too many conditions for ads makes it difficult for TikTok to distribute ads to the desired audience groups. Ads not being distributed to the right potential audience group means no interaction and no spending on those ads.


Select specific conditions and characteristics of the target audience the ads are aimed at, avoid choosing overly specific characteristics to prevent setting the target too narrow.

Bidding low

TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
TikTok Ads Not Spending Money
When your ad content is optimal, the target audience is well-defined, but the bid price is set too low, your ads cannot compete with other ads in terms of impressions and interactions. This results in TikTok ads not spending money.


Adjust the bid price appropriately. If you’re new to advertising on TikTok, you can set up Smart optimization to allow TikTok to automatically optimize the bid price.

Thoroughly address TikTok advertising issues with a TikTok agency advertising account.

For businesses and advertisers, using a TikTok agency advertising account is an effective means to thoroughly address issues and errors related to advertising on the TikTok platform, especially concerning TikTok ads not spending money.
Unlike personal accounts, advertisers or businesses can leverage advanced features exclusive to TikTok agency accounts, such as:
  • Accessible in 55 countries and territories including Canada, the US, and European countries…
  • Priority support provided by TikTok and Bluefocus in handling errors and optimizing ads. Especially with Bluefocus’s agency account, partners can receive assistance if their account is disabled by transferring the remaining budget to a new account during the advertising period.
  • Diverse payment methods.
  • Updated with the latest advertising policies.
Currently, merchants and businesses with Bluefocus’s agency accounts will be reimbursed up to 5% of the previously spent budget and incur no account rental fees. Therefore, you should consider your business goals and brand direction to start advertising more effectively with a TikTok agency account.
TikTok ads not spending money can be completely overcome if you know how, and I hope the information above will help you identify the reasons why TikTok ads are not spending money and how to effectively address this issue.

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