Top 3 Popular Dropshipping Platforms in 2024

Dropshipping Platforms

Technology has opened up numerous business opportunities without the need for significant investments in capital, manufacturing facilities, or warehouses. Among various business models, dropshipping is a preferred choice for many. If you’re considering becoming a dropshipper, choosing the right dropshipping platform is a crucial step toward success. In this article, Merchize will evaluate some popular dropshipping platforms currently in use. Let’s learn and explore with

Top Trusted International Dropshipping Platforms

It’s challenging to determine the absolute best dropshipping platform, so it’s essential to find the one that suits your needs the most. Let’s explore some reputable and popular dropshipping platforms with Merchize!

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WooCommerce Dropshipping Platforms

WooCommerce isn’t an independent dropshipping platforms; it’s essentially a free plugin for WordPress. It provides essential features for an online store, including a shopping cart, payment options, and compatibility with various payment gateways, allowing integration with various suppliers.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Platforms
WooCommerce Dropshipping Platforms


  • Easy integration, facilitating quick and efficient setup and management of online stores. This helps users save time and effort, focusing more on successful dropshipping activities.
  • Offers a variety of extensions, diverse themes, user customization support, and expanded store functionality. Users can search for additional dropshipping plugins to integrate services like automated shipping, order management, and process automation.
  • Allows users to easily manage and adjust product categories, pricing, descriptions, and images. Adding, deleting, and updating products, as well as real-time inventory updates, are straightforward.
  • Supports multiple familiar payment gateways, enabling users to pay through various methods.

Listing Essential Dropshipping Business Tools


  • Highly dependent on WordPress, requiring users to understand and manage both platforms.
  • Requires some configuration and optimization for efficient operation. Incorrect configuration may lead to slow-loading stores and performance issues.
  • Complex order management, lacking robust sales tools.

Magento Dropshipping Platforms

Magento is an excellent choice for entering the dropshipping field. This e-commerce platform offers a variety of powerful features and tools, allowing users to create a professional dropshipping store with an intuitive and appealing interface. 

Magento Dropshipping Platforms
Magento Dropshipping Platforms

At the same time, Magento also supports building a multi-channel dropshipping store. Reach a diverse range of consumers. Additionally, the platform integrates various marketing tools such as Email Marketing, SEO, and social media.


  • Provides a range of customizable features and tools to help users create an online store that suits their needs and goals.
  • Has strong scalability, allowing online stores to grow on a large scale. The platform can manage thousands of products, handle a large number of visits, and process substantial orders.
  • Enables users to manage multiple supply sources, integrating data from various suppliers.
  • Possesses an active user community, providing resources, extension packages, and global user support.


  • More complex configuration and customization compared to other e-commerce platforms, requiring technical knowledge and web development experience.
  • Requires a powerful server to ensure good performance, necessitating regular system resource investment and maintenance.
  • Not a free dropshipping platform.
  • Order processing speed is relatively slow for stores receiving a large volume of products and orders.

Amazon Dropshipping Platforms

Amazon is known as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, offering goods to retailers and consumers globally. Besides being a massive e-commerce marketplace, Amazon is also a reputable dropshipping platforms.

Amazon Dropshipping Platforms
Amazon Dropshipping Platforms

When participating in dropshipping on Amazon, sellers collaborate with the platform to sell products from different suppliers to customers. In this model, sellers use Amazon as their primary sales channel. Simultaneously, they create an online store on Amazon, connecting with suppliers or manufacturers to purchase goods at wholesale prices. 

When receiving an order, the seller will transfer the order information to the supplier. At this time, the supplier will take care of packaging and sending the product directly to the customer.


  • An international e-commerce platform is present in many different countries.
  • A large and diverse customer community, with millions of daily visits, provides sellers the opportunity to reach a large potential customer base from various segments and locations.
  • One of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms globally. Partnering with Amazon allows sellers to leverage the platform’s growth potential, improving sales figures.
  • Provides marketing tools and services for sellers to advertise and promote products.


  • Intense competition within the same industry requires sellers to exert considerable effort to reach customers and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Sellers need to pay various fees, including registration fees, commission fees, and advertising fees.
  • Sellers must adhere to the platform’s regulations and policies, limiting the ability to control the shopping experience and management.

We hope the information in this article will assist you in choosing the right dropshipping platforms and selecting suitable dropshipping suppliers in Vietnam. If you want to explore Dropshipping Ads in 2024, feel free to contact us today.

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