Top 10 Most Loved Trends on Instagram | Instagram Update 2024

Loved Trends on Instagram

According to Bluefocus‘s analysis, the forecasted trends on Instagram for 2024 focus on themes such as music, fashion, creatives, celebrities, beauty, and social justice. The entire content is centered around ten main topics: style, online shopping, music and dance, celebrities/creatives, career and education, cuisine, health, gaming, emojis, and social justice. The analysis provides insights into trends on instagram that are expected to continue to gain traction in 2024.

Fashion-forward trends on Instagram

On Minimalist Fashion:

The younger generation is opting for more daring and bold fashion styles. They see fashion as a means of happiness, optimism, and self-expression, and they also aspire to explain fashion themselves.

Using Simple and Natural Makeup Techniques:

  • Today, young people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health and nature. Moderate skin care will be the top choice in the future; the goal of cleanliness, safety, and moisture retention will gradually dominate the market for beauty and skin care products. The focus will be on whitening and deep skin care products.
  • According to our survey, over half of teenagers and young adults will experiment with four main styles such as Goth, Dark Academia, Goblincore, and Nostalgic. About 25% of young people are interested in learning more about “clean” skincare products. Plant-based skincare products, vegan cosmetics, and cleansing cosmetics will become best-selling categories, and the minimalist concept of skincare will also become increasingly popular.
Trends on Instagram
Trends on Instagram
“Goblincore Harpy Elf Style” perhaps stands as one of the most captivating trends on Instagram. As the sibling of “Cottagecore” (Pastoral Core Style), “Goblincore” (Harpy Style), also known as Mushroomcore (mossy green wind), represents the new generation’s keen interest in reconnecting with nature and coexisting harmoniously with the environment, reflecting a deeper commitment to nature from Gen Y and Z consumers.
At the heart of “Goblincore” lies diversity, aiming to break free from binary gender stereotypes and embracing more possibilities, which can also be seen as a resurgence of self-awareness. “Goblincore” is epitomized by garments with rougher, more primitive styles and fabrics. Clothes feature patterns of mushrooms, frogs, and snails, as well as fairy-tale dresses, vibrant hairstyles, and earthy green and brown tones. The overall style must be holistic. Similar to many It Girls, “Goblincore” members enjoy initiating nature-inspired activities, such as leisurely hikes and mushroom hunts, insect and shell searches, and encounters with wildlife.

The Dark Academia Style

It has truly surged in popularity over the past year, becoming one of the most prominent trends on Instagram. It’s best described as a street-style version of “Harry Potter.” “Dark Academia” is essentially a subculture expanded upon by the Academia Aesthetic. It incorporates elements of ancient Greek and Gothic styles into academic fashion. When it first emerged, it resembled more of a book club and was heavily influenced by European Romanticism, Renaissance, and Baroque.

Therefore, as it became a social media aesthetic, the influence of Dark Academia extended beyond clothing to encompass literature, notes, intellectual passion, and learning, as evidenced by landmarks such as museums, libraries, coffee shops, etc.

To delve deeper into the dressing style, “Dark Academia” refers to the dressing style of Cambridge and Ivy League students, with a deeply literary atmosphere and attire that may trace its roots back to the 1930s. Nevertheless, the fashion world has paid more attention to this Instagram aesthetic in 2024.

Embracing the Vintage Classic Style

Retro attire has never relinquished its hold on trends on Instagram. When discussing retro style in 2024, it must be closely associated with the Y2K craze – crop tops, low-rise pants, colorful sunglasses, and more.
“Nostalgic Wear” reflects the consumer psyche of the younger generation on Instagram in 2024. Vintage clothing stores and thrift shops will become more prevalent. There will be an increase in users frequenting vintage clothing websites like Depop and Poshmark for shopping needs.

According to the Gothic Style Trends

We observe that fashion enthusiasts will be familiar with the “Gothic style,” which is a prominent aspect of trends on Instagram. Even if you’re not someone who gravitates towards romance, loves colors, and embraces nature as mentioned above, there’s still a wardrobe tailored to a romantic and dark Gothic style for you. The Gothic culture originates from Gothic architecture and dark literature during the Middle Ages, and it has become an undeniable presence in modern cultural forces. Its serious aesthetic, darkness, and boldness have made it a fashion style with loyal devotees, and this trend has never faded.
In addition to representatives like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester, who continue to export gothic culture, influencers and celebrities on social media are also showcasing gothic style and its power to the public.

The Surge in Online Shopping Demand

Online shopping is a prominent trends on Instagram. In 2024, we witness the decline of traditional online retail websites. Modern youth pursue new shopping experiences, increasingly showing interest and taking action towards shopping forms on Instagram.
Secondhand stores have fostered the idea of global sustainability by promoting the reuse and recycling of old clothing. Over a quarter (27%) of teenagers and young adults are willing to make direct purchases through advertisements in their social media feeds or app features.
With the evolution of the Internet, nearly half of the youth are interested in continuously changing their shopping habits and pace, finding satisfaction in using Instagram for shopping.
In the 2024 trend, for every ten young people, four are willing to shop at secondhand stores and sell their clothes through social media platforms to promote global sustainable development.
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Pursuing Music and Art

The social nature of music: Short advertisement videos on Instagram are reshaping the trajectory of music development. On newer music platforms like Instagram, the music experience will prioritize visual effects.
There are increasingly more album releases incorporating more graphic elements, the imagery trend that artists have been using for years, and the impact of the pandemic has made these more widespread. 30% of Instagram users are more interested in visual music experiences, while about a quarter of teenagers and young adults want to attend more live concerts. 75% of teenagers hope to discover new music or artists through social media in 2024.
The media model for artistic challenges will continue to evolve and develop: over a third of teenagers want to see more artistic challenges, dance to music, which is expected to further develop in 2024 with more complex dance styles and habits.

Content Creators and Community Influencers

  • Content creators on Instagram: They have elevated to the ranks of A-list celebrities, in terms of influence and impact. The influence of internet celebrities continues to rise, and these creators will become fashion producers and media moguls.
  • Generation Z, aged 12-25, is also interested in this new social model, agreeing that “micro-social influencers and media influencers are the most influential media, and highly interactive audiences are important communicators, regardless of whether Influencers have greater influence when it comes to their creative scale.
  • Their followers, who are internet celebrities, are very important (people with similar influence as movie stars), and the lives of young people are increasingly influenced by those who create them. This indicates a growing shift towards influencer culture and the power of social media platforms like Instagram in shaping trends on Instagram.
  • Generation usually has a creative mindset towards content, and Instagram advertising is one of the platforms with great sales potential, albeit requiring an  Instagram advertising cost by bluefocus.
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Trends on Instagram in Education and Careers

  • We can observe that a new generation of professionals is reevaluating their educational and career goals in this new era. The onslaught of the Covid pandemic has led young adults to reconsider their choices and decisions in all aspects of life.
  • Gen Z recognizes that the best education comes from real-world experiences, practicality, and considering the cost of education, they are seriously considering alternative paths to enrich their knowledge foundation. However, alongside this, a portion of the youth has begun to believe that the external (and internal) value of higher education is no longer as important as before.
  • Nevertheless, they also do not want to completely dismiss jobs (or define them), and are keenly aware of the dangers that this may pose. 68% state that “work is something I have to do” but “not the most important thing in my life.” These attitudes reflect shifting trends on Instagram regarding education and careers.
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Enjoying and Sharing Culinary Delights

  • Self-learning cooking is a : Young individuals are innovating their culinary skills by experimenting with complex recipes and applying new cooking techniques.
  • They are eager to try new things, such as baking bread and creative pastries showcased by innovative food bloggers trends on Instagram. At present, the younger generation demonstrates an increasing interest in molecular gastronomy and endeavors to follow trends on Instagram.
  • One in five young adults (over 20 years old) is interested in learning more about homebrewing or making efforts to explore new sourcing methods. They are committed to continuously developing new recipes for food enthusiasts.
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Trends on Instagram for Health

Mental Well-being Trends on Instagram: Young individuals are connecting (and reevaluating) how their life choices impact their emotional health. Embracing participation in mental health activities, such as guided exercise and meditation, will become their choice to alleviate stress in the future. A new generation of adolescents is seeking ways to maintain both mental and physical health, as well as cultivate creative abilities (developing hobbies like content creation, sports, communication, etc.).
They are always seeking ways to improve their living environment to achieve overall sustainability and environmental friendliness. Influenced by various factors including the pandemic, everyone has experienced home workouts, regardless of economic status, which will gradually become a popular exercise choice by 2024.

E-Sports and Entertainment Gaming

The current generation witnesses the explosion of electronic gaming, and the trends on Instagram are no different; they will continue to evolve. More and more young people are dedicating increased time to gaming, especially those with social aspects.
Trends on Instagram reflect this as well; gaming has become a new social platform fostering deep connections. 50% of adolescents and young adults expect to see more trends in electronic gaming on Instagram by 2024.
Creating a healthy gaming environment for communities: 25% of adolescents anticipate VR music experiences to become more popular on Instagram by 2024. There will also be more intersections between the gaming world and fashion: “Non-gamers are being exposed to games through fashion, as are 1/5 of young people, and many consumers will be exposed to clothing from newly launched brands through digitization.”
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Trends on Instagram: Emoticon Icons

As trends on Instagram cycle faster and change more frequently, young people are creating new forms of communication—emoticon icons—through media or platforms where they can excel. Over half of adolescents and young adults will pay more attention to humorous and nuanced works by 2023.
A blend of irony with sincerity is the key to making memes widely popular.
trends on Instagram
trends on Instagram

Social Justice Becomes a Trends on Instagram

Today’s young generation actively participates in social activities through the internet. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) advocating for social justice will reinforce the role of social media in spreading the messages of activists, propelling content to trends on Instagram. In fact, they are more likely to vote in local/state/national elections than 20%.


Bluefocus has illuminated the evolving landscape of trends on Instagram, showcasing the dynamic interplay between social movements, cultural shifts, and digital expression. As influencers continue to shape narratives, the platform emerges as a pivotal arena for societal discourse and trendsetting, reflecting the pulse of contemporary culture.

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