Update information about Facebook Ads 2024

Facebook Ads Updates 2024

Facebook Ads update 2024 is one of the potential markets that bring huge profits to individuals, businesses or advertisers who are in need of business and market expansion because of a huge number of potential customers that it has. bring.

In addition to social platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook is an effective online business thanks to the ads launched by customers every day.

Because it is used by many people, recently, Facebook has released the latest updates and regulations on the types of advertising on its application platform. Find out related information with Blue Focus through the article below!

Facebook Ads Updates that NQCs need to know in 2023
Facebook Ads Updates 2024 that NQCs need to know

Facebook notifies users of how many ads can run simultaneously on its platform

In November last year, after officially introducing a limit on the number of ads that can be played simultaneously on a page for businesses, by 2023 Facebook will continue to update information and outline precise guidelines for businesses. the application of the new regulations that we have introduced.

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The specific reason why FB has to adjust the number of businesses’ ads on its platform is because businesses and investors rely on FB’s unlimited advertising to optimize and adjust campaigns. should be invisible, creating a serious vulnerability that causes many ads to be stuck forever in the Learning Phase.

From another angle, many people will wonder why Facebook actively restricts the advertising budget of investors on its platform.

This sounds pretty weird. However, if we analyze it more deeply, we can see that this is quite reasonable because facebook is afraid that its reputation will be affected. Previously, the business wanted to advertise how, how much depends on the business.

Optimize Ads for Automotive Inventory Ads
Optimize Ads for Automotive Inventory Ads

As long as they have enough budget, it doesn’t matter how much money they want to burn on the FB ad campaign. But because of these bluff, uncontrolled ads, there are quite a lot of risks. Those are junk ads, poor quality.

This severely damaged FB’s reputation as a professional advertising platform. Therefore, they choose the mutually beneficial way of limiting the number of ads to bring better performance.

Does not affect the total advertising cost and also proves that, Facebook always appreciates and brings high ROI and encourages businesses to invest money in their projects.

Optimize Facebook Ads update 2024 for Automotive Inventory Ads

Automotive Inventory Ads are a pretty clever type of advertising because they help users optimize their search for those who intend to buy a car. In terms of advantages, Automotive Inventory Ads will help users upload and upload all types of vehicles with relevant parameters such as manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, price as well as the preeminent features that the product has. bring.

Installing the integration only once will ensure that the right cars for your potential customers will always be on display.

Adding brand safety controls

To make sure campaigns look better in the eyes of users, FB has added and announced some new brand safety measures specifically for Video advertisers. Specifically, this feature will help users remove certain topics in promotional videos.

Facebook Ads inform users about how many ads can run simultaneously on its platform
Facebook Ads update 2024 inform users about how many ads can run simultaneously on its platform

Removing this topic gives Video Ads advertisers one more method to control video posts on the platform more effectively. In addition, Facebook is also working with third parties to regulate safety measures that provide specific standards and definitions for the concept of brand safety on the platform as well as independent safety oversight on the platform. communication.

In short, the new updates to Facebook ads will help users more based on a metric base that is consistent with accepted standards and regulations. In addition, this will help eliminate mismatch issues as well as ensure the interests of both Facebook and advertising partners.

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