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facebook carousel ads

According to data analysis from Kinetic Social, Facebook Carousel helps increase CTR by 10 times compared to traditional static advertising methods.

This is considered the latest form of advertising on Facebook , Carousel ads not only ensure a beautiful and simple interface but also optimize the attraction of users to click the CTA button.

So what is a carousel ? What are the advantages and how to apply this effective carousel advertising method? All will be shared in the most detailed and complete details in the following Blue Focus article!

Using Carousel Ads are not only effective because they encourage potential customers to interact with your product ads, but also because they are simple, allowing you to have more room for your products or a part of your brand story.

Facebook carousel ads
Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ads

Here you’ll notice that the product advertiser has chosen to use tags to highlight specific parts of a product, and the bottom of each tag has its own unique description.

This offers one powerful, remarkable feature of Carousel ads – the potential for different CTAs, under different products, to lead to different landing pages.

This is a flexibility not seen in any other ad format.

Obviously, if you have 10 unique tags, those are 10 unique opportunities for potential customers to interact with your brand/product.

Another statistic, unique to Carousel: according to Facebook, advertisers have seen Carousel ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click . with a single-image link ad.

That gives everyone the benefit in exchange for a little creativity.

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On the surface, with advertising applications, Carousel seems to be just another normal form of media marketing. However, it performs a lot better than other types of advertising under the right circumstances. If used properly, Carousel ads will include:

  • Drive engagement : Intuitive, moving product carousel ads are more likely to capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to take action. It is more attractive than advertising with a standard photo.
  • Interactive : Even if your customers simply click through the carousel to see more product photos, people continue to interact with the brand and increase their knowledge of their products and services. .
  • Cost-effective : Carousel advertising app, like any other media advertising, is targeted to reach specific audience. This means you’re just spending less money targeting people who don’t intend to respond to your referrals.

The use carousel ad app is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways.

While many businesses use this type of advertising as a way to promote products, advertising also provides a great opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of the brand and tell a story.

Here are 5 unique ways you can use Facebook Carousel Ads:

Tieks is a professional ballet shoe manufacturer and advertises a carousel used to highlight one of the products. Each tag of the ad focuses on one aspect of their shoe product, and they used headline copy to provide more context for each image.

Highlight products through Carousel
Highlight products through Carousel

Tyme Hair used a carousel ad app to showcase how you can use one of their products. To show how their curling iron works and features, they used each ad tag to share a step with an image of the corresponding product.

Illustrate how to use a product with a carousel
carousel facebook

3. Tell a story

Using stories is an extremely effective way to share your brand message and engage their customers. Project Repat, a company that makes quilts from old t-shirts, used carousel ads to tell the story of how memories can be turned into quilts.

Integrating ads with Carousel Ads
carousel ads

4. Product Experience

The Music app, Deezer used carousel cards to give people the experience of listening to music in the app before they downloaded it. Each ad tag used summarizes a feature of the app, giving people an idea or about what to expect from the app.

Apply Carousel to share product experience
carousel facebook what

Apply Carousel to share product experience

5. Share the post

Carousel ads are a great way to share and promote product posts. For example, Precision Nutrition shared articles from their website about healthy eating for athletes – this ad resulted in 6,000 new signups.

Facebook Carousel helps promote products to many users
Facebook Carousel helps promote products to many users

1. From your own site

To create carousel ads from your site, click on the ‘Promote’ button on the top right corner of the page, then select ‘Promote your website’ .

Next you will see an Ads window open, in the 'Images' section of this window select '+' to add more tags to your carousel:

Next you will see an Ads window open, in the ‘Images’ section of this window select ‘+’ to add more tags to your carousel:

casrousel ads

Once you have added the desired number of cards (3-5 cards) you can add an image and title to each card and when the ad looks great and ready, fill in the Audience, Budget and Duration then press ‘Promote’ to go live.

2. From an ad manager

How to create an effective Carousel ad
How to create an effective Carousel ad

To start a carousel ad campaign from Facebook Adverts Manager, first click on “ Create Adverts ” and then select “ Send people to your website ”, “ Increase conversions on your website ” or “ Get installs of your app”. ” from the campaign objective page.

  • Step 1 : Create an ad
set facebook carousel ads
  • Step 2 : Choose a goal
 fb carousel ads
  • Step 3 : Choose audience and budget
Step 4 : Choose advertising ads
  • Step 4 : Choose advertising ads
What is carousel advertising?
What is carousel advertising?

This is where you can create your own carousel. When you get to the ad screen, select ‘Multiple images in one advert’ to build a carousel ad.

Once you’ve uploaded the ad, you’ll continue to live-stream the ad, like a Facebook carousel ad.

1. Get attention with the first image

Facebook Newsfeed is a very ‘busy’ place and users are often overloaded with content. To help your ad succeed, pay attention to the first image and make sure it has its own meaning and is also enough to attract attention.

2. Follow Facebook’s recommendations

Facebook has shared some design recommendations for Carousel ads. If you’re looking to maximize your performance, it’s best to try and stick to these if possible.

Due to the multifaceted nature of the Carousel format, it is important to reduce the dimensions and specifications before engaging in the creation process. Here are some specs you should be aware of:

  • Image / Shrink size : 600 x 600 pixels
  • Video image ratio / aspect : 1:1 (square)
  • Text : 90 characters
  • Title : 40 characters
  • Link Description : 20 characters
  • Number of cards : 2-10
  • Image file size: up to 30 MB
  • Video file size : up to 4GB
  • Video length: Up to 240 minutes

Sticking to these specifications will ensure you don’t face any difficulty in creating, delivering, or presenting your ads.

Tip: Use the Headline space under each image for a product name or benefit, discount or percentage offer, or even a call-to-action.

6 Case studies of effective carousel advertising applications

1. Straight Compton Outta

Straight Outta Compton, a company that used carousel ads to showcase seasons on films and announce releases on VUDU.

What is a carousel ad?

Use carousel ads to promote movies

2. Deezer

The Deezer Company turned to a carousel ad app to announce and showcase that The Beatles music is available in their app. The ad features the group’s image spread across three cards and uses the header space on each card to promote The Beatles news on Deezer.

What is a facebook carousel?

Deezer uses carousel to promote the group “The Beatles”

3. Xbox

To promote the latest Tomb Raider game app, the Xbox Company used a panorama of the character, Lara Croft, hanging from the cliff face.

Xbox effectively advertises games with Carousel Ads
Xbox effectively advertises games with Carousel Ads

Xbox effectively advertises games with Carousel Ads

In addition to the visuals, Xbox used card titles to tell the game’s story. The last card on the carousel is a link to buy this game.

4. Fallout

To promote Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios used carousel ads to share ratings and reviews from well-known and trusted websites and magazines in the gaming industry.

Fallout 4 promotes the game with Carousel
fb carousel ads Fallout 4 promotes the game with Carousel

5. Tesco

Tesco used carousel ads to showcase the recipe step by step and linked back to the Real Food blog.

Corousel Ads application to

Corousel Ads application to introduce cake recipes
run carousel ads introduce cake recipes

Chipotle used carousel ads to draw attention to their ‘Friend or Faux’ campaign, cards that compare Chipotle meals to other fast foods to ask who is ‘ Your Friend and who is your ‘Friend’.

Chipotle applies carousel ads to 'Friend or Faux' campaign
facebook carousel ads Chipotle applies carousel ads to ‘Friend or Faux’ campaign

Above are my instructions on Carousel Ads application. Hopefully you’ve gained the knowledge of carousel ads to apply to your business’s ads. Good luck!

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