What is Checkpoint? Unlocking Facebook Checkpoint is just a small thing

Facebook will randomly send checkpoint codes to your friends

Have you ever, one fine day, you wake up on a social network, when you log in to your Facebook ad account to check your customers’ messages as usual, your eyes will be met with:

Illustration of a Facebook Checkpoint account. So what is Checkpoint?
Illustration of a Facebook Checkpoint account. So what is Checkpoint?

So, you’ve “sticked” to Facebook’s Checkpoint security already. What is Facebook Checkpoint? And how to handle the unusual security key case like above?

In the article below, I will guide you in the most detail so you can fix it and log back into Facebook normally. Stay tuned!

What is Facebook Checkpoint?

This action is to maintain network security and protect the user’s Facebook account from those with bad intentions.

In more detail, Checkpoint means stopping something or a certain system to check. We often call this pause on Facebook “Facebook lock” – the Facebook account you are logging into is locked.

Types of Facebook Checkpoints​

There are 8 types of Checkpoints as follows:

  1. Image Checkpoint (Friend Verification Checkpoint): Facebook will give you the avatars of acquaintances for you to identify, if within the specified time you identify the correct number of images, your account will be authenticated.
  2. Checkpoint date of birth: Verify by filling in date, month, and year of birth.
  3. Checkpoint phone number: Facebook will send a code to the phone number registered for the account, enter that code, your facebook account can be accessed.
  4. Browser Checkpoint: When you log into your account in a strange browser, the system will record and notify you of abnormal activity. Facebook will ask you to verify your identity by re-login to the previous browser (Browser Checkpoint) and then log in to the new browser.
  5. Checkpoint 72h (Required to provide identification documents): Facebook requires to provide pictures of identification documents such as driver’s license, ID card, CCCD, if the information in the document matches your account information, you log in. Okay.
  6. Checkpoint to verify the last comment: Facebook will give you a list of comments, you have to choose the correct comments you commented most recently.
  7. Checkpoint “Help with trusted contact”: Facebook will randomly select a friend in the friend list and send a verification number to that person, you must contact your friend to get the code.
  8. Checkpoint receives code from email: Facebook will send the code via email if you choose to receive the code via email, enter the serial number sent to the email to authenticate your account.

As you have understood the forms of Checkpoint Facebook account is locked. So what is the reason your Facebook has Checkpoint?

Reasons for Facebook Checkpoint

Below are the most common reasons why Facebook accounts are Checkpointed:

  • Using one device to create multiple FB accounts:
    When creating or logging in too many FB accounts on one device, FB will mark you as spam and worse, FB will Checkpoint you.
  • FB account is logged in by a strange IP address:
    This strange IP address often happens when you go to a place farther than your usual location and use a strange device to log in to Facebook. Checkpoint. However, decoding and overcoming this Facebook Checkpoint is usually quite simple and does not take much time.
  • Log in on a strange browser:
    This rarely causes Checkpoint, but if you continue to repeat the login action on this strange browser too much, the chances of your account getting Checkpoint will be higher.
  • Your Facebook account violates:
    Accounts that violate community terms and abuse Facebook functions such as making too many friends, spamming messages, joining many groups, commenting, logging in more than 10 times … also leads to frequent Checkpoints on Facebook accounts.
  • Your Facebook account information has been reported by another individual:
    A rival, hater, ex-lover, or some passerby has reported your account for no reason at all.

There are also some other quite unreasonable reasons such as not updating enough personal information (phone number, email) when creating your Facebook account. Therefore, most newly created accounts without the above information will be vulnerable to Checkpoint.

For each different cause, a different type of Facebook Checkpoint will be created. We will need to rely on each type to have a suitable solution.

Let’s see how to remove Checkpoint right away in the support instructions for users whose Facebook is locked in the next section!

How to unlock Facebook with Checkpoint is simple

1. Photo checkpoint

Facebook often uses this type of Checkpoint, removing image Checkpoint is also very simple. Users log in to several Facebook accounts and will be provided with some pictures of their friends. We just need to confirm and tag the correct friends.

Because you are the owner of that Facebook account, this can be completed very quickly. For hackers or people with bad intentions, this type of verification makes it difficult for them, so you can protect your account.

Checkpoint Facebook with images (for privacy reasons, Blue Focus will hide personal images, please understand!)
Checkpoint Facebook with images (for privacy reasons, Blue Focus will hide personal images, please understand!)

2. Checkpoint date of birth information

As simple as its name – Checkpoint date of birth, you just need to fill in the correct date of birth information you registered in FB. Once completed, you will be able to log in to your account normally.

Checkpoint date of birth
Checkpoint date of birth

3. Checkpoint phone number

The Checkpoint phone number is divided into two types of cases.

Type 1: Enter any phone number.

FB will often support this type of Checkpoint when you have not filled in all the information on FB.

You can enter any phone number, however this phone number must not be connected to any FB account.

Type 2: Security password sent by phone.

Facebook will send a password to the phone number or email you used to register your account. You just need to enter this code, you will be able to access and log in to FB and be able to bypass the phone number Checkpoint.

Checkpoint phone number
Checkpoint phone number

4. Browser checkpoint

With this type of Checkpoint, Facebook will ask you to log in again using your old browser on your computer or mobile device.

After you sign in, FB will send another browser login approval request. Just select continue and you’re done.

Checkpoint via browser
Checkpoint via browser

5. Checkpoint 72h

This is a final check form for how to exit Checkpoint Facebook by uploading identification information to Facebook for confirmation. FB only asks you to use this method when you do not pass the above Checkpoint tests.

Checkpoint Facebook
Checkpoint Facebook
Checkpoint Facebook

You take a photo of your ID and upload it to FB by clicking on the file. How documents are approved by FB: Identity card, driver’s license or marriage certificate.

After FB confirms it, they will unlock your account.

6. Checkpoint receives code from email

If you choose to receive the code via email, Facebook will send you a code, go to your email to get the code and then enter the required number sequence to authenticate your account.

Checkpoint receive the code via email
Checkpoint receive the code via email

7. Checkpoint verifies last comment

Checkpoint verified by the most recent comment
Checkpoint verified by the most recent comment

If you have recently commented on Facebook, you can choose to “verify the most recent comment” to remove Checkpoint. Facebook will list a bunch of content and it’s up to you to recall and choose exactly what you used to comment on before. If the comments you choose are correct, you will have Checkpoint removed.

8. Checkpoint “Help by trusted contact”

Facebook will randomly select 3-5 friends and send them a code. The next thing you need to do is contact these friends to ask for the code.

Facebook will randomly send checkpoint codes to your friends
Facebook will randomly send checkpoint codes to your friends

I think you should only choose this way when you have a small number of friends and they are all acquaintances so it will be more convenient for you in the process.

How to limit sticking to Checkpoint Facebook lock

Checkpoint is Facebook’s security software , so there’s no way for you to turn it off. But there are still some ways for you to limit this annoying abnormal Facebook lock :

  • Fill out information on Facebook fully , especially date of birth, phone number, email, .. You should keep this information private to ensure safety.
  • Don’t arbitrarily make friends , especially with people you don’t know. If you have too many friends you don’t know, chances are you won’t be able to complete it when Image Checkpoint asks for verification.
  • You can also use utilities to change IP to avoid Checkpoint. For example: Hola and D-come Viettel
  • If you log in to multiple accounts on one computer, you should change or change your IP often. It should be noted that this IP should be in Vietnam. You can use the above 2 utilities to support.
  • Set up 2-factor authentication for your FB account : this is the most effective way, this authentication system will provide information to FB that you are safe, so Checkpoint will very rarely occur when you use this setting.
  • Save your browser as soon as you log in so Facebook doesn’t checkpoint a strange IP address accessing your account.

Now you understand what Checkpoint is? What is Facebook Checkpoint? What is Checkpoint account? Or how to remove Facebook Checkpoint. That’s all you need to know about Checkpoint .

Hopefully after this article you will know how to limit Checkpoint as well as secure your account to Rent Facebook Ad Account Agencies more effectively!

Good luck!

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