What is Invoice Tiktok account? Why use tiktok invoice?

What is Invoice Tiktok account? Why use tiktok invoice?

Owning a few accounts in the Invoice account to help increase interaction and run ads on social platforms is extremely necessary for individuals who use social networks to earn extra income and increase interaction.

Tiktok is one of the hottest social platforms today, so the Invoice TikTok account is also of interest to many people.

So  what is Invoice TikTok account ? Why use Invoice Tik Tok? Let’s learn about the article below with Blue Focus Agency .

What is Invoice Tiktok account?
What is Invoice Tiktok account?

What is Invoice TikTok account?

Tik Tok Invoice account, also known by another name, Invoice advertising account. This is considered the most advanced type of BM (Business Manager) account.

This type of account is often provided to individuals with high spending per month such as reputable Agencies – Partners, these individuals specialize in developing content for social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing. … Tik Tok is also one of the platforms that is granted this type of Invoice.

Due to their high influence, Invoice TikTok accounts  are becoming more and more popular.

Features of Invoice TikTok account

Invoice Tik Tok Ads accounts are accounts provided specifically for Agencies. They possess the following characteristics: 

  • Credit limit is quite high and not limited to daily spending.
  • Use as a kind of prepaid pay later account.
  • No need to use a card, so it won’t take much time to register and maintain the card.
  • Account stability is more stable than other account types.

The difference of Invoice TikTok account compared to other accounts

In addition to the benefits that other types of accounts often bring, this account also has some of the following disadvantages:

Regarding payment ability:

  • Regular account: this account you will have to pay in advance, the amount of money on the card will be deducted. When there is no more money in the card and you do not recharge, the account will not let you run ads anymore.
  • TikTok Invoice Account : Unlike regular accounts, Tik Tok Invoice accounts do not need to be paid in advance. You just pay later and spend up to your maximum credit limit, or make a one-time payment at the end of the month. There will be no more worries about the account being suddenly stopped advertising.

About daily spending limit:

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  • Regular account: spending will be limited during the day, when a large amount of budget is needed, the regular account will not support promptly.
  • Invoice TikTok account : budget will not be limited for the day.
Why use tiktok invoice?
Why use tiktok invoice?
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About stability:

  • Regular account: Easily crashed when Tik Tok scans, account can be temporarily or permanently disabled if violated.
  • Invoice TikTok account : You can work with high intensity, set many camps with many tasks at the same time without worrying about abnormal errors.

About monetization speed: 

  • Regular account: long waiting time, takes a lot of time for the camp to operate.
  • Invoice TikTok account:  Make money quickly, just set up and run Ads to make money.

Conditions to be granted an Invoice TikTok account 

Getting an advertising Invoice account is not an easy thing. Because, having  an Invoice Tik Tok account is like owning a gold mine in your hand that you can use at your leisure.

However, the Tik Tok platform only issues Invoices when you comply with the following conditions:

  • There is a customer representative behind the support, in this case the Tik Tok platform.
  • Reached a high spending limit of approximately $10,000 in the past 3 months.
  • To maintain an account, must spend at least 5000 USD in a month.
  • Comply with the policies of the Tik Tok platform.

When you comply with all the conditions on Tik Tok, it will send you an email notifying you to use this type of account. However, when owning this Invoice Tik Tok account, the individual must also maintain a minimum spending limit to avoid having this account revoked.

Features of Invoice Tik Tok account
Features of Invoice TikTok account

Why should you use an Invoice TikTok account?

As mentioned above, owning an Invoice Tik Tok account provides a lot of support for a Tiktoker. Running ads to make money will become faster and easier.

You will not need to pay upfront and be interrupted when running ads instead, it will be fast, save time and accelerate monetization thanks to the ability to run ads right away of Invoice Tik account Tok. 

For large projects that need a lot of budget, owning  an Invoice TikTok account is extremely convenient because you will not have a spending limit but also do not need to pay a prepayment to top up the account.

In short, owning an Invoice Tik Tok account is not easy, that’s why many tiktokers choose to rent an  Invoice TikTok account .

Although renting has many benefits, the rules on renting accounts are quite strict and you also need to connect directly with a Platform representative to own this special type of account.

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