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Call Tracking on Google Ads
Today, Bluefocus‘s blog will explain everything you need to know about the call tracking feature on Google Ads. Understanding how to optimize your Google Ads campaigns is crucial for boosting conversions, and determining the value of call tracking on Google Ads in driving sales.

Concept of Call Tracking on Google Ads:

  • Call tracking on Google Ads is a powerful feature that allows you to measure the effectiveness of call extensions or ads that generate phone calls.
  • If a potential customer clicks on your ad and makes a call, the call tracking feature on Google Ads records this action as a conversion data point.
  • These conversion data points include information such as call volume, start and end times, caller area code, and whether the call was connected.
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads
  • With this call tracking method, you can gain a clearer understanding of which ads are driving the most valuable phone calls and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Additionally, the call tracking feature on Google Ads allows you to optimize ads for calls.
  • This means you can design your ads to encourage potential customers to call your business directly from the advertisement.

Which Types of Businesses Should Use Google Ads Call Tracking Feature?

The call tracking feature on Google Ads is a valuable tool for many businesses, but it’s particularly beneficial for those heavily reliant on phone calls to generate leads and sales. Below is an analysis of business types that can derive the most benefits from using call tracking on Google Ads:

Local Service Businesses

Businesses such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, or any local service providers that often receive inquiries via phone calls can significantly benefit from call tracking. This leads to a more efficient allocation model in Google Ads.

Lead Generating Service Providers

Businesses that generate leads through phone calls, such as real estate agencies, insurance agents, or financial advisors, can leverage call tracking to measure the effectiveness of their online advertising efforts in driving qualified leads.

E-commerce Businesses with Phone Sales Component

E-commerce businesses primarily sell online but also provide consultation or support via phone calls can benefit from call tracking to enhance their customer service by understanding when and why customers call.
hy is the Call Tracking Feature on Google Ads Important?
  • Why should you care about tracking calls on Google Ads? Think of phone calls as treasure chests—they come from interested individuals, some of whom may only need a call to purchase your product or service. This boosts your conversion rates in Google Ads.
  • By tracking these calls, you’ll learn more about what customers want, which ads are working, and the returns you’re getting from your investment. This data can empower you to do great things for your advertising campaigns.

Researching and Determining Effective Keywords

Controlling the call tracking feature on Google Ads allows you to know which keywords are driving the most calls. This information can be used to optimize your keyword bidding strategy, ensuring that your budget is spent on keywords most likely to lead to calls. As a result, businesses save on brand bidding on Google Ads because when customers have made a call, they are likely to have researched about you.

Assessing Advertising Performance

Not only can you track calls, but you can also use the call tracking feature on Google Ads to evaluate the overall performance of your advertising. By comparing the number of calls from different ads, you can identify which ads are most effective and adjust your advertising strategy accordingly.

Tracking Offline Conversions

You should remember that not all conversions occur in the online space. With the call tracking feature on Google Ads, you can track offline conversions, such as phone calls. This provides you with a more complete picture of conversion rates and can help you make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Enhancing Customer Experience

By understanding the timing and reasons for customer calls, you can adjust your customer service to meet their needs. This could mean adjusting operating hours, training your staff on how to handle common queries, or even changing how you communicate with customers.

Setting Up Call Tracking on Google Ads

Setting up the call tracking feature on Google Ads is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Access your Google Ads account

The first thing you need to do is access your Google Ads account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up or try out the services for leasing Bluefocus‘s Google Ads agency account to receive exclusive benefits available only to new Google Ads agency accounts.
Click on the “Tools” icon.

Step 2: Set up a new conversion action for call tracking on Google Ads

In the menu, click on “Conversions” and then select “Summary.”
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Create a new conversion action.
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads

Step 3: Create a new conversion action.

Choose Phone Call Conversions

Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Choose “Phone calls” from ads using call extensions or call-only ads and click “Continue”.
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads

Step 4: Set up call recording

If you want to record calls for further analysis, click on the administrator icon in your Google Ads account. Navigate to account settings and open the section labeled “Call reporting.” Select the option “Enable” under “Save call recordings for 30 days.” Click to save.
Call Tracking on Google Ads
Call Tracking on Google Ads

Let’s analyze your call data using the following metrics:

  • Call Duration: Analyze the length of your calls—Are they short or lengthy conversations? Evaluate the duration of calls to assess the quality of potential leads.
  • Conversion Rate Calculation: Determine how many calls lead to conversions. Track this data accurately to measure conversion rates.
  • Keyword Level Analysis: Identify which keywords trigger calls. Optimize your bidding strategy based on this information.

Here are some tips to get more calls from Google Ads

Set up call-only ads

Configure call-only ads to capitalize on prompting users to call your business directly from the ad. This streamlines the conversion process and ensures high visibility by displaying the call option in the ad for users to contact you directly.

Craft compelling ad copies

Your ad copies should emphasize “Call Now.” Use engaging language to highlight the benefits of your product or service. Urgency and exclusivity work wonders. For example:
Limited-time offers! Call now for a free consultation.
Speak with our experts today. Dial the number below.

Utilize call extension

Google Ads platform allows you to add call extensions to your ads. These convenient small buttons make it easy for users to call you directly from the search results page. Set them up, track their performance, and adjust as needed.

Strategically schedule ads

Analyze and consider the times when your target audience is most likely to pick up the phone. If you’re in the fried chicken business, evenings and weekends might be ideal times for calls. Ensure you adjust your ad schedule to fit your customers’ needs. This significantly impacts the click-through rate (CTR) in Google Ads.

Improve your landing page

  • When your Google Ads direct users to a landing page, ensure that page is optimized to drive calls. This may mean having clear and prominent calls to action (CTAs) to encourage phone calls or including clickable phone numbers for mobile users.
  • This allows ads to display your phone number or include a call button, making it easier for potential customers to contact your business with just one click. Remember, the goal is not just to drive more calls but also to generate high-quality calls with conversion potential.
  • Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize these strategies in conjunction with your overall marketing and sales strategy. Incorporating keywords like “Call Tracking on Google Ads,” “contact us,” or “phone consultation” strategically within your landing page content can further enhance its effectiveness in driving calls and conversions.
The Call Tracking feature on Google Ads allows you to turn your direct advertising efforts into measurable phone call results. By equipping you with valuable insights into which campaigns drive the highest-quality calls.
You can optimize your strategy, maximize the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) target on Google Ads. Ultimately, converting more high-value potential customers through the power of phone interactions.
Remember, every missed call could be a missed opportunity. So, always keep track of those calls.
Don’t let your phone calls remain a mystery – unlock the potential of Call Tracking on Google Ads and watch your campaigns thrive with data-driven optimization! Follow Bluefocus for more essential insights.

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