What is a Google Ads agency accounts? How to use and Google Ads 2024 Update

Google Ads agency account
Undoubtedly, many advertisers are familiar with Google Ads agency accounts, but only a few have actually interacted with this type of account. Today, bluefocus will clarify the concept, features, and benefits of Google Ads agency accounts to provide you with a more realistic understanding of this account type.

What is a Google Ads agency account?

Google Ads agency account
Google Ads agency account
A Google Ads agency account is a special account that allows marketing agencies to advertise and manage multiple Google Ads accounts in one place. It is only available to top Google partners like Bluefocus It provides the ability to handle campaigns for multiple clients or manage various campaigns for a single client.
In general, agency accounts enhance efficiency, collaboration, and management of multiple campaigns, leading to improved results and client satisfaction.

What features does a Google Ads agency account have?

Google Ads agency accounts are accounts of professional advertising companies authorized by Google, which can maximize advertising budgets to save you time and maximize your advertising budget. Bluefocus will show you 3 maximum benefits that Google Ads agency account bring.

Ability to Handle Multiple Client Accounts

  • Google Ads agency accounts allow managing multiple client accounts from a single platform, saving time and simplifying the process by creating specialized sub-accounts within the My Client Center (MCC).
  • Agencies can enhance productivity and organization, ensuring appropriate attention to each client’s campaigns.
  • The clear separation of MCC sub-accounts distinctly delineates client campaigns, facilitating tracking and organization, especially for agencies with diverse clients.

Access to Advanced Features and Tools

  • Using a Google Ads agency account grants access to advanced tools and features that provide agencies a competitive edge in campaign optimization. This includes Google’s APIs for task automation and third-party integration.
  • It enables effective campaign management, freeing up maximum time for other priorities. Agencies can also enjoy early access to beta features, offering a competitive advantage and the opportunity for feedback before widespread release.

Ability to Withdraw Unspent Balance

  • In the event of a Google Ads Account Is Temporarily Suspended, rather than waiting 20 – 40 days for a refund, utilizing a Google Ads agency account can swiftly assist you in lodging complaints to the Google team or withdrawing your remaining budget. Even with a Google Ads threshold account support for this is not provided.
  • This means you won’t have to wait long and can continue running your campaigns. This is particularly crucial when your account is suspended during peak sales periods.

How do Google Ads agency accounts differ from personal accounts?

The main difference between Google Ads agency accounts and personal accounts lies in the level of access and control.
Google Ads agency account
Google Ads agency accounts
While personal advertising accounts are suitable for managing individual advertising efforts, Google Ads agency accounts are specifically designed for agencies or advertisers handling multiple client accounts, offering higher management capabilities and efficiency.

How to Open a Google Ads Agency Accounts

The process to open a Google Ads agency accounts

Step 1: Contact Agencies

Reach out to Google partners like bluefocus to request a Google Ads agency account.

Step 2: Provide Business Information

Provide business information including business documents, advertising website, and budget.

Step 3: Start Account Creation

Once your information is verified, you’ll receive a Google Ads agency account. You can easily fund your account through the agency’s payment methods.

How much does it cost to rent a Google Ads agency account?

The cost of renting a Google Ads agency account can vary depending on factors such as service scope, reputation, and expertise of the agency, as well as your specific business needs. Typically, agencies charge a percentage of their advertising spend, which usually ranges from 5 – 10% or more.

How to choose the right Google partner for collaboration

There are many Google partner agencies worldwide, so marketers or advertisers may struggle to select the right partner for collaboration. The criteria for choosing a suitable advertising partner include:
Google Ads agency accounts
Google Ads agency accounts

Review, Testimonials, and Research

Evaluate others’ experiences with agencies to assess their suitability for your business. Look for reviews, testimonials, and typical research about each agency you’re considering.


Consider the agency’s longevity to determine if they have sufficient industry experience and specific campaigns you want to execute.

Services Provided

Ensure the agency provides necessary services for your Google Ads campaigns. Additionally, consider partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency offering supplementary services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Look for agencies leveraging modern technology and data to develop campaign strategies and provide comprehensive reporting.


Choose agencies transparent about pricing and providing regular, easy-to-understand campaign reports.
We hope this article helps you find the right agency to create an account. As an official Google partner, we offer Google advertising services along with the cheapest account creation package on the market today. Contact us when you need.

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