Effective Dropshipping Business Methods for Newcomers | 2024 Dropshipping Updates

dropshipping business

With the increasingly powerful development of the internet platform, Dropshipping has emerged as an extremely suitable online business model for those who desire to earn extra income but lack substantial capital for inventory. However, how can one effectively sell products in today’s highly competitive market? In this article by Bluefocus, we will guide you through effective dropshipping business methods for newcomers.

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What factors should be prepared before engaging in dropshipping?

To commence dropshipping, you need to prepare the following:

Selecting products for dropshipping

The primary and crucial step is selecting products for dropshipping. Commonly chosen products for dropshipping include fashion items (clothing, shoes, bags…), fashion accessories (watches, hats, wallets…), cosmetics (lipsticks, face masks, skincare products…), phone accessories, computers and furniture, home decor…
dropshipping business
dropshipping business
In addition to selecting products for dropshipping, it’s essential to monitor the market to see if consumers are currently interested or searching extensively for those products.
We recommend utilizing Google Trends to identify the most searched items or trending products online to timely update your store.
For instance, if you’re selling clothes, during the summer season, searches for items like crop tops and bikinis tend to increase. Similarly, during the pandemic, longer clothing sets may attract more attention. Understanding these trends can significantly improve sales performance.

Choosing reputable product suppliers for dropshipping is crucial

Selecting the right partner for product sourcing is paramount. Finding a supplier with competitive prices can facilitate smoother and easier sales. You can either search for dropshipping suppliers before or after selecting the products.
Once you find a quality supplier with favorable prices, you can register for dropshipping with them. Alternatively, after selecting the products you want to sell, you can start searching for suppliers specializing in those items.
dropshipping business
dropshipping business
To select quality product suppliers that enhance the effectiveness of your Dropshipping Business, you should use keywords such as: Wholesale dropshipping suppliers, dropship sourcing, dropshipping recruitment, Dropshipping warehouses, Dropshipping groups on Shopee, or source dropshipping Vietnam to search for suppliers on Google, Facebook groups…
Additionally, you can explore other platforms specialized in providing Dropshipping Business solutions such as Netsale, PingGo…

Build a marketing plan for your store.

Now that we’ve covered the preparation steps for finding products and suppliers, the next step is marketing. You should know that the biggest advantage of dropshipping is that sellers don’t have to stock inventory, manage stock, or handle packaging and delivery. The crucial thing is to focus on marketing and customer acquisition. Therefore, you need to develop a specific plan for this, as it will determine your revenue.

Choose sales channels for your Dropshipping Business.

You should select multiple sales channels to reach more customers, such as:
  • Building a professional online store website.
  • Selling on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok…
  • Selling on major e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki…
dropshipping business
dropshipping business
One thing to focus on when managing a dropshipping business and selling through multiple channels is effectively managing customers to provide timely assistance and storing data for future remarketing plans. Therefore, you can choose sales management platforms currently available that synchronize customer information from multiple channels into a single platform. This will also help you run your dropshipping business more efficiently.
Regardless of which sales channels you choose for your dropshipping business, it’s important to invest in visuals and content to attract customers. You can contact suppliers for support in this regard.

Develop an effective sales plan for your dropshipping business

We recommend implementing SEO for your dropshipping website to improve its ranking for product keywords on Google. Customers often refer to and make purchases from websites in the top 3 positions.
For example, when a customer searches for “phone chargers,” you undoubtedly want your dropshipping website to appear in the top position, right? So, start implementing SEO right away for your dropshipping business!
dropshipping business
dropshipping business
On e-commerce platforms, you can implement advertising campaigns in parallel with posting engaging content to increase customer reach. Additionally, you can advertise in groups and forums.
Moreover, don’t forget to solicit feedback from customers about the products as well as their reviews. This will help hesitant buyers make decisions more quickly.

Proceed with developing a remarketing plan for your dropshipping business

Once you’ve sold a product, don’t overlook remarketing efforts to encourage customers to return for more purchases! Some common remarketing activities include:
  • Sending email marketing to customers with promotional information or new products.
  • Sending discount vouchers via Facebook messages or on e-commerce platforms.
  • Installing Facebook Pixel to improve Facebook advertising effectiveness.


Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and efficient execution in running a successful dropshipping business. By carefully selecting products, partnering with reliable suppliers, and implementing effective marketing and remarketing strategies, entrepreneurs can navigate the competitive landscape of e-commerce with confidence. With Our guidance, aspiring dropshippers can embark on their entrepreneurial journey equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in the dynamic world of dropshipping business.

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