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dropshipping product supplier
In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, selecting a supplier is a critical decision to ponder upon when engaging in dropshipping business.
Once you find a suitable dropshipping product supplier, one with good quality for business collaboration, you’ll be able to provide better services to your customers and avoid potential risks. In this Bluefocus article, we’ll share insights on how to choose a dropshipping product supplier wisely. There are numerous factors to consider before making a decision.
Let’s dive in and explore together!

A dropshipping product supplier brings good product quality.

When it comes to product quality, the most crucial aspect to consider before selecting a supplier is paramount. Not all suppliers operate legitimately; some offer cheap products of very poor quality.
When the quality of a dropshipping product supplier is poor, customers will complain, leaving highly negative reviews. Consequently, this diminishes revenue and damages brand reputation, so such suppliers should not be entertained.
Selecting a quality dropshipping product supplier requires some research; you can also read reviews from other websites. The reality is that high-priced products do not always guarantee good quality.
dropshipping product supplier
dropshipping product supplier
Additionally, a tip to assess product quality is to order a sample product for testing purposes. This allows you to inspect its quality firsthand. Moreover, you can take photos and shoot video reviews of the product, which can help increase conversion rates.
On the other hand, with low-quality products, customers often return them and demand refunds, resulting in additional costs. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a high-quality dropshipping product supplier with reasonable prices. Take the time to research and choose suitable and stable products.

Shipping costs for products

dropshipping product supplier
dropshipping product supplier
  • In business, shipping is an indispensable feature, so shipping costs are an important factor to consider in dropshipping. When you find a supplier with Free Shipping, you will increase profit margins.
  • If a dropshipping product supplier does not offer free shipping, you can increase the product price for customers. Additionally, you can advertise on your website that shipping is “free” to boost conversion rates.
  • It’s essential to note that the size of the product will affect shipping costs. When dropshipping with large and heavy products, you need to calculate shipping costs and consider profit margins carefully.

How to Establish a Return Policy?

  • In business, it’s natural that every dropshipping product supplier has its own return policy. Of course, some suppliers only accept returns for defects, while others accept returns for any reason.
  • You may also encounter some suppliers requiring an additional return fee. It’s essential to take the time to review the supplier’s return policy before making a decision.
  • Implementing the supplier’s return policy will affect your own return policy. Therefore, you need to compare and create your own return policy on your website.
  • When selling easily damaged products, you should choose a supplier with an easier and less stringent return policy.

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Establishing the Minimum Order Quantity

dropshipping product supplier
dropshipping product supplier
Currently, some dropshipping product supplier do not allow you to order individual items; they require you to place orders in minimum quantities. For example, a minimum order of 50 items at a time.
Naturally, you’ll have to purchase products to stock in your warehouse and sell gradually. However, this method can be inconvenient when you’re just starting out, and you may not have the budget to meet the minimum order requirements or to rent warehouse space.
Therefore, what you need to do is choose dropshipping product supplier that do not have minimum order quantity requirements. This means they will deliver even if you order just one item.
In reality, with such dropshipping product suppliers they often price their products higher. You’ll need to calculate and determine an appropriate selling price for customers.
Tip: You can sell each product individually to test them. If a product sells well, then consider placing larger orders (to get a discount) and stock them in your warehouse to sell gradually.

Proceeding with Questions for the Dropshipping Product Supplier Before Finalizing the Agreement

When identifying potential suppliers, it’s essential to reach out to them and ask some critical questions to assess their suitability as your partner.
dropshipping product supplier
dropshipping product supplier

How long has your business been operating?

  • Businesses that have been established for a longer duration tend to be more resilient in the market, thus often possessing a competitive edge. They also tend to have more experience in problem-solving, making fewer mistakes.
  • Additionally, new businesses may offer cheaper products but often lack experience. It’s advisable to work with partners with several years of experience.

Where are your warehouse locations?

This is a crucial factor because warehouse locations directly impact delivery times. If you’re selling in Asia but the warehouse is in Europe, delivery times will be longer.
Moreover, delivering from a different country may incur additional import taxes. Hence, knowing their warehouse locations beforehand is crucial.
dropshipping product supplier
dropshipping product supplier

Can I set the Minimum Order Quantity?

As mentioned earlier, some suppliers require a minimum order quantity. You need to assess whether it aligns with your requirements before proceeding with the agreement.

Are you a manufacturer or a reseller?

When dealing directly with manufacturers, they may fulfill orders faster at a lower cost. However, when working with resellers, order fulfillment may take longer, and reseller companies often increase product prices.

Does the business allow dropshipping?

  • This means you’re inquiring about the practice of dropshipping, where you pay the supplier, and they directly ship the product to the customer.
  • When they allow dropshipping, you can create a dropshipping account on their website, and they will guide you through the process.
  • On the other hand, if they don’t allow dropshipping, you can place large orders and rent warehouse space or use fulfillment services.
  • In this case, the fulfillment company will repackage the products, remove the supplier’s logo and information, replace it with yours, and then proceed with swift delivery.

What is the process for handling issues with orders?

How will they handle lost orders? Will they refund or send replacement products? What happens if a customer requests a refund? Where will the products be returned to?
when venturing into dropshipping, partnering with a reliable dropshipping product supplier is paramount for success. Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of thorough research and inquiry before finalizing agreements with suppliers. Factors such as product quality, shipping costs, return policies, and order handling procedures significantly impact business outcomes. By carefully selecting suppliers and establishing clear terms, businesses can streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction in the competitive dropshipping landscape.

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