Most Effective Methods to Make Money with Dropship for Beginners in 2024

Make money with dropship
With the robust growth of e-commerce platforms, make money with dropship has become a well-known option among those in the online money-making community. Many people are turning to this business model with the hope of starting a business from scratch. Let’s analyze whether this is truly feasible. In this article by Bluefocus, we will explore the most effective methods to make money with dropship for beginners.
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Methods to Make Money with Dropship – Start by Choosing the Right Products

Make money with dropship
Make money with dropship
In these money-making models, the first thing you need to do is choose the right products to sell. This decision greatly impacts the potential success of your campaign. Methods to Make Money with Dropship for Beginner, here are a few criteria you can apply:
  • Choose Trending Products: When selling products that are in high demand, these trending items typically have a short life cycle, high demand, and are often bought impulsively by customers. You can identify these products using tools like Google Trends, Semrush, Ahrefs, Keyword Planner, etc.
  • Choose Long-term Products: These are products with consistent demand throughout the year or based on quarters, months, seasons, or climate.

Methods to Make Money with Dropship: Choosing a Supplier

You need to find a reputable supplier, as they will handle the fulfillment process from production to packaging and shipping your products to customers. This is one of the challenging aspects of dropshipping.
To select the right supplier for your business, you should consider the following criteria:
  • Ensure that the product quality is maintained from packaging to delivery, and the supplier offers good return or warranty policies.
  • Choose suppliers who have local shipping providers in the production area. Therefore, you should also research the shipping service they use and whether the delivery speed meets customer expectations.
  • If you choose suppliers on international platforms like AliExpress or Amazon, you can check their reviews to make a decision.

Test the products and run Facebook Ads

Make money with dropship
Make money with dropship
After you have chosen a suitable product for your business, the next step is undoubtedly the marketing plan. When you want to build a paid traffic sales channel, Facebook is perhaps the best choice for beginners.
Regarding running Facebook ads, you may have read or can explore further in another article of mine. Methods to Make Money with Dropship when running Facebook ads that people need to pay attention to include:
  • First, choose an engagement campaign to evaluate the content and demand for the products you distribute to the target audience. With this type of campaign, you can test multiple ad contents or ad sets.
  • Limit the ad content to a maximum of $5 during the testing phase. After 2 to 3 days, you can rely on CTR to evaluate user responsiveness. If it looks promising, we can move on to the conversion or messaging step.
  • When entering the conversion or messaging campaign, use the content that has been tested previously. The maximum budget for each ad content is also $5/day. Within 3 days to 1 week, it will be the time for you to evaluate effectiveness.
  • Afterward, retain ads with high conversion rates to increase the budget. The simple way to increase the budget is to multiply the ad sets or directly increase the budget by a maximum of 35% of the total budget running in that ad set.
  • That’s all about the product testing process with Facebook ads, it’s that simple. Besides, there are still many other criteria regarding the target audience, message scripts, landing pages, etc.

Furthermore, if you are new to this, you may consider using Bluefocus‘s Facebook agency account rental service. We will assist you in achieving the business strategies outlined.

Methods to Make Money with Dropship When Using Online Stores

Make money with dropship
Make money with dropship
You must remember one crucial thing: Your store is where you convince users to make a purchase decision. Therefore, it can also be considered as a landing page. For international dropshipping business platforms, you can build your own store on websites set up on that dropshipping platform. In some cases, like setting up a store on Shop Base, Shopify, Amazon, etc.
To build a store that can attract customers, you need to ensure the following criteria:
  • Product synchronization within the store with what has been shown in the advertising content.
  • Avoid using pop-ups to create a sense of urgency or scarcity like countdown clocks.
  • All information must be truthful and transparent. Do not create fake discount codes or virtual promotions compared to reality.
  • Provide comprehensive information about products, purchasing policies, payment, and user privacy protection when accessing.
  • Build an attractive and engaging store design. If possible, videos can provide more vivid and visual content.
  • Use call-to-action phrases to encourage purchases or to leave information from users. However, do not abuse this.


Bluefocus believes that to make money with dropship, creating an engaging and trustworthy online store is essential. By ensuring product synchronization, truthful information, and an appealing design, you can attract and retain customers effectively. With our expertise and services, We is committed to helping you implement successful strategies and achieve your business goals in the dropshipping industry

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