101 Easy Ways to Establish Return Policy in Dropshipping 2024

Return Policy In Dropshipping
Running an online store selling dropshipping products necessitates crafting a return policy. This not only enhances customer trust but also can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. Certainly, no business desires product returns, as they entail time-consuming processing and additional shipping costs. However, establishing a return policy is unavoidable.
Even for local stores, customers should have the option to return items if they are unsatisfactory. This could be due to size or color mismatches, defects, damages, or expired products. In this Bluefocus article, we’ll provide you with easy methods to set up return policy in dropshipping. According to a survey, 85% of customers deem return policies crucial when making purchasing decisions.

The Reasons for Having a Return Policy In Dropshipping When Doing Business Online

A return policy informs customers about the steps they need to take to return items and receive refunds. By clearly outlining your return policy, you can avoid unnecessary disputes. It’s essential to clearly state in which cases you allow product returns.
If you’ve ever thought that creating these seemingly complex policy pages isn’t worth your time, it’s time to reconsider. According to Bluefocus research, the return rate for online purchases can be as high as 30%, compared to just 8.89% for traditional stores.
This can also vary depending on the niche market for dropshipping. Furthermore, 85% of customers say they would repurchase if the return process is simple. And 60% of customers say they consider the return policy before making a purchase.
While many businesses may feel pressed for time and tempted to skip this step by not creating a return policy, establishing one in dropshipping is essential. Make the effort. A return policy will help increase conversion rates, enhance professionalism, and provide clear guidelines for customers to follow when returning items.
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping

The Contents to Include in a Return Policy for Dropshipping

You need to provide the following information for your customers:
  • What happens if the customer receives a damaged product?
  • What if the customer wants to return the product?
  • Do customers need to contact the shop before returning items?
  • What if the customer wants to cancel an order?
  • How many days are allowed for returns?
  • Who will cover the shipping costs for returns?
  • Can customers return items and exchange for a different size?
  • Below is a sample policy that you can adjust accordingly.
When you’re in dropshipping, handling returns can be a bit challenging. Since you don’t own any inventory and dealing with shipments from China to the USA can be complicated. However, dropshipping has evolved, and solutions have been developed for this issue. When you partner with intermediary companies like AppScenic, you can easily select suppliers located in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. This makes it convenient to handle return policy matters. Furthermore, AppScenic also helps you select quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce return rates.

Regulations Regarding Products in the Return Policy.

Naturally, you shouldn’t allow returns for every product, such as those based on subjective reasons like ‘not liking it’. This could significantly impact the profitability of your business.
Therefore, in dropshipping, it’s essential to align with the return policies of your suppliers to create your store’s return.
For example, on AppScenic, you can easily find the return policy of the supplier by clicking on Return Policy.

Return Policy In Dropshipping

Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
According to the example provided, they allow returns for damaged products, incorrect quantity placed, wrong product selection, or products not as described. If a customer wants to return an item, they will contact you, and you can handle it directly on the AppScenic interface, which is relatively convenient.

Regulations Regarding Return Period?

When customers make a purchase, how many days do they have to return the item from the date of receiving it? For many stores, they allow return periods of 10 days, 25 days, or even 40 days.
What you need to do is take note of that information and post it on your store accordingly. If the supplier allows returns within 20 days from receiving the product, you can set a shorter timeframe, such as 5 days or 10 days.
In some regions, there are stricter rules. In Europe, for example, customers are entitled to cancel and return items within 14 days, without providing any reason.

Conditions for Returning Products

Firstly, you need to review the supplier’s policy. After understanding the return policy, you can establish your own return conditions for the store.
To do this, answer the following questions:
  • In the case of a damaged product, does the customer need to provide photo evidence?
  • In the case of a damaged product, does the customer need to return the item?
  • If there was a delivery error, will they receive a replacement product?
  • Can customers return products if they are not satisfied with them?
  • Are discounted products eligible for returns?
From there, you just need to align with the supplier’s policies to write your own. However, if you source products from multiple suppliers, consolidate the policies.
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping

Refund Policy Process

There are several methods for processing refunds. You can refund directly to their account, offer them a store discount code, or provide a replacement product of similar value.
For those doing dropshipping, you also need to align with your supplier’s refund policy. You can mimic their policy.
In cases where the supplier requires approval, if the returned product is too damaged, they might not refund you.
Let’s also take a look at a sample return policy
[Store Name]’s Return Policy
1.Return Eligibility
To be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must have purchased an item sold on [Store Name].
Our return policy lasts for [Number of Days] days after purchase. If more than [Number of Days] days have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.
The item being returned must be in the same condition as you received it. It must be unused and sent back in the original packaging. If it is not, no or only a partial refund will be granted.
The following items are non-returnable:
  • Software
  • Gift cards
  • Items on sale
  • [Other Products]
2. Return Process
Once your return is received, we will notify you. The package and its contents will be inspected, and we will let you know whether the return is approved or rejected within [Decision Timeframe] business days.
If the return is approved, we will send you funds equal to the purchase amount to the payment method used during checkout.
If you have any questions during the return process, please contact us at [EMAIL].
If the item you’ve received is damaged or defective, we can arrange an exchange for you. If you want to exchange your item, please send us an email and send your item to: [Supplier Address].
To return a product, you should send us an email at [EMAIL], and send your product to: [Supplier Address].
Shipping fees for return items are your responsibility, and you must pay for them. Your order’s shipping costs are non-refundable. If you paid for shipping in your order, these costs will be deducted from your refund.
If you’re shipping items worth over $50, please consider shipping the package using a track & trace number or purchasing shipping insurance. We can’t guarantee that we will receive your item.
5.Customer Service
For questions, support, problems, or warranty claims, please contact us by email at [EMAIL].
Note: This is just a sample for your reference; feel free to adjust it to suit your needs. Remember, this template is not legal advice, and you assume any associated risks.

Setting Up a Return Policy Page with WooCommerce

With WooCommerce, once you complete the setup, a ‘Refund and Returns Policy’ page will be automatically created for you
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
After that, you can edit this page to make it suitable for your needs. Alternatively, you can delete all its content and copy the template I provided into it.
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Next, when you install Astra, they have already set it up for you, so you don’t need to search for the menu and insert it again.
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Return Policy In Dropshipping
Bluefocus offers comprehensive insights into establishing an effective Return Policy in Dropshipping. By understanding the importance of clear guidelines, aligning with supplier policies, and leveraging platforms like WooCommerce and Astra, businesses can enhance customer trust and satisfaction. With Bluefocus’s guidance, navigating return processes becomes seamless, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

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