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find products to sell on Shopify
In the continuous development of the eCommerce platform, Shopify emerges as a potential platform for businesses to maximize profits. Are you looking to start a business and optimize your profits? Unsure how to find products to sell on Shopify?
In this Bluefocus article, we provide you with methods to find products to sell on Shopify, helping you safely enter the Shopify market. With Shopify, you have the freedom to choose the types of products you want to sell. Moreover, you can be more flexible in sourcing your products.
Always keep your Shopify store updated with new products. To keep your business ahead of the trends, you must stay informed about new and potential products. With that in mind, here are the top places to find products to sell on Shopify. Take note of these valuable sources and make it a habit to visit and browse these sites to get new product ideas for your online store.
Let’s dive in!

Using Google to Find Products to Sell on Shopify

find products to sell on Shopify
find products to sell on Shopify
When it comes to finding products to sell on Shopify, Google is an excellent starting point, especially if you’re unsure where to begin. The power of Google in discovering new potential products cannot be denied.
For example, if you’re looking to sell fashion bags on Shopify, you can enter keywords like “fashion bag dropshipping suppliers,” “fashion bag suppliers near me,” or “fashion suppliers in [your location]” to get relevant results. By analyzing the search results, you can easily find numerous companies or websites providing the information you need. This way, you can broaden your research to see what types of products these suppliers offer.
Using Google is a straightforward method to find products to sell on Shopify. Although it may seem simple, a Google search can sometimes lead you to excellent suppliers with impressive products you might not have known about before.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify Through Online Forums

find products to sell on Shopify
find products to sell on Shopify
In addition to using Google for product ideas to sell on Shopify, leveraging the power of online business forums can be a significant advantage. These online spaces offer valuable opportunities to connect with experts and fellow entrepreneurs who might have insights that you don’t.
By participating in online communities, not only can you find suitable products, but you can also gain a wealth of knowledge about running a business on Shopify. Moreover, you can browse popular online discussion forums such as Reddit or Quora to find similar questions related to your interests. Additionally, joining relevant Discord channels, Telegram groups, Facebook groups, or other online communities can provide you with the latest updates and allow you to discuss new ideas with others.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify Through B2B Marketplaces

Currently, B2B marketplaces are among the best places for businesses to find products to sell on Shopify. These marketplaces allow you to easily search for manufacturers offering a wide range of products you are looking for, thereby addressing the challenge of scattered products from different manufacturers. Besides, they can provide a specific product and a solution for your product sourcing needs.
These platforms often have useful tools to simplify the product search process. B2B marketplaces boast a vast network of thousands of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, making your search process much easier. Additionally, with helpful tools, you can easily filter out suppliers that match your criteria.
Moreover, B2B marketplaces enable you to connect directly with manufacturers and inquire about products and services.
You can find products to sell on Shopify on the following marketplaces: Websites like AliExpress and DHgate offer a wide variety of products from manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. Browse their catalogs, connect with suppliers, and negotiate deals.
Some dropshipping platforms like Spocket and Modalyst integrate directly with Shopify and provide access to thousands of products from dropshipping suppliers. You can seamlessly import products into your Shopify store and automate order fulfillment.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify Through Social Media

find products to sell on Shopify
find products to sell on Shopify
Some people might not consider social media as a place to find new products or suppliers. However, this is a misconception because social media platforms have massive user traffic. If you’re not using social media to find new products, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with potential new suppliers.
Many suppliers today are focusing on building their social media following. They are growing their communities on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Discord. By following and engaging with these suppliers’ social profiles, you can get the latest updates on their new products and also seek support from other group members or their customer service teams.
Additionally, these social platforms allow you to verify the legitimacy of the suppliers. A professional, frequently updated social profile with an active community is a good indication of a reliable supplier.
Another advantage is that if you show interest in Shopify dropshipping through your social media activities, platforms like Facebook will notice and start showing relevant ads in your news feed. This way, you’ll be able to see suppliers running ads on these platforms and stay updated on discounts and attractive offers.
In conclusion, using social media is an effective strategy to find products to sell on Shopify, connect with reliable suppliers, and stay informed about the latest trends and offers in your niche.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify Through E-Commerce Trade Shows

find products to sell on Shopify
find products to sell on Shopify
You should know that e-commerce trade shows are an excellent way to find products to sell on Shopify. Trade shows offer a rewarding approach where you can connect with suppliers from nearby regions or even other countries.
Not only do trade shows help you find new suppliers and products, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to stay updated on new technologies and industry developments. You can learn new things about product manufacturing, observe future trends, and get inspired!
Finally, trade shows provide a unique chance to expand your product search beyond the screen and interact with the real people working on the supply side.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify by Analyzing Competitors

To ensure your business stands firm in the market, keeping an eye on your competitors is essential in any survival guide for business. Once you’ve identified the methods for finding products to sell on Shopify that suit your business, you should build ideas about the type or category of products you want to sell. Then, research as a regular customer to see which competitors are offering those products.
Once you have a list of competitors, regularly check their new releases and updates. This helps you and your business stay current and competitive in finding products to sell on Shopify.

Finding Products to Sell on Shopify Through Online Retail Marketplaces

Today, retail marketplaces are at the forefront of finding products to sell on Shopify. These platforms are where customers go to find what they need. Furthermore, with the help of analytical tools, you can easily identify best-selling products in your Shopify store’s niche.
Use product research tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, or AMZScout to spot trending products, analyze market demand, and uncover profitable opportunities across various niches.

Sourcing Products Locally

find products to sell on Shopify
find products to sell on Shopify
When you’re interested in selling custom-designed products like bags, hats, clothing, accessories, or home decor, consider using print-on-demand services. Companies like Printful, Printify, and Gooten integrate with Shopify and allow you to create and sell custom products without upfront inventory costs.
Reach out to local suppliers and manufacturers: Source products to sell on Shopify from local manufacturers, artisans, or wholesalers in your area. Attend trade shows, visit local markets, or connect with other business owners to discover unique products you can sell on Shopify.
Find Local Artisans and Craftsmen: Collaborate with local artisans, craftsmen, or small businesses to sell their handmade products on your Shopify store. This is a great way to offer unique, locally-made products that appeal to your target audience.
Bluefocus helps you find products to sell on Shopify by leveraging diverse methods such as online forums, B2B marketplaces, social media, trade shows, competitor analysis, and local sourcing. By utilizing these strategies, you can discover unique and profitable products to enhance your Shopify store’s offerings and stay competitive in the market.

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