Top 3 Strategies for Finding Target Audience on Facebook & How to Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Have you ever wondered how to enhance the effectiveness of finding target audience on Facebook?
With billions of users active on the Facebook social network each month, advertising competition on Facebook is undoubtedly a significant challenge. To tackle this challenge, you need a clear understanding of your business, brand, and products to pinpoint your exact target audience. From there, you can devise strategies for finding target audience on Facebook, leading to breakthroughs in your business.
In this article, Bluefocus will introduce you to target audiences on Facebook. Facebook provides a total of three tools for targeting your audience – core audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience. Let’s start with the basics of advertising on Facebook and then dive into the best techniques for finding target audience on Facebook.

Types of Facebook Ads

1. Image Ads

Image ads are one of the most basic and effective forms of advertising on Facebook. If you have a limited budget, image ads are the best choice. To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

2. Video Ads on Facebook

This is a flexible advertising format that can display products in a diverse way and often appears on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, you can learn more about creating the most effective Facebook video ads.

3. Carousel Ads on Facebook

Carousel ads on Facebook are a popular advertising format on the platform. It can contain up to 10 images or videos, allowing detailed information about multiple products and creating a rich viewing experience for users. To attract your target audience, create carousel ads on Facebook in a creative and engaging way.

4. Store Ads on Facebook

This type of ad contains a main image/video and displays multiple products below the ad. You can display this type of ad in the Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, and Instagram Stories.
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Finding Target Audience on Facebook

Methods for Finding Target Audience on Facebook

Prioritize Core Audience when Starting a Campaign

During the initial phase of a business campaign, the seller’s needs should focus on exposure and traffic. The targeting scope of the core audience is relatively broad, which can help sellers quickly reach new customers.
In the Ads Manager, you can target the audience based on criteria such as country, age, gender, or target ads based on interests on Facebook at the ad set level, saving ad group settings to complete the core audience creation process. By applying relevant interests, you can start from situations involving product usage, usage time, target audience, and materials used.
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Facebook performs precise location targeting through user IP tracking, with the location radius potentially narrowing down to as little as 10 miles. Demographic parameters for finding target audience on Facebook include age, gender, language, demographics, interests, and behaviors, which you can filter through Saved Audiences.
Furthermore, when selecting interests, behaviors, and user statistics for finding target audience on Facebook, it’s crucial to create multiple test audiences to further enhance the alignment between the audience and the advertisement.

Utilizing Custom Audiences for Finding Target Audience on Facebook

When utilizing Custom Audiences for finding target audience on Facebook, you can reconnect with individuals who have interacted with your business on both desktop and mobile devices (such as visiting your Facebook page, clicking on call-to-action buttons, saving posts, sending messages, making purchases, etc.).
These customers are already familiar with your business, and re-engagement can deepen their impression of your brand and drive further conversions. In summary, Custom Audiences are typically used in the middle and later stages of marketing campaigns. Specific:
  1. Finding Target Audience on Facebook at Different Stages of Marketing Channel through Segmentation
  2. Utilizing upsell and cross-sell features for existing customers is another effective strategy in finding target audience on Facebook. The purpose of upselling is to encourage consumers to purchase higher-priced products, upgrade product packages, or invest in premium versions of products. Cross-selling aims to persuade customers to add additional accessories and related products to their purchase, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of the order value.
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
  • Filtering Users with Purchase Intent and Customizing Target Audience for Finding Target Audience on Facebook
  • To identify users with purchase intent for future marketing activities, you can filter them based on parameters such as frequency of engagement with marketing activities.
However, it’s important to exclude customers who have already converted from new target users. You can customize your audience through the following three levels:
  • Aggregate Customer Lists: Users who have made purchases, subscribed on the website, etc. (collectible through tools like Mailchimp).
  • Utilize Facebook Data Sources: Data of users who have interacted with the brand (interactions include video views, potential customer form submissions, Facebook homepage visits, Instagram homepage visits, etc.).
  • Website Customization: Visitor behavior events and retention time (collected through Facebook Pixel).

Using Lookalike Audiences to Reach New Customers

Lookalike audiences, similar to custom audiences, are primarily used in the middle and later stages of advertising for finding target audience on Facebook. By creating lookalike audiences similar to your current customers, you can target user groups with higher conversion rates.

Once you’ve customized at least one audience group, you can further modify parameters such as location and group size of lookalike audiences based on Facebook Pixel data.

For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s advisable to use the most important business metrics as a basis when selecting source audiences, control the scale of lookalike audiences between 1,500-40,000 people, and use as few conditions as possible for preferences and behaviors for feasibility.

Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Besides adjusting the types of audiences according to the business stage, it’s crucial to avoid audience overlap. This can also lead to Your Facebook Advertising Isn’t Effective, resulting in wasted ad spend. When multiple ad sets in your account participate in the same auction, the system will automatically select the ad set with the best performance in the past.
To avoid audience overlap, you can check for overlap in the Ads Manager tool – Audience section, or when assigning target audiences, try to keep the filtering conditions non-overlapping.
Additionally, choosing services for renting Facebook agency accounts at Bluefocus is also an option. We will assist you in addressing issues related to targeting the audience on Facebook for the most effective advertising results.
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
Finding Target Audience on Facebook
In conclusion:
Bluefocus specializes in optimizing the process of finding target audience on Facebook. With our expertise in digital marketing and advanced targeting strategies, we help businesses identify and reach their ideal audience effectively. By leveraging our services, businesses can enhance their online presence, drive engagement, and increase conversions on the Facebook platform.
We is committed to delivering tailored solutions that maximize the impact of your marketing efforts, ensuring that you connect with the right audience and achieve your business objectives. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of Facebook advertising and reaching new heights of success.

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