Is it necessary to purchase Dropshipping courses? Effective self-learning strategies for running Dropshipping ads in 2024

Dropshipping courses
Currently, there is a high demand for learning Dropshipping for business purposes. In this article by Bluefocus, we will reveal everything you need to know about these “experts,” why they sell Dropshipping courses, and methods for your success without spending money on those expensive courses.
We have been involved in the Dropshipping course market for quite some time, observing students come and go, some succeeding, some failing, and also watching many other experts selling courses…
Therefore, I am confident that I can provide an accurate perspective on the issue of these paid Dropshipping courses.
Let’s find out more together.

Is joining the Dropshipping market as easy as many “experts” advertise?

  • We will put “experts” in double quotes because in reality, they may not be genuine experts. Not only in the dropshipping market, but in many other fields, you have heard phrases like: breakthrough business methods, earning thousands of dollars overnight, building an automatic money-making machine, making money while sleeping…
  • You must understand that earning millions of dollars is not easy. Some businesses in the dropshipping market have achieved that. However, it’s not easy at all. It’s quite exhausting, you have to optimize the website for a whole month before having a chance of profit.
  • The Dropshipping market is not as easy as some advertising experts claim. You need to have many factors come together, including: timing, capital, diligence, experience, and luck, in order to succeed.
  • What you need to note is that we still use the phrase “it’s possible”, which means there’s still a chance of failure even if you try your best. Because in business, there are many risks, influenced by many external factors, subjective and objective.
Dropshipping courses
Dropshipping courses

The reason why these fake experts sell Dropshipping courses

This is something you can easily notice. Not all course sellers are scammers, but nowadays, good people are rare, while bad people are plentiful.
Have you heard that a Facebook Chatbot course costs up to $2,000? I heard from a friend who joined that course and regretted it. Actually, I mastered Chatbot with free information on the internet in just one week.
There are many VLoggers with very good channels, providing useful knowledge completely free, like Bluefocus. But there are also scammers (a relatively large number). And it’s very difficult for newbies to distinguish.
The reason they sell Dropshipping courses is because it brings them a lot of profit. And the profit exceeds what they earn in dropshipping.

How much do they earn from selling Dropshipping courses?

  • Let’s consider the case of a YouTube channel with 50,000 subscribers. Assuming 0.2% of them buy the course, that’s 100 buyers per month.
  • Let’s say the course is priced at $300. So, they would earn $30,000 per month. Sometimes their extravagance comes from the money they make selling these Dropshipping courses.
  • Meanwhile, as their subscriber count increases steadily every day, they earn more money because more and more people are joining Dropshipping:
  • This would make you believe that you’ll succeed if you join the course. However, the dropout rate of students is relatively high. If they sell courses for a few tens of dollars, they might be legitimate, but selling courses for hundreds of dollars is a scam.
Dropshipping courses
Dropshipping courses

Many fake experts boast about their success to lure customers.

You can see that many fake experts post photos of their supposedly profitable accounts (which are often faked using Photoshop). This makes you believe that they are making profits in the Dropshipping market, and you can do the same.
The easiest way for them to deceive customers is by falsifying account figures. You can press F12 on Chrome, then press Ctrl F, and you can change the figures as you wish.
Some cases have been caught red-handed when creating falsified figures:
  • Some figures may indeed be true. For example, $10,000 a month sounds impressive, but that’s revenue, not profit.
  • They might have spent $2,000 a month on advertising, or even $4,000 a month on advertising. Their actual profit could be quite low, or even negative.

So, is it worth spending money to buy Dropshipping courses?

Dropshipping courses
Dropshipping courses
Finally, it’s time to answer the question after exploring some information. So, should you buy paid Dropshipping courses? Perhaps you can answer that yourself: of course not.
You have to understand that Dropshipping is a business, it’s not free. Therefore, what you need to do is invest in a domain, hosting, sourcing, design, plugins, apps, conversion optimization tools, Email Marketing tools… that alone can cost thousands of dollars.
Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on buying Dropshipping courses unnecessarily, use the money to buy a domain, buy hosting, buy website optimization tools, and run ads, or do SEO.
Instead of spending thousands of USD on a few Dropshipping courses, and then being upsold a few more times after studying, costing several thousand dollars, we advise you to learn free knowledge (there are many reputable sources).
Use that money to hire content writers, then within just one year, you’ll have a website ready to help you generate profits.

Enhance your ability to self-learn, self-practice, and accumulate experience

The Dropshipping market is a business, in business, people learn from failures, and gradually accumulate successful experiences for themselves. From there, the most successful entrepreneurs, they didn’t learn from any classroom.
Learn skills such as setting up and optimizing your store, then you should learn by yourself, there are plenty of resources on the internet for you to self-learn (mostly in English), and you can share it with everyone.
For advanced skills such as business, negotiation, product creation, team building… you should learn here: That’s advanced knowledge, when you’ve had some success, consider learning to level up, but for newbies, it’s not very effective.
Attend eCommerce events, where many e-commerce and dropshipping business owners gather, to learn directly from them. This is the experience that will lead you to success. And their costs are very, very cheap.
Much cheaper than those Dropshipping courses worth thousands of dollars that the “fake experts” advertise.
Dropshipping courses
Dropshipping courses

Free and Highly Effective Dropshipping Learning Methods

  • At Bluefocus, we provide comprehensive Dropshipping knowledge, sharing insights from our own experiences, as well as knowledge gained from top experts.
  • We carefully select articles from genuine experts (those with a voice at world-class events) for your reference.
  • We do not sell Dropshipping courses. Because I have seen many enthusiastic individuals join courses, only to lose motivation when they don’t succeed.
  • Some have succeeded and come back to thank me, but there are quite a few who have failed, due to various factors…


Bluefocus believes that while Dropshipping courses may offer structured guidance, success in the field requires a combination of self-learning, practical experience, and continuous adaptation. Our platform prioritizes providing valuable, free resources and insights from both personal experiences and top industry experts. We advocate for individuals to invest their time and effort wisely, focusing on acquiring knowledge and skills that empower them to thrive in the competitive world of Dropshipping.

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