Top 3 Most Popular Google Form Advertising Methods | Google Ads Update 2024

Google Form Advertising
On the Google platform, there are numerous advertisers from various industries seeking high-quality potential customers through search engines, aiming to attract both registered users and website visitors. This is a crucial business objective throughout the entire marketing process.
In this article, Bluefocus will introduce you to various types of Google Form advertising, helping attract more intent-driven customers. We’ll provide advertisers with essential information such as user names, phone numbers, and emails more directly and easily. Additionally, we’ll clarify the differences and application scenarios of three form advertising methods, assisting you in choosing a suitable advertising campaign based on your business goals. Dive in now!

The concept of Google form advertising

The concept of Google form advertising involves utilizing online forms, such as those provided by Google Forms, as a means to promote products or services and capture valuable customer information. Instead of traditional ad formats like banners or pop-ups, form advertising integrates marketing messages seamlessly within the structure of a form, often offering incentives or valuable content in exchange for user participation.
Google Form advertising typically includes various types of forms, such as surveys, quizzes, contact forms, or lead generation forms, strategically designed to engage users while collecting data relevant to the advertiser’s objectives.
These forms are distributed across different digital channels, including websites, social media platforms, and email campaigns, to reach the target audience effectively.Enhance advertising effectiveness by staying updated on Google Ads trends.

Google Form advertising to find potential customers

During the process of users searching for companies, products, and services on Google, you can reach users by placing Google Form advertising to find potential customers. Attracting users to click on your placed ads, forms containing pre-set questions will be expanded to collect customer information.
  • Types of potential customer form advertising: There are two types of advertising for potential customer forms: one type is displayed as additional information and applies to campaigns; The other type is the potential customer form used directly as an advertising style. This type is currently only open for BETA version. Please contact your Google account manager to apply to open the whitelist.
  • Scope of use: Google Search, customers logged in on mobile devices.
  • Form creation: You can download potential customer information as a CSV file or you can set up a web hook to send data information received to your customer management system in real-time.
Google Form Advertising
Google Form Advertising

Google Forms Discovery Ads

Using Google Forms Discovery Ads, customers only need to click on the ad in Gmail to expand the form set to collect customer information for advertisers. Discovery ads are currently in the testing phase. When you want to use them, you can contact your Google account manager to apply to whitelist.
Scope of use: Currently only applicable to Gmail and clients logged in on mobile devices.

Best setup for this advertising format:

  • Set up a new Discovery campaign.
  • Create a bidding strategy to maximize conversions on Google Ads or target CPA bidding.
  • Your campaign must include at least one ad group.
  • Set up Google Form advertising potential customer ads in your campaign.
  • Set up an ad group containing only one single-image ad for the discovery activity.

Setting up Google Forms potential customer action ads on YouTube

You can use potential customer form information in video campaigns to help you collect more valuable customer information. Users can submit forms directly while the video is playing, significantly reducing the required steps from clicking on the ad to submitting information, thereby reducing abandonment rates.
Currently, the following conditions must be met to use the potential function:
In case the Total spending in Google Ads exceeds $40,000. If the advertiser’s account is managed in a currency other than USD, spending will be converted to USD using the monthly average exchange rate for that currency.
All must comply with google advertising policies. Policy violations can lead to “Google Ads Account Is Temporarily Suspended“, disrupting your marketing campaigns.
Google Form Advertising
Google Form Advertising

Ways to improve advertising performance with Google Form Advertising Methods:

  1. Set an appropriate budget: Your budget should be at least 22 times the CPA bid to receive enough conversions per day. To control your budget, you can use the advanced conversion tracking feature in Google Ads.
  2. Flexibility in material selection: Videos should be 12-32 seconds long with a clear theme, combined with a form title and clear call-to-action, to encourage users to complete the form submission process.
  3. Set appropriate bids: You can use TCPA or set a maximum conversion bidding strategy.
  4. Use appropriate language: Ensure your targeting language matches the language of the potential customer form.
Google Form Advertising
Google Form Advertising
By using potential customer forms, you can choose different types of forms based on your needs: “Higher Intent” or “Higher Volume”. The “Higher Intent” form completes more steps and is more accurate with users but collects less. The “Higher Volume” form is the opposite.

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