What is Google Ads? Top 3 Tips for Beginners to Start Google Ads

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Have you ever wondered how to set up a Google account in the initial stages? What exactly are Google Ads? How do you use Google Analytics? How can you ensure initial traffic stability? What is optimization score? And how do you choose and craft ad content effectively?
In this article, Bluefocus will address these queries. Here are three tips based on the best practices of Google ads and years of distribution experience!
Let’s get started right away!

Setting up a Google Ads account structure

Setting up a sensible Google advertising account is the cornerstone of a business’s advertising campaign success. For a Google Ads account, building a robust and logical advertising structure is like laying a strong foundation for a skyscraper to rise from the ground. You can achieve this by utilizing Bluefocus’s Google account rental service.
Regular data analysis, and even optimization post-account setup, is essential for daily ad management.

Choosing Ad Types and Target Audience

  • When initially starting to create a Google Ads account, accumulating data and establishing traffic flow is often required for new Google accounts.
  • Selecting advertising objectives and Google Form Advertising to attract traffic is crucial. For instance, in the initial stages of the account, you might choose “website traffic” as your objective and focus on search and display image ads.

Setting Appropriate Bidding Strategies on Google

You may not know that overly aggressive bidding strategies can impact traffic flow. In the early stages of setting up your Google Ads account, it’s often best to rely on Google’s smart bidding system and align it with the business’s goals to form an optimized allocation model in Google Ads.
Bidding strategies could include “maximizing clicks” initially as you wait for the account to accumulate data. Once a certain threshold of data is reached, corresponding bidding strategies such as maximizing conversions on Google Ads or “target return on ad spend” for intelligent bidding can be selected.
You can read more about some comparative examples below:
Depending on your actual business situation, specific activities can be flexibly adjusted.
google ads
google ads

Building Relevant Google Ads Content

google ads
google ads
As a decisive factor in Google advertising, ad content is the first impression users have of the advertised product or service.
So, how can you create engaging ad content? Let’s explore:

Craft Compelling Headlines and Descriptions

Google Ads headlines are the first thing users see. Ensure that the ad content in both the headline and description is closely tied to keywords to enhance ad relevance. Understanding user preferences can significantly improve ad effectiveness. Additionally, use specific calls to action to boost user interaction.

Incorporate Relevant Ad Extensions

Ad extensions make your ads more engaging and provide useful information about your business. The higher the quality of your extensions, the more likely your ads will meet specific user needs. Consider adding at least four types of ad extensions. We recommend including image extensions, website link extensions, promotion extensions, and business service extensions.

Utilize at Least One High-Performing Search Ad in the Ad Group

According to our statistics, after advertisers improved the effectiveness of their search ads from “poor” to “excellent,” conversions and Google Ads click-through rates increased by an average of 10%.

Track Ad Performance, Continuously Test, and Iterate

Regular testing allows you to determine whether optimization is selective based on quality scores. Continuously optimize keywords and ad content to improve ad relevance, expected click-through rates, and landing page experience.
setting google ads
setting google ads
To conduct accurate and comprehensive data analysis using Google Analytics,
  • Tt’s crucial to have linked your Google Advertising and Google Analytics accounts. Ensure that you have inputted goal conversion numbers, business transaction times, as well as cost and conversion data, all presented clearly.
setting google ads
setting google ads
  • You should regularly monitor Google Analytics campaigns, ads, keywords, shopping behaviors, and other pages to gain further insights into website interactions, keyword performance, and the loss of the purchasing process.
setting google ads
setting google ads
  • Setting up secondary dimensions helps to understand specific data such as target audience segments, keywords, devices, etc., in preparation for remarketing.
setting google ads
setting google ads
Harnessing the power of Google Ads requires meticulous attention to detail and strategic planning. By leveraging Bluefocus‘s expertise, businesses can unlock the full potential of their advertising campaigns. we offer comprehensive solutions, from setting up Google Ads accounts to analyzing data with precision in Google Analytics.
With a keen focus on optimizing ad content, targeting the right audience, and continuously refining strategies, we empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online advertising.

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