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Facebook Advertising Trends

Are you keeping up with Facebook advertising trends? Unsure which Facebook ad platform to focus on? In this fast-paced technological era, with the widespread internet access globally and the advent of Industry 4.0, e-commerce platforms have become increasingly enticing for advertising businesses.

We are witnessing a generation full of potential and creativity, leading to constant evolution and change in Facebook advertising trends. In this article, BlueFocus aims to help you stay ahead and navigate the ever-changing landscape of Facebook advertising trends, enabling you to create ads that reach your target audience and enhance your business strategy’s effectiveness.

What causes Facebook advertising costs to increase?

Let’s delve into the following three factors:

Economic supply-demand relationship

In the digital age, there are over 6 million advertisers on Facebook. When advertisers exceed available ad slots, demand surpasses supply, leading to increased advertising costs.

Holiday season advertising costs surge

According to BlueFocus statistics for the first quarter of 2024, an increasing number of brands are promoting holiday-themed products and special offers on this platform. Festive seasons attract seasonal spenders, but for year-round advertisers, this period demands a significant increase in investment. Explore more about Facebook advertising costs to delve deeper into this issue.

Political factors also influence advertising costs, impacting Facebook Advertising Trends.

During election years in the United States, politicians from all parties advertise across all states, districts, and counties. Facebook becomes their top choice due to its extensive reach. When you notice Facebook advertising costs higher than usual, politics could be a contributing factor to the shifting .

Advertising on Facebook prioritizes mobile devices.

While not a specific Facebook advertising trends, it’s crucial to acknowledge its growing significance as users increasingly favor smartphones over laptops or desktops. When crafting ads, prioritizing mobile optimization is imperative.
Billionaire Elon Musk asserts that mobile advertising constitutes 85% of total revenue on e-commerce platforms, a staggering figure. With more users accessing Facebook and Instagram via mobile devices than ever before, our primary consideration should be creating ads with a mobile-first approach.
Facebook Advertising Trends
Facebook Advertising Trends
To quickly catch up with the latest Facebook advertising trends, you can opt for Bluefocus‘s Facebook agency account rental service. Explore our offerings here to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of Facebook advertising.

Utilizing visually appealing ad images on Facebook

Previously, visual imagery has always played a crucial role in advertising, but now, it’s prioritized even more and must be mobile-friendly. We aim for our ads to captivate users as they scroll through their news feeds or Instagram, compelling them to pause, engage, and read through our ads.
Recently, Facebook announced standardizing image sizes across all ad placements. The current standard ratios are 5:4 (vertical), but the square 1:1 format also performs well on mobile devices, for both images and videos.

Regarding Ad Copy Length

Facebook advertising trends necessitate standardizing the dimensions of these images, also extending the image ratio slightly. This reduces the amount of text above the image on mobile devices from 7 lines to 3 before the “See More” prompt appears. Therefore, it’s best to capture attention with one or two opening lines in your ad copy. Lead with your brand or product messaging.
Facebook Advertising Trends
Facebook Advertising Trends
The key is to Customize ad layouts for each placement. In Ads Manager, you can preview each ad you’re creating. If the preview isn’t as desired, you can make adjustments. You can even create different versions for mobile devices and desktops if necessary. On desktop, there’s also a “See More” button, but more text will be displayed upfront.
Facebook Advertising Trends
Facebook Advertising Trends
If necessary, you can also opt for a copy as long as a tweet. In this case, you don’t need to use the “See More” feature.
In summary, while longer text can be more effective, it requires people to invest more money or time. For example, when advertising to sell something or hoping people will sign up for a one-hour-long lecture, etc. Every advertiser must find the advertising format that best suits them through continuous A/B testing on Facebook, staying aligned with the latest Facebook Advertising Trends.

Syncing with Instagram

This is Facebook advertising trends. When you select Automatic Placements, the system allows Facebook to place your ads across various Facebook platforms, including Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, Instant Articles, etc. Nowadays, Instagram is gaining popularity and its share of advertising is increasing.
When using ‘All Placements’, remember to check the detailed placement distribution in Ads Manager and know exactly where your ads are being distributed. Utilizing this method will help you target a broader and more effective audience on Facebook.

Utilizing videos is a Facebook advertising trends.

  • While using video ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram is not new, they are becoming increasingly prevalent. To better understand this trend, these platforms are placing video stories on Facebook in a prominent position on mobile devices. In the near future, some even speculate that Facebook will lean towards video advertising.
  • The trend in Facebook advertising encourages users to create videos for platform video ads. According to statistics, video views on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are astonishing every day, for entertainment and shopping purposes.
  • One thing we are certain about is making people accustomed to consuming video content. Therefore, we should prioritize creating Facebook video ads for our marketing campaigns and prioritize them on mobile devices.

Facebook advertising trends through live video streaming

Facebook Advertising Trends
Facebook Advertising Trends
Live streaming platforms are increasingly popular as an advertising medium across social media platforms such as KOLs, KOCs, etc. Additionally, you can also independently assess the impact of different time slots. When you want to convey a small piece of advice to everyone or launch a new product, you need to be clear about your goals. What do you want to achieve? Why are you doing this? Who are you talking to? What type of marketing are you doing? Longer live streams can be an effective form of marketing for those who have watched your other videos.

Custom Audience feature for video engagement

Typically, we can create groups based on the amount of time users spend watching videos. When we have a 3-minute video and someone watches 80% of that video, those viewers are highly engaged. In such cases, we can create a custom audience for users who have watched for an extended period and create lookalike audiences based on them, which will be more beneficial for the next conversion rate.
Facebook Advertising Trends
Facebook Advertising Trends
BlueFocus emphasizes the significance of staying updated with Facebook advertising trends. By adapting to the evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses can enhance their advertising strategies and effectively reach their target audiences on Facebook. With a keen eye on emerging trends, BlueFocus ensures clients are at the forefront of innovative advertising practices in the dynamic realm of Facebook advertising trends.

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