What to Do When Your Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled [Updated 2024]

Facebook ad account is disabled

You are running ads on Facebook, and on a fine day, you find your Facebook ad account is disabled your Business Manager. You might think, “WTF… What did I do wrong? Why would they lock my account?” So, you proceed to appeal the account suspension, but ultimately, the appeal gets rejected, and your Facebook ad account remains disabled.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

You’re also thinking that you’ve always been running clean ads, and you’ve never had any ad group rejected before. It’s really strange, isn’t it? :))

I’m Hiêu Nguyên, Founder & Mentor of HongKong Blue Focus Agency Limited. Today, I’ll address your concerns and share my approach to dealing with this issue. With over 8 years of experience working on the Facebook platform, I’ve assisted thousands of SMB advertisers and large businesses in resolving advertising issues on Facebook. However, please make sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s advertising policies before reading this article.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Today, Hieu will share detailed information on what to do if your Facebook ad account is disabled.

The first thing you need to do is to identify any suspicious points (if any), which are the things you suspect might have caused your account to be disabled. These could include copyrighted music, brand logos, genuine branded items such as Rolex, LV, etc., or inadvertently, your images/videos might have violated one of Facebook’s terms.

The Reasons Your Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled

“Why Does Facebook Disable Ad Accounts? Ever wonder, ‘I’ve been feeding you money, why would you shut down my account when I haven’t done anything wrong?’ =)) There are plenty of reasons your ad account might bite the dust, like campaigns using Clickbait for selling unreliable products or services. What’s Clickbait? Google it, I’m too lazy to explain because it’s readily available.”

Additionally, there are many other reasons such as:

The account may be locked for violating Facebook’s advertising policies.

The account may be locked due to Facebook detecting unusual activity.

No need to know the specific reasons, if Daddy Meta likes locking, then lock it (Meta said :)) )”

Facebook disables your ad account for what purpose?

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Better safe than sorry” seems to be the motto of Facebook, you won’t mishear that. Facebook employs AI and specific automated algorithms (Rules). Facebook’s algorithm is unable to differentiate a minor violation from significant breaches that genuinely disrupt the Facebook system. It all boils down to one offense: violation. So, I lock your account.

So, it’s better to mistakenly lock an ad account than to let AI learning go astray.

Signs that your Facebook ad account has been disabled?

Are you not attempting to deceive or evade the system, but merely running ads for your clients, correct?

Liana Lang, CEO of Power Up Strategy Inc., stated: “Please meet Trevor, my ‘secret weapon’ for all Facebook compliance issues. I highly recommend hiring him to assist you, especially if you’re planning to run ads on this platform.”

You can click here to schedule a discovery call with a Facebook support representative.

How does Facebook flag disabled Facebook ad accounts?

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

If all advertising campaigns were reviewed by humans like TikTok instead of Robots (AI), the number of Facebook ad accounts is disabled would be significantly lower. However, in reality, AI is predominantly making these decisions based on SQL logic. For specific details, you can explore Facebook’s advertising policies here.

Don’t confuse advertising policies with community standards. They overlap in some aspects, but they are not the same.

The impact of a disabled Facebook advertising account?

Facebook utilizes automated tools, known as AI, to review advertising policy violations within advertising groups and landing pages on its platform, as well as to address advertising complaints on Facebook.

Due to Facebook’s vast user base of 3.03 billion active users monthly, they opt for automation over human involvement. Consequently, Meta relies on machinery to automate some activities related to flagging advertising accounts.

Looking to ensure your landing page and ads aren’t flagged on Facebook? Refer to Facebook’s advertising policies for the latest updates. While you may believe you’re not violating their advertising policies, you might inadvertently be doing so without realizing.

Your ad copy may contain unrealistic product or service promises, or overly assertive commitments. In the eyes of Facebook’s AI, such statements may appear untrustworthy and could lead to you being marked as someone attempting to deceive customers (resulting in immediate red or yellow flagging).

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Facebook ad accounts and the PPS formula when disabled

It seems your advertising groups may have caused excessive pain for customers according to the Pain-Agitate-Solution formula, and now Facebook perceives you as a wrongdoer encouraging Facebook users to violate their advertising policies.

Certainly, you can explore in detail the pain points of customers and related advertising issues at the link mentioned above, which provides comprehensive information.

Why is your Facebook ad account disabled?

There are approximately 10,000 advertising policies that Facebook hasn’t widely publicized but expects their advertisers to adhere to. So, you can access Google Search: “Facebook account disabled for no reason” or you may search “Facebook account locked disabled.” I’ve even seen some searches for “how long does it take for Facebook ad account to be disabled.” I can assure you that you won’t find any definite answers anywhere.

The steps to take immediately after your Facebook ad account is disabled

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled
You can search on Google “how to appeal a disabled Facebook ad account” and “why is my Facebook ad account disabled.” Still nothing positive? I’ll answer that question, but first, listen to this.
Facebook expert and influencer Jon Loomer acknowledges that Facebook’s automation feature is disrupting Meta’s advertising. Even Facebook’s own Advantage+ automation feature designed to help you reach more people often encounters errors and only displays your ads to Phone Farm accounts.
So, your account complying with Facebook’s advertising standards but still getting disabled is entirely normal for AI.

The immediate steps to take after your Facebook ad account is disabled:

  • Don’t rush to file a complaint.
  • Check your advertisements.
  • Identify the reasons why your account has been targeted by Meta.
  • Determine the severity of the flagging before proceeding with any further actions.

These are the crucial steps to determine why you have been targeted by AI before filing a complaint about a disabled Facebook advertising account.

A crucial fact about Facebook’s IP

I notice that most people use Facebook and run ads as if Meta is a public service or government property, all distinguished by right and wrong rather than a unilateral decision, which is completely wrong.

An important thing to note: Facebook is a private website. When you post or take any action, you increase the risk of your Facebook ad account is disabled.
By using Facebook – as a Profile or Business Page, you fully agree to Facebook’s Terms of Service – meaning they can do whatever they want on their website, and you have no say here.
It’s private property just like someone’s house or land; when you’re in their area, you’re only allowed to listen to their decisions.
For example, in Texas, you have the right to shoot someone trespassing on your property – think about that in terms of what Facebook is allowed to do on their own platform, understand it yourself.

Lodge a complaint to Facebook

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

After your Facebook ad account is disabled, it’s crucial to note that these policies change rapidly on a daily basis. So, ensure that your advertising doesn’t fall into Facebook’s prohibited list simply because you’re unaware of their latest policies.

From Facebook ad account is disabled to filing a complaint

For whatever reason, when violating advertising policy rules, your ad account remains disabled. Why is that?
Facebook rejects your complaint because you clicked on the button within Business Manager to complain and have never actually spoken or chatted with a real person. Or in other words, your history isn’t clean at all; it’s just like your credit history, imagine it that way for easier understanding.
“What’s the point of having a disabled Facebook ad account?” you yell at the ceiling with a light bulb =)).
Your web browser history shows searches for:
  • Facebook ad account restricted.
  • Your access cannot be restored because it has been too long since we restricted it. Your access cannot be restored: Please verify your identity.
  • My Facebook ad account is disabled.
  • How to recover disabled Facebook account.
  • Hire Facebook advertising account Agency.
Finally, the issue still hasn’t been resolved.
What’s happening?
The AI Automation Algorithm is reviewing your Facebook ads instead of providing support for advertising on Facebook for you, and when you click the complaint button, the AI BOT will also review and immediately reject it.
When your Facebook ad account is disabled, there’s a 95% chance it’s the machine doing it, not a human flagging you. Where would Meta get enough manpower for that, right?

The steps you need to take when handling a disabled Facebook ad account are:

Step 1: Navigate to Facebook’s Business Help Page here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support/get-help.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Step 2: Select your advertising account from the dropdown menu.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Step 3: Choose the issue you are experiencing.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Step 4: Click on Contact Support.

Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled
Many Facebook advertising accounts is disabled, and this page cannot be found, so please be aware. To access this page, your Facebook account must verify its identity and not have payment disabled.
To ensure that you are logged into the correct advertising account, you may need to use an active advertising account within the same Business Manager to contact support.
If you have tried and still cannot get a chat opened by someone in Facebook’s advertising support team, you can try using this Facebook ad account disable form here: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/391647094929792
Remember, Facebook’s advertising support representatives have internal forms that are more effective, and they submit them to Facebook’s advertising policy team, where the final decision is made. Just like how if you apply for a job at a company where you know someone, your application may have a better chance.

What happens after you press the appeal button for a disabled account?

Your advertising account may encounter the following scenarios, such as:

  • Account reinstated within 24 hours due to Facebook’s mistake.
  • Account shows reinstatement notification, but you are still flagged and disabled.
  • Possibility of permanent account disablement.

What to do if your advertising account appeal is denied?

In reality, you have about a 50/50 chance of successfully appealing any disabled advertising account. Here are some factors that may contribute to the reinstatement of your disabled advertising account or, at worst, permanent disablement. But 50:50 is better than no chance at all.

  • Check if you have had any ads rejected before.
  • What is the current status of your advertising account? (ratio of rejected ads to approved ads)
  • Clearly convey your issue to the Facebook advertising support team; they are intermediaries who submit appeal requests for you, not decision-makers.
  • Remove any content that you believe violates Facebook policies on your Page or Landing page. Please do this first if your advertising account is disabled due to policy violations.
  • Have you persisted in appealing without fixing your ad errors after Facebook rejected your campaign?

You need to identify the factors that the Facebook BOT flagged and remove those factors from your account before appealing.

In conclusion:
You may not be aware, but Meta assesses ad policy violations on a scale of 1 to 10, leading to the disablement of Facebook ad accounts. Although they do not publicly disclose this, it’s important to know. If your account only violates policies at levels 1-3, they may consider reinstating it upon appeal. However, if violations are at higher levels like 5-7, the chance of account reactivation is extremely low.
Especially if you’ve received the final warning regarding your advertising account, congratulations, your account is unlikely to be reinstated!

Solution to handle when Facebook ad account is disabled

A highly recommended solution for the issue of your Facebook ad account being disabled is to use a Facebook Agency account.
By using this type of account, you receive much more specialized support from Facebook compared to regular accounts.
Facebook ad account is disabled
Facebook ad account is disabled

Sure, here are some key differences between an Agency account and a regular account

Comparison between Facebook Agency Account and Regular Account
Comparison between Facebook Agency Account and Regular Account
Please contact Blue Focus to quickly and easily obtain your free Facebook Agency account!

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