Mastering Trends on TikTok Right Now! Exploring the Potential of Gen Z 2024

Trends on TikTok

Do you feel lost in navigating the latest trends on TikTok in 2024 and tapping into the full potential of Generation Z?
In this article, Bluefocus will provide you with methods to keep up with TikTok’s trends and insights into Generation Z.
Generation Z values authenticity in the content they consume, elevating it to a higher standard, and exhibits unique consumer behaviors: focusing more on fun, uniqueness, innovation, and humanistic attributes, as well as a natural inclination towards self-expression. TikTok users have a spending power of over $1 billion, and these generations play a crucial role as part of the global consumer base.
Let’s dive in and explore!

What is Generation Z?

Trends on TikTok
Trends on TikTok
  • Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, encompasses individuals born approximately between 1997 and 2012. Their current age ranges from 12 to 27 years old.
  • Other names: iGeneration, Post-Millennials.
  • Gen Z’s population: Approximately 70 million.
  • Media exposure: Gen Z received their first mobile phones at an average age of 12. Many of them grew up playing on their parents’ phones or tablets. They came of age in a hyper-connected world, where smartphones are their preferred method of communication. On average, they spend 4 hours a day on their mobile devices, often engaging with trends on TikTok.
  • Consumption habits: Witnessing the struggles of the Millennial generation, Gen Z applies a more cautious approach to managing money. They are not keen on taking on debt and prefer related services. Debit cards are their top choice, followed by mobile banking services.
  • Influence of new trends: Smartphones, social media, a war-free country, and witnessing the financial hardships their parents (Gen X) are facing.
  • Financial planning: Educating themselves on personal finance. They are highly interested in financial education and open savings accounts earlier than previous generations.
Questions to consider before marketing to trends on tiktok:
  • Is your product visually appealing or eye-catching?
  • Do you have a fun, down-to-earth, or cool image?
  • Are you a content creator, artist, or musician?
  • Do you want to use your phone or camera to shoot videos regularly?
Therefore, suitable products for image and function amplification are key! Marketing methods are no longer limited to traditional approaches. To help your business products trend on TikTok effortlessly, BlueFocus provides TikTok agency account rental services for businesses to boost their marketing strategies.
Here are 8 tips for you to consider to win the hearts of Gen Z consumers, and to effectively tap into the trends on TikTok!

8 Effective Methods for Keeping Up with Trends on TikTok

Enhancing Engagement to Keep Up with Trends on TikTok

Trends on TikTok
Trends on TikTok
You can discover new ideas, interactions, and engagements through comments, shares, and likes. Advertising campaigns can utilize these elements to assess the effectiveness of content. When users can add links to their profiles, it means you can set up their official website as the destination link to increase traffic.

Choosing the Content Size for Trending TikTok Advertising Videos:

  • In addition to advertising content, you should also share stories for customers. Let them know where your products come from, how they are made, and objective evaluations of how employees perceive your company.
  • Additionally, you can share employee career stories and create mini vlogs – documentary-style films about “a day in the life” to showcase the daily lives of employees. This method is a current trend on TikTok and can also demonstrate corporate culture from the outside.
  • According to trends on TikTok, purely classical-style videos no longer play an effective role, so you can share practical tips or real product introductions, FAQs, and other live videos to directly dispel consumer doubts and create truly useful content for viewers. Marketing can see the effect.
  • An effective way to attract consumers to make purchases is by adding appropriate discounts or promotions. Simultaneously, building a campaign with standard TikTok video sizes enhances the quality of a business’s advertising efforts.
Once users can add links to their profiles, it means advertisers can set up their official websites as destination links to increase traffic. The behavior of internet celebrities is coveted.

Incorporating Trending Hashtag Challenges on TikTok

Trends on TikTok
Trends on TikTok


Advertising on TikTok can utilize hashtags within videos to help users search for and discover content, especially “trending hashtags on TikTok.” Businesses can use these tags to target their relevant audience.
Through creating videos, Gen Z will appreciate the creativity and enjoy experiencing your brand’s ideas. As the concept of the advertiser’s campaign becomes popular, it can also build a fan base to continue creating content for the brand.
Trends on TikTok are often associated with hashtag challenges, mostly involving photo or video challenges. Posting content with relevant #hashtags for your brand can make that content popular and create exposure for your business.
When your videos trend on TikTok, followers create their own challenge versions, increasing the visibility of your brand and potentially turning them into loyal followers.

Setting Up ‘DUET’ Challenges

Utilizing TikTok’s ‘DUET’ feature allows users to create their own short videos to respond to existing themed posts. The content when posted will resemble the original video, with the response video placed alongside, creating two halves of the same page.

Promoting Trends on TikTok through Influencers

This is a popular strategy on TikTok, leveraging the influence of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to sell products. TikTok supports emerging Gen Z influencers who are suitable for partnerships. Collaborating with these highly effective influencers can propel your product to trends on TikTok, but thorough research on influencers in the initial stages is crucial for brand marketing.
Each influencer has their own image, style, and brand message, so they must align with the company’s brand identity. When aiming for sophistication and longevity, selecting a pioneering and controversial influencer is not advisable.
Identifying influential and fitting influencers for your business is paramount, leveraging content similar to yours. Ensure their content resonates with the audience and aligns with your brand. Thus, you can empower creative influencers to showcase how they promote your brand.
Use keywords: TikTok trends, influencers, Gen Z, brand marketing, Key Opinion Leaders, KOLs, collaboration, trends on TikTok.

Maximizing Advertising Strategy by Leveraging Scarcity for Trends on TikTok

Trends on TikTok
Trends on TikTok
Scarcity is a psychological tool that taps into users’ mindset, making it a valuable tool in marketing trends on TikTok. “Flash sales and limited edition products” are prime examples of this hunger-driven marketing.
How does Scarcity influence users’ shopping psychology on social media, especially on trends on TikTok? You can use scarcity to encourage followers to interact with you.
Users have to make spontaneous decisions whether to participate in a challenge or a promotional program related to trends on TikTok. You can do this by setting time limits for challenges or offering special promotions to followers who participate in challenges early.
This business strategy can increase the visibility of your marketing campaigns related to trends on TikTok and attract higher levels of interaction, thereby expanding your reach and trending your product on TikTok.

Boosting User-Generated Content Engagement

One of the unique aspects of TikTok is its UGC (User-Generated Content) model. User creativity is a part of the content, making it easier for them to embrace challenges and generate more inspiration, thereby driving a cycle of creativity and contributing to trends on TikTok.

Promote advertising campaigns across multiple media platforms.

Trends on TikTok
Trends on TikTok
Advertising on TikTok provides endless marketing opportunities, but don’t forget to utilize other social media platforms. You can promote your business brand by creating ads on Facebook and YouTube, which also play a crucial role in showcasing popular content on TikTok.
You can attract the attention of those who do not frequently use TikTok by cross-posting your TikTok videos on other platforms.
When posting ads, remember to link and share videos on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. While many Instagram users may also use TikTok, they may engage more actively on this platform, giving your brand a wider and more effective reach. Bring your business to the forefront of trends onTikTok.
Furthermore, selecting the optimal posting times on TikTok is also a crucial factor for your ads to garner increased engagement and potentially trend on TikTok.

Engaging Content Advertising

Approaching advertising content on TikTok in an engaging way is crucial because Gen Z doesn’t like watching ads. When an advertising event is covered by a brand logo, users will know that it is being advertised to them, and the content will also lead to poor results. To create effective TikTok ad content, you can explore the top 6 advertising formats on TikTok.
Therefore, it is particularly important to balance between copywriting content and brand messaging naturally. This means adopting an “advertising-entertainment” approach; entertainment first, product second, through the use of special effects tools, research and analysis of trends on TikTok, etc. Start from the user and win consumer affection.

In addition, Gen Z will be willing to support brands with community-mindedness and core value delivery:

  • Accessibility: Generation Z seeks diversity in the content they encounter on platforms, including trends on TikTok. There are no limits to content, and everyone can appreciate the transmission of human values
  • Integration: The new consumer group has a high level of integration, wanting to keep up with trends on TikTok. They overlook limitations and pursue freedom. The new generation understands that everyone is an individual and they pursue personal space.
  • Social consciousness: Generation Z wants to buy from brands they believe have ethics, aligning with trends on TikTok. Ensure that they feel your brand is close to sustainability and fair production values.
  • Transparency: It is one of the most fundamental values of modern consumers, including those keeping up with trends on TikTok. Trust in the brand is crucial and can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of the new generation. The more honest information you provide about your brand in campaigns, the more trusted and used you will be by users.
  • Authenticity: Your actions must match your words; they know how to research more deeply and establish their own company standards, reflecting trends on TikTok. Therefore, make sure you don’t “fake anything until you make it” and turn it into yours. It is part of the transformation process that brands need to undergo to become more ethical.
  • Video advertising: Generation Z is very good at using fragmented time to get more content per unit of time, including browsing trends on TikTok. They can quickly filter out questions they don’t like and find content they are truly interested in. TikTok videos range from 15 to 60 seconds, which is the time you need to reach young consumers.
  • Community building: Research shows that Gen Z could be the loneliest generation, but they still engage with trends on TikTok. They are looking for ways to connect, and unlike previous generations, they are creating valuable connections in the digital world. Building a brand community is not only great for bonding like-minded people but can also greatly help your brand trends on TikTok


BlueFocus has demonstrated a keen understanding of the importance of staying updated with trends on TikTok. By embracing diversity, fostering integration, promoting social consciousness, prioritizing transparency, upholding authenticity, leveraging video advertising, and fostering community building, BlueFocus is well-positioned to navigate the dynamic landscape of TikTok trends, ensuring continued relevance and engagement with its audience.

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