Unlock the Secrets of TikTok Advertising And Discover the Top 6 Ad Formats for 2024

TikTok Advertising
TikTok’s expansion into international markets has prompted the company to innovate its advertising offerings. As of now, TikTok advertising boasts five preferred ad formats among advertisers: in-feed ads, TopView ads, TopView Plus, branded hashtag challenges, branded effects, and business accounts.
In this article, Bluefocus will unlock the secrets of these five ad formats and address your doubts about early adoption thresholds, conversion effects, and more. Our aim is to help you achieve optimal marketing and advertising results by leveraging these formats effectively.
TikTok Advertising
TikTok Advertising

TikTok In-Feed Advertising: Seamlessly Integrated Data Feed

TikTok’s In-Feed advertising appears within the auto-play video feed (under “For You”). These ads can run up to 1 minute long (although TikTok suggests an optimal length of 15 seconds), occupying the full screen with both visuals and sound.
Externally, these TikTok ads blend seamlessly with user-generated content. They appear alongside suggested content and can also be actively browsed among other user-generated videos. Essentially, as auto-play suggests content to users, these ad streams seamlessly intermingle, connecting fluidly with other videos.
Advertisers value TikTok’s In-Feed ads for their high visibility and call-to-action capabilities. By incorporating Call-to-Action buttons, advertisers can direct users instantly to destination pages, websites, challenge pages, or app download interfaces.
One advantage of this ad format is its availability to all advertising accounts, without enterprise-scale or budget thresholds, and it follows a similar ad setup process to Facebook ads or Instagram. It supports functions such as liking, sharing, and commenting.
This TikTok advertising format serves various purposes, including brand awareness, online consultation, and more.

TikTok’s Full-Screen Takeover Advertising


TikTok’s Full-Screen Takeover advertising is a full-screen ad displayed when users open TikTok for the first time. This type of TikTok ad is concise and engaging, typically consisting of either a 3-second static image or a 3 to 5-second animation or video.

Benefits of this TikTok Advertising

TikTok Advertising
TikTok Advertising
This TikTok advertising format directly directs users to the brand’s destination page or hashtag challenge page within TikTok. This convenience allows brands to guide users to external destination pages such as TikTok’s internal pages or the brand’s official website.
This TikTok ad format allows only one advertiser to place it each day, and it is pushed to all TikTok users. Due to its high display rate and strong coverage, the cost for this advertising is extremely high and is suitable for larger advertisers with significant advertising budgets.
Bluefocus recommends advertisers to use this ad placement more frequently for advertising activities, as it brings more objective benefits and more accurate location effects. You can also utilize our TikTok advertising agency account rental service, which comes with commitments to enhance your business’s advertising strategy on TikTok.
This TikTok advertising format has the benefit of directing users to destination pages to convert.

TopView on TikTok Advertising


TopView is a new type of video advertising. Three seconds after users open the TikTok app, it automatically appears as a full-screen ad in the “For You” section. After 3 seconds, users can access the app’s video content. It is a form of in-feed advertising to play videos.

Benefits of this TikTok Advertising

  • Extended Duration: With a duration of up to 60 seconds, this video format supports full-screen playback and sound. When users click on the ad, they can be directed to the advertiser’s custom landing page, effectively improving the conversion rate of the landing page.
  • Enhanced Engagement: This TikTok advertising format increases likes, collections, comments, and shares, enabling advertisers to achieve effective interaction with the audience.
  • Expanding Reach: Compared to standard full-screen ads, this type of TikTok advertising not only reaches a large number of potential new target customers but also enhances brand awareness, targeting, and recognition, quickly increasing brand popularity through interaction.
Therefore, this TikTok advertising format facilitates conversions by directing users to destination pages.

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge Advertising


A Branded Hashtag Challenge is a challenge specifically created for brands and promoted through TikTok. This advertising method invites users to participate in the challenge, encouraging user-generated content creation and thereby promoting brand exposure.

Benefits and Method of Creating this TikTok Advertising

To utilize this advertising format, advertisers first need to create official video ads and display them in the feed ads to encourage user participation in the challenge. The video dimensions must adhere to TikTok’s standard video size requirements.
Next, proceed to the “Discover” page with a custom banner position that can direct traffic to the themed challenge page. This is the main page of the Branded Hashtag Challenge, a collection of TikTok challenge ads posted for users worldwide on this topic.
You must create a branded hashtag specifically for TikTok advertisers. When users click on the branded theme tag, it redirects them to the advertiser’s custom landing page. This TikTok advertising format contains brand information, website links, challenge descriptions, and popular videos using the theme tag.
This TikTok advertising format enhances the effectiveness of stimulating the spontaneous participation of the target audience in marketing activities and the desire to create branded tagged video content, ultimately helping advertisers succeed in increasing brand visibility and creating communication effectiveness.
This TikTok advertising format helps increase exposure.

Branded Effects Advertising on TikTok


TikTok Advertising
TikTok Advertising
Branded Effects advertising is a method that allows advertisers to design AR filters, stickers, and other special effects specifically for their brand for users to use daily, thereby achieving the goal of subtle advertising.

Method and Benefits of this TikTok Advertising Format

These effects can be used in standalone campaigns or as part of branded hashtag challenges initiated by advertisers.
It’s important to note that the typical distribution validity period for this type of advertising is usually 10 days, and it can continue to be used through search after this period. Simply put, if users create videos using brand-created stickers, face effects, or AR filters, they are advertising for the brand.
This TikTok advertising format requires a low budget and is suitable for newcomers testing the waters in selling. Bluefocus recommends using it in combination with other marketing methods, as the display method of this advertising format is relatively limited.
This TikTok advertising format helps increase exposure. Additionally, for this format to help you enhance trend visibility with thousands of views, you should know the effective TikTok advertising posting time.

The creation method and budget for various advertising formats on TikTok.

Based on our statistics, to truly attract the target audience, advertisers should place ads as close to reality as possible. We recommend using language similar to the everyday content created by regular users:
  • Shoot videos in an original manner and limit the use of filters to magnify effects.
  • Be creative with generating original video content.
  • TikTok ads with music can stimulate consumer interest in watching ads.
  • Incorporate stickers or emojis to make video content more engaging and user-friendly.
  • TikTok ads with humorous content.
  • Flexibly use appropriate hotspots.
Through analysis, we can conclude that compared to Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other media platforms, TikTok is still in a rapid development phase as a new advertising platform. Therefore, its advertising costs are currently lower than other platforms and more user-friendly for newcomers. Sometimes, advertisers may encounter TikTok ads not spending issues, which are common due to the thousands of ad campaigns running daily on TikTok. Bluefocus can provide you with reasons and solutions for this issue.

You may not be aware that its cost per thousand impressions is lower, making it a suitable choice for brands looking to increase their brand visibility:

  • Full-Screen Takeover Ads: $40.000/day
  • In-Feed Ads: Average price $10/CPM, CPC around $0.1~0.2
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges: $150,000/week
  • Special Effects Stickers: $80,000 – $120,000
  • TopView Ads: $65,000/day
TikTok Advertising
TikTok Advertising

Business Accounts on the TikTok Platform

When advertisers have an officially certified logo, they will gain consumer recognition and trust in the brand more quickly. A TikTok Business account is simply an official account specially designed for brands and companies.
In addition to optimizing published content, advertisers activating this officially certified account have more marketing options: collaborating with TikTok influencers, running paid advertisements, tracking ad effects in real-time, receiving trend analysis and content insights reports, and directing consumers to your brand’s official website, etc.
TikTok advertising focuses on the young social media network, where media advertising is rapidly evolving and vibrant. Tens of thousands of creative ideas are born every day. The rapid spread rate, global market scale, diverse features, and rich tools drive the rapid entry of cross-border e-commerce merchants wanting to tap into foreign markets.
Bluefocus emphasizes the pivotal role of TikTok advertising in contemporary marketing strategies. Through insightful analysis and practical recommendations, We have elucidated the diverse opportunities presented by TikTok advertising for brands and businesses. By leveraging the unique features and expansive reach of TikTok, advertisers can effectively engage with their target audiences, drive brand recognition, and foster consumer trust.
As TikTok continues to evolve as a dynamic advertising platform, we remain dedicated to providing cutting-edge insights and solutions to empower businesses in maximizing their advertising efforts on TikTok.

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