A Comprehensive Guide to Advertising on Facebook – Crafting Effective Ads in 2024

advertising on Facebook
Understanding and selecting the right types of advertising on Facebook is crucial for marketers who aim to target their audience accurately and enhance campaign effectiveness according to their objectives.
If you’re unsure whether the ads you’re running are truly effective for your business, consider referring to the insights shared by Bluefocus. These insights provide a comprehensive overview of various campaign types, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Why Should YouAd vertise on Facebook?

As you may already know, advertising on Facebook offers businesses numerous advantages. Image advertising on Facebook, in particular, helps businesses expand their reach and connect with their target audience. Follow along with this article to discover more benefits that advertising on Facebook provides and gain a comprehensive overview of the various types of Facebook ads.

Large and Diverse User Base

With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the world’s largest social media platform. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach a diverse audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even geographical location.

Precise Targeting

On the advertising platform, businesses are provided with precise targeting options, allowing them to define their objectives based on demographics, behaviors, interests, location, age, and more. This level of accuracy enables businesses to ensure that their advertising campaigns reach the intended audience effectively.

Engagement Habits and Interactions

With the strong engagement habits prevalent on the Facebook platform, advertisers can leverage this behavior to create suitable content that encourages interactions from users. By doing so, they can generate more likes, comments, and shares, thereby increasing traffic to their businesses. This engagement not only promotes brand visibility but also drives revenue.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Optimizing costs for advertising on Facebook is a goal that businesses consistently strive for, especially those with limited budgets. Advertisers can set daily or lifetime budgets and adjust bidding strategies to control advertising campaign costs and maximize return on investment. By monitoring campaign performance and optimizing based on key metrics, advertisers can achieve maximum cost savings while still effectively reaching their target audience.

Diverse Ad Formats

Facebook supports various types of advertising formats such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and more. This article will outline all the advertising formats so that businesses can accurately assess and create suitable content to reach their target audience effectively through advertising on Facebook.

The Types of Facebook Ads You Need to Know

Image Ads

Image ads on Facebook feature high-quality images accompanied by descriptive text about the product, along with a call-to-action (CTA) button. This is the simplest form of advertising that most people are familiar with, either through regular posts or creating dedicated ads for products.
This type of advertising is quite common, and you can encounter it almost anytime you scroll through your news feed. However, due to its widespread use, this advertising format is becoming saturated. Despite its saturation, image ads remain suitable for many businesses, both large and small.
advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Advertising with images on Facebook serves as a tool to achieve various campaign objectives. Whether you aim to promote brand imagery or increase website traffic, utilizing image ads on Facebook can help you reach your goals and convey your desired message to your target audience.

Technical Specifications:

For images:

  • Minimum size: 1080×1080 pixels.
  • Recommended aspect ratio: Between 1.91:1 and 1:1.
  • File type: JPG or PNG.

For text description:

  • Main ad text: Up to 125 characters.
  • Ad headline: Must contain 27 characters.
  • Image description: Must contain 27 characters.

Video Ads

Similar to image ads, video ads on Facebook offer a more multimedia-centric approach to advertising. The key difference is that video ads provide a more dynamic way to promote your brand, products, or services.
Video advertising on Facebook involves the online promotion of products, services, or brands through video content on the Facebook meta platform. These ads can appear in the news feed, Stories, or as in-stream ads, providing businesses with various placement options to reach their target audience effectively.
advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

To compare, video ads on Facebook are significantly more engaging than image ads. Users can visually assess products, and businesses can utilize them to promote their image, services, and convey their operational methods. However, despite these advantages, video advertising on Facebook is costlier to produce high-quality videos, not to mention that video editing is time-consuming and not everyone can meet the business’s 100% editing requirements.

Here are the technical specifications:
For video encoding, it’s recommended to compress using H.264, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and AAC audio compression at a bitrate of 128 kbps.
Minimum resolution is 1080×1080 pixels.
Video length can range from 1 second to 241 minutes.
Minimum file size is 4GB.

Stories Ads

Stories ads are a type of advertisement that appears within the stories of users, seamlessly interspersed among the stories of their friends and family. These ads are presented in a vertical format, maximizing screen space and providing a natural viewing experience.

advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook
The key essence of Stories ads on Facebook lies in their immediate content delivery. Advertisers can utilize either images or short videos to convey their message, captivating users as they tap through Stories. The maximum duration for Stories is 15 seconds, ensuring concise content that grabs attention within this short timeframe.
This type of advertising is integrated across various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allowing advertisers to create a Stories ad and target it according to their preferences.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow businesses to feature up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. Users can swipe right to view additional images or videos beyond what is initially visible. Each card in the ad can link to a different URL based on the advertiser’s configuration, typically directing users to separate landing pages for individual products.

advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Carousel ads on Facebook provide businesses with more creative space to showcase various products effectively. They offer a platform to highlight specific products or services in detail or even narrate the story of their business through each card.

Slideshow Ads

  • Slideshow ads on Facebook are a type of ad format that resembles a video played as a short clip, but is created using a series of images or a combination of images and motion graphics, providing an eye-catching video-like experience while using significantly less data, up to 6 times less. This results in relatively quick loading times, particularly for users with slower internet connections.
  • Slideshow ads are an ideal choice for Facebook advertisers who may not have the resources to produce videos or prefer not to invest heavily in visual content. By simply adding product images and overlaying music, advertisers can create a perfect video-like advertisement.
  • Slideshow ads allow Facebook advertisers to highlight products through provided images without requiring significant time investment.
  • Technical specifications for slideshow ads may include 2-15 static images per slideshow, with each slide capable of containing images or videos, or even previously posted content. Images must have a minimum size of 1080×1080 pixels and a frame aspect ratio of 16:9 or 1:1.

Collection Ads

This type of advertising on Facebook allows users to browse, explore, and purchase products directly from their news feed. It typically features an image or video accompanied by two or more smaller images below. When someone clicks on the collection, they are taken to an Instant Experience, a full-screen destination page designed to drive interaction and nurture interest.
Collection ads enable users to view the entire collection with a single click, bridging the gap between exploration and purchase. This ad format offers extensive customization options and is particularly effective for showcasing multiple product types.
advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Messenger Ads

This type of advertising allows advertisers to interact directly with users through Facebook Messenger. They appear on the Messenger screen or interspersed within Messenger conversations and can be used to start conversations or increase connectivity to the business’s main page.

advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Advertising for Prospective Customer Acquisition

  • Advertising for Prospective Customer Acquisition is a type of advertising designed to collect user information such as email addresses and phone numbers directly on the platform.
  • When users click on the ad, a pre-filled form appears, containing information that the advertiser has set up beforehand.
  • This allows customers to submit the form without having to spend time filling it out again.
  • The advertising saves time for customers by eliminating the need to navigate to another link to provide specific contact information.
  • This approach increases conversion rates without affecting the user experience.
advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Dynamic Ads on Facebook

Dynamic Ads on Facebook are a versatile type of advertising that allows advertisers to create campaigns and showcase all products by category without the need to create individual campaigns for each product.
In essence, it’s a form of aggregated product advertising, which helps advertisers save time and cost on advertising while being highly effective.
advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

Opinion Poll Ads

Opinion Poll Ads are a type of advertising that allows businesses to engage users by prompting them to ask questions and provide answers if possible. This type of ad primarily aims to increase interaction between the business and users to encourage engagement or enhance user interaction levels.
This format is quite popular nowadays, where businesses create such ads to stimulate interaction and later introduce their product line to customers.
  • Some scenarios where this type of advertising is suitable include:
  • Gathering feedback on the business’s products
  • Researching new services and collecting market information
  • Evaluating customer preferences

Augmented Reality (AR) Advertising

This is an interactive advertising type that provides engaging experiences for users on mobile devices. The process is straightforward: when users click on the ad, they are welcomed and guided to interact with the ad through various steps. Users can freely shop close to reality, bringing a new experience to them.

advertising on Facebook
advertising on Facebook

The way to choose the right type of advertising on Facebook according to Bluefocus experience.

Choosing the right type of advertising is a crucial issue for businesses as it directly affects the effectiveness of the entire process. Therefore, follow this article to learn how to choose advertising on Facebook wisely.

Understanding the goal of advertising campaigns on Facebook

Deciding on the campaign objective is the first step, as it helps raise brand awareness, drive website traffic, find potential customers, or boost revenue for the business. Different types of ads have different features, so to choose the campaign objective, one must first understand the various types of advertising and then draw conclusions.

Understanding the different types of advertising on Facebook

The first thing to understand is that each type of advertisement has a design tailored to different purposes, helping you identify which type of Facebook ad you need to belong to.
Once you understand the purposes of each type of advertisement, determine which type of ad is most suitable for your business.

The audience must be precise

Once the objective is identified, determine the target audience through factors such as demographics, interests, behaviors…

Monitor, analyze, and iterate

Advertisers must regularly monitor their business’s Facebook ads to intervene promptly if there’s low performance, adjust campaigns immediately, replicate effective campaigns, and analyze to optimize advertising most efficiently. If encountering account issues, consider hiring an advertising agency’s account to ensure continuous advertising without interruption.


Advertising on Facebook encompasses various types, and advertisers need to understand the purposes of each type and how they operate to apply them effectively to their businesses. Avoiding a vague understanding of Facebook advertising is crucial to prevent adverse effects on businesses. With that, we conclude and wish you all success. Follow Bluefocus to equip yourself with more marketing knowledge!

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