Dropshipping Business And 7 Effective Strategies for Beginners

Dropshipping business

As a business looking to expand into the realm of dropshipping, you’ve likely delved into the relevant knowledge necessary for this venture. However, you might still harbor uncertainties about potential pitfalls.

In this article by Bluefocus, we aim to provide you with the most fundamental knowledge required for engaging in dropshipping business. We’re here to address any fears, concerns, doubts, or hesitations you may have as you embark on your dropshipping journey.

Let’s dive right in and explore!

Searching for and partnering with reputable associates is essential when engaging in dropshipping business.

To ensure efficient dropshipping operations, selecting well-established partners will contribute to the success of your business strategy. In any business sector, it’s imperative to have one or more reliable partners to collaborate and grow together. Therefore, choosing dropshipping partners is of utmost importance, dear sellers!

To find a trustworthy partner, consider the following criteria:

  • They have extensive experience and a solid reputation in manufacturing.
  • They offer high-quality products.
  • They possess advanced production machinery and systems.
  • They consistently meet delivery deadlines.
Dropshipping business
Dropshipping business

In addition, to verify the above information, Bluefocus advises sellers to visit the production site for double-checking and pay close attention to the legal documents of partners such as business licenses, certificates, or product certifications (if any).

Products not recommended for dropshipping business

Generally, every business aims for a diverse range of products, styles, types, and colors in their store. However, we want to caution sellers against selling the following items to avoid potential troubles or receiving unfavorable reviews from customers:

Products related to legal or copyright issues

The allure of dealing with copyrighted products is undeniable. However, you must carefully consider the possibility of your products being classified as counterfeit goods, leading to a host of other complex legal issues. Additionally, sellers should also avoid items under suspicion such as knives, swords, guns, ammunition, and explosives. Therefore, before engaging in dropshipping, sellers need to understand all the terms, policies, and laws of the target countries. This would be the most sensible approach if handling paperwork is too complex and costly, leading to a shift to other market niches.

Products with large size and weight

For goods with “bulky” dimensions and weight, not only is it difficult to transport, but it also complicates the delivery process and increases costs. Additionally, their large weight makes them prone to damage during transportation.

Complex electronic/technology components

When buying a new laptop from a technology store, you can easily check if there are any software or hardware issues. However, when purchasing online, neither the buyer nor the seller can inspect the product. The situation is that sellers have to implement return policies for buyers, but another issue arises as high-value technology items may lead to complicated and time-consuming return policies. Therefore, we advise against dropshipping these items.

Dropshipping business
Dropshipping business

Products difficult to store or easily perishable

You may have already imagined which types of products should be put on the “blacklist,” right? Those are perishable fresh food items. In addition, canned goods are also risky because they may deform during transportation, leading to unsafe contents inside.

Fragile products

During long-distance transportation processes involving multiple handling steps, it is advisable to limit dropshipping fragile items such as ceramics, glassware, as they pose too many risks.

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Using diverse and secure payment methods is crucial in dropshipping business.

Here are some considerations when choosing a reputable and secure payment gateway:

  • Verify if the selected payment method is applicable to the target country.
  • Compare and examine transaction fees. Naturally, opt for the method with the lowest fees. However, take the time to consider your options, dear sellers.
  • Check if the payment gateway supports multiple currencies. Remember, you’re selling to international customers.
  • Always ensure that your payment gateways accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).
  • Include a PayPal payment option on your checkout page.
Dropshipping business
Dropshipping business

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Consider Shipping Times for Each Country

Typically, newcomers may simply set their shipping location to “worldwide.” However, it’s important to note that shipping times vary by country. For instance, shipping to the US may take 12-20 days, while shipping to the UK might take 15-30 days. Therefore, businesses need to understand the shipping times for each country and then select those with shipping times ranging from 2 to 3 weeks as the most “manageable.” Pay attention to this factor when running a dropshipping business.

Examples of shipping times:

  • US: 6-8 business days
  • EU: 13-15 business days
  • CA: 11-14 business days
Dropshipping business
Dropshipping business

Implement Clear and Transparent Return Policies for Your Dropshipping Business

One of the concerns for dropshipping businesses is “Returns” and “Refunds” when running a dropshipping business. For customers who wish to return items or seek refunds, it’s inevitable for businesses operating in the e-commerce sector. Statistics show that up to 58% of customers read return policies before making a purchase. Therefore, dropshipping businesses need to prominently display their policies, ensure comprehensive, clear, and transparent terms, and handle situations in a reasonable and professional manner.

Here are some essential terms to include in your dropshipping business policy:

  • Specify certain items that are not eligible for returns, such as underwear, swimwear, socks, etc.
  • Is the return free of charge?
  • Is exchanging for a different product allowed?
  • Are there countries where returns are not legal?
  • Set a time limit for returns.

Running ads to increase likes on the Facebook fan page before posting product promotion posts

Try comparing a fan page with 100 likes to one with 1000 likes, which one would you trust more? Certainly, the one with 1000 likes. Therefore, running ads to increase likes on the fan page is extremely important for your dropshipping business. It not only builds trust with customers but also enhances the effectiveness of product promotion posts in the future.

In reality, you don’t need to become a Facebook advertising expert. A major barrier for newbies is the belief that they need to be Facebook advertising geniuses to succeed with dropshipping. Nobody is born an expert in any field, and that includes Facebook advertising. It can be time-consuming, effort-intensive, and costly if advertising is not effective, but don’t worry, you will learn from these failures and gain practical lessons in Facebook Marketing.

Dropshipping business
Dropshipping business

To stay updated on the latest advertising trends, make sure to follow the upcoming “hot” marketing tips blogs that will be featured on the Merchize website in the near future. You can also consider using the Facebook agency account rental service.

Persist in Pursuing Your Passion in Dropshipping Business

There will be times when your business may not achieve the desired results. Surely, every “fellow seller” has dreamed that their business would be like a “golden egg-laying hen” just overnight after launching the store. Merchize truly hopes for that. But life is not as dreamy as one would hope. Therefore, you must be “smarter than life”! Don’t be quick to give up, but rather recheck the following factors:

When starting a dropshipping business, you need to ensure that everything is in order. From website design, product pages, descriptions, product images, etc., everything must be appealing, informative, and of good quality.

If you have only a few orders in the first month, you should check the advertising campaigns that are running. Ineffective advertising can lead to waste, especially for long-term campaigns. Or you should reevaluate the target market; perhaps the products you are selling are not suitable for that market.

You may not have enough experience to see and identify weaknesses in your business. Therefore, seeking out experienced dropshipping experts is advisable. They have been operating their own online stores for a long time. Therefore, they will easily identify your issues and provide solutions.


Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and strategic decision-making in the realm of dropshipping business. With a focus on building trustworthy partnerships, adhering to legal regulations, and implementing transparent policies, success in dropshipping can be achieved. By staying informed about market trends and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, businesses can navigate challenges effectively and thrive in the dynamic landscape of dropshipping.

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