Top 8 Key Points to Consider for Dropshipping Website Design Beginners in 2024

dropshipping website design
The current trend in ecommerce platforms is the utilization of Dropshipping. This method is a great way to start an online business with minimal capital investment, providing flexibility and significantly less risk compared to traditional business methods.
In this article by Bluefocus, we will highlight key points to consider when “Dropshipping Website Design”, aiming to enhance business efficiency. With its numerous advantages, dropshipping has attracted many participants, leading to a competitive business environment.
When executed correctly, Dropshipping Website Design increases the likelihood of success compared to others. Let’s explore the 8 crucial factors to consider when designing a dropshipping website.

You should consider hiring a skilled professional for Dropshipping Website Design

Website design is crucial in dropshipping; whether customers make a purchase largely depends on the website. Customers will look at the interface, and if the website is professionally designed, they will trust you and make purchases.
We understand that designing a website yourself isn’t difficult; you can watch videos on YouTube and create a website in just a few hours. Through this, you can design a website using drag-and-drop tools (with many supporting tools).
However, designing a beautiful website with high conversion rates is not simple. It requires someone with a good aesthetic eye to look at the overall website, optimizing it to give a friendly, clean, modern, and trustworthy feel.
dropshipping website design
dropshipping website design
  • To meet these requirements, every font, image, and color scheme of the website must be carefully adjusted. For a newbie learning online business, ensuring your website always looks good is challenging.
  • If you make your own website and you think it doesn’t look too bad, however, it’s only ‘not bad’ from your perspective. From the perspective of a professional designer, those websites can look very dull.
  • Considering all of the above, you should consider hiring a skilled person to help you design your website. But on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork…, there are many people who are not good at design but still have profiles to create websites for hire. Be careful.
  • If you use Shopify, designing can be quite difficult, not as flexible as WooCommerce. On the other hand, WooCommerce allows too much customization, which can be challenging for beginners.
  • To ensure your website provides a good experience for customers, you should consider choosing the right interface for dropshipping. WooCommerce themes are often cheaper than Shopify and offer higher customization capabilities.

Using relevant dropshipping website design templates is essential.

dropshipping website design
dropshipping website design
When selling products to men, prioritize bold color tones and clear, large fonts in your dropshipping website design. On the other hand, if you’re selling products to women, such as beauty products, prioritize light pink or pale red tones. The font should also be delicate.
For dropshipping websites selling jewelry, consider using predominantly black and white color schemes and thin fonts. Conversely, websites selling electronics should be designed to be bright, clean, and modern.
Of course, not every interface is suitable for every product niche. Some grocery store interfaces may look visually appealing but may appear cumbersome and unsynchronized with your products when you design them.

Efficient dropshipping website design methods for beginners

  • If you don’t have the budget to hire a skilled designer, and you want to design your dropshipping website yourself, rely on demo interfaces.
  • Usually, these interfaces allow you to import a demo website version. The demo interfaces they provide are beautifully designed and meticulously crafted.
  • Don’t change these tips too much, just modify the text and images. Limit modifications because inexperienced designers, the more they modify, the worse it gets, and eventually, it may never be completed.
  • If you make too many changes, the interface may become faulty and damaged. And it may not look as beautiful as the demo website anymore.

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Optimizing Product Pages in Dropshipping Website Design

dropshipping website design
dropshipping website design

A critical aspect of dropshipping sales lies in the Product Page. This is a crucial factor as customers scrutinize product pages carefully before making a purchase decision. Its significance has led many teams to specialize in earning money by designing product pages for hire, often creating dedicated landing pages for products as well.

Default product pages in platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are not professional; they typically include basic information such as title, description, and images. Take a look at the best-selling products on Amazon, and you’ll notice their product pages are highly optimized, incorporating various elements to increase conversion rates.

Therefore, in dropshipping, you need to optimize your product pages even better than Amazon (so that customers buy from you instead of Amazon). In the process of designing a dropshipping website, you can add various conversion-boosting elements, such as more images, product videos, optimized images to align with the interface, trust badges, testimonials, and more.

Of course, to ensure beautiful, high-quality images with low file sizes (reducing page load time) and enhancing customer experience, you can use image compression tools to convert images to WebP format and utilize CDN tools to speed up loading times.

Thus, you must design your Product Pages to be attractive and professional. Every font, image, and color scheme needs to be carefully considered and optimized.

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Securing Your Dropshipping Website design with HTTPS

When your Dropshipping Website Design lacks an SSL certificate, it will only have HTTP (not HTTPS). And when customers access it, their browser will notify them that your website is not secure. How to get HTTPS? It’s quite simple. With Shopify, it automatically comes with it. For WooCommerce, if you’re using hosting, there’s usually an option to enable SSL directly in cPanel.
dropshipping website design
dropshipping website design
However, if you’re using a VPS, installing SSL can be challenging. VPS doesn’t have cPanel, so enabling SSL requires coding. Of course, you’ll need to search for code online to install it, but since VPSs have different operating systems, errors and misconfigurations are common.
When using WooCommerce, it’s preferable to purchase a server with cPanel. But if you’re using Shopify, you don’t need to worry because SSL is already included. However, with Shopify, you’ll be sharing a server with tens of thousands of other stores (unlike WooCommerce, where you can have your own server).

Optimizing the Checkout Page for Dropshipping Website Design

In dropshipping website design, the checkout page is just as crucial as the product page, so optimizing it thoroughly is essential. The checkout page of Shopify tends to look better than that of WooCommerce. However, with WooCommerce, you can install plugins to enhance the checkout interface.
When using the WooCommerce platform, you can create a checkout page layout similar to Shopify’s, or even make it more attractive than Shopify’s. You can also add various elements to boost conversion rates on the checkout page: trust badges, customer reviews, and more.
There’s a tool that allows you to capture emails on the checkout page. If someone enters their email but doesn’t complete the purchase and exits the page, the tool will capture their email. After 10 minutes, if there’s still no order placed, the system will automatically send an email to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Utilizing SEO Methods to Sell Dropshipping Products

  • Typically, for product SEO, I find WooCommerce to be better than Shopify because it offers more SEO tools and support. Of course, I prefer using Rank Math, as this tool generates schema markup to notify WooCommerce that it’s a product page (which helps increase ranking).
  • Moreover, if you use WooCommerce, you can also take advantage of WordPress’s blogging functionality, which is very convenient. Additionally, you can optimize SEO to sell products on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
  • When selling products on these well-known platforms, the conversion rate is higher compared to creating your own dropshipping website because they already have established brands.
  • In dropshipping website design, you can refer to the headline structure of top-selling products, see how they write headlines, and apply them to your product headlines. Typically, for product headlines, they often include multiple keywords.

Optimizing the Thank You Page for Dropshipping Website Design

What happens after a customer makes a purchase from you? Of course, a thank you message enhances the customer experience on the website. When using Shopify or WooCommerce, the default thank you page looks very basic and unprofessional. You can use tools like NextMove to customize the thank you page.
Once customers have made a purchase, they will immediately see the thank you page, with their information (address, phone number) for them to double-check. For those who are skilled, you can even embed a map to automatically pinpoint the customer’s location on Google Maps.
dropshipping website design
dropshipping website design
Additionally, in dropshipping website design, create a beautiful text frame to express gratitude and thanks for their purchase. Furthermore, you can even create a thank you video, emphasizing your brand and instructing them on how to quickly communicate with your support team.
On the thank you page, you can suggest that customers purchase additional similar products. Therefore, you can set up the system to automatically generate unique discount codes (with the customer’s name in the code) to encourage further purchases.
A simple thing you can do is write a few lines on the thank you page, letting customers know that the invoice email has been sent to them and reminding them to check their email. You can also instruct them on how to check order information.
Moreover, you can introduce them to your blog page, or invite them to join your Facebook group, or offer additional gifts or ebooks to care for customers.
Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of Dropshipping Website Design for beginners in 2024. Crafting an effective website requires attention to detail, from product optimization to checkout pages and thank you messages. By implementing SEO strategies, enhancing user experience, and leveraging various tools, businesses can create successful dropshipping platforms. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance for newcomers venturing into the realm of e-commerce through optimized website design.

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