Exploring Instagram Advertising Costs & 6 Forms Of Advertising On Instagram And Content Optimization Techniques

Instagram advertising costs
How much does Instagram advertising costs? Let’s begin exploring the outstanding features of Instagram advertising.Currently, Instagram has developed a new generation AI sticker tool capable of creating custom graphics based on user text prompts. This means Instagram users will have more creative freedom in the future, and it also implies that marketers can be more flexible in creating their ads.
In this article, Bluefocus will help you understand Instagram advertising costs and the types of advertising on Instagram that can be flexibly applied in your advertising campaigns.

6 popular advertising formats on Instagram

The 6 common advertising formats on Instagram include photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, story ads, and dynamic ads (ads utilizing data feeds). Among these, photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads refer to the presentation format of the ads, while slideshow ads, story ads, and dynamic ads refer to the placement of the ads. Instagram advertising costs will also vary among different formats. This article will detail these types of ads:

Photo Ads on Instagram:

  • These are ads displayed to users in graphic post-style (image) format. Photo ads use visually appealing images to capture users’ attention.
  • Photo ads highlight the form and design of the product, suitable for brands such as fashion, beauty, and home furnishings that need to showcase product aesthetics and brand imagery.
  • If you use a photo in your Instagram ad, it can appear in square, landscape, or portrait format. This type of advertising typically has lower Instagram advertising costs compared to other ad formats

Video ads on Instagram

Video ads showcase the seller’s product in video format, allowing for more diverse situations and product usage functions to be displayed.
This advertising format is suitable for electronic products, travel, fitness, and other brands that need to demonstrate the effects and user experience of their products. The duration of video ads can be up to 60 seconds.

Carousel ads on Instagram

  • Carousel ads are a form of advertising that allows users to swipe to see more photos or videos within the same post. Carousel ads support from 2 to 10 images and are suitable for brands with visually dynamic products such as food, fashion, and direct entertainment. Sellers can add destination links to carousel ads, similar to carousel ads on facebook.
  • To reach your target audience with this format, you will need to incur Instagram advertising costs. If consumers are interested, they can directly access your website to make a purchase.

Reels ads on Instagram

Reels are a type of advertising that refers to the short video feature on Instagram, similar to Reels ads on Facebook. The videos are typically around 15 seconds long and support additional features such as background music, built-in filters, and special effects. Reels ads are advertisements that appear within the Reels section.
Instagram advertising costs
Instagram advertising costs

Story ads on Instagram

  • Story ads are fullscreen advertisements that can contain images, videos, interactive elements, and links, displayed within the Stories feed. Each image/video lasts a few seconds and will automatically disappear from the page 24 hours after it’s published. It’s similar to Story ads on Facebook.
  • If you want to keep a video, you can add it to your Story highlights, but only you can view it. On Instagram Stories, 40% of shares are videos, and 60% of videos are watched with sound on.
  • Additionally, you can promote one of your five most recent Story posts via Direct Message. All of these indicate that users engaging with Stories have a high interaction rate with Story posts and users spend their time more effectively.
Instagram advertising costs
Instagram advertising costs

Dynamic ads on Instagram (data feed advertising)

When you open the app, you’ll see photos and videos posted by the people you follow, and interspersed among them are “dynamic” ads.
Instagram advertising costs
Instagram advertising costs
  • Advertising formats on Instagram can be utilized either individually or in combination. Their usage depends on the current marketing objectives of the seller. Additionally, aside from the various advertising formats, Instagram advertising costs are also a significant concern for many merchants.
  • Instagram advertising costs involve CPC and CPM models. CPC stands for cost per click, whereas CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions. Research conducted by Revealbot indicates that the average advertising cost on Instagram is $2 for each CPC and $10 for each CPM.
  • This implies that sellers spend $2 for every click and $10 for every thousand impressions. However, in reality, the average Instagram advertising costs per click may vary depending on the campaign’s objectives.

Enhancing instagram Advertising costs Effectiveness through Visuals

Factors determining advertising effectiveness, such as ad format and placement, will impact Instagram advertising costs. Excluding the influence of placement, this brief introduction outlines optimization methods for various types of materials.

Utilizing Expressive Images

  • Relevant Brand Imagery: Images can showcase the logo, icon, or color design of the brand in various creative ways, allowing users to recognize the brand at a glance while browsing the web. Additionally, both ads and organic content must maintain consistency in color schemes.
  • Conveying Brand Concepts: What message does the advertising image convey? What feeling should the image evoke in users? What impression should the image leave about the brand for users? When capturing images, you should consider these three questions.
  • Designing Engaging Images: To create vibrant images for your product or brand, consider the following three tips: Ensure a prominent focal point, which could be the brand logo or other elements representing the brand; keep it simple and clear.

Requirements for Instagram Advertising Videos

  • A longer video duration means more information can be conveyed about the product or brand. Sellers can tailor the content design of the video according to their product, brand, or distribution objectives. The overall material must align with the product’s color scheme, include the logo, and fulfill the seller’s advertising purposes. Make sure to save on Instagram advertising costs.
  • When sellers aim to enhance the accessibility or conversion effects of the video, they can incorporate appropriate call-to-action (CTA) buttons into the video’s location, such as “swipe up” or “shop now,” to guide users to explore additional content.

Utilizing “Quick” Snaps

  • Capture attention with “quick”: Users scroll through Stories faster than content on other mobile platforms. Therefore, when creating Story content, grab the audience’s attention right from the first frame of the ad, then use the word “quick” to further engage them. This strategy can help optimize your Instagram advertising costs.
  • Swift transitions: Most successful ads have concise and snappy scene designs. Stories use graphics and text with a quick pace to swiftly delve into the topic, making it easier for users to understand.
  • Enhance your Story with dynamic content: Ads using dynamic content tend to perform better. Sellers should incorporate dynamic content into static images. This approach can contribute to managing your Instagram advertising costs effectively.
  • Add text in prominent locations: Adding text in the middle at a specific prominent spot, such as “Add to Cart,” will help boost ad conversions. Elevate your Story with sound: Most Stories with narration or music will enhance your ad better than silent Stories.
  • Limit unnecessary stickers: Limit the use of unnecessary stickers to avoid making the ad look unnatural or random. When using stickers, prioritize location stickers, hashtag stickers, touchable text, and @mentions stickers, or you can use countdown stickers. However, avoid using emojis, gif images, music stickers, link stickers, multiple stickers, and other complex creative tools.

Additionally, all creative advertising content must adhere to Meta’s policies to ensure compliance. For details on Meta’s advertising policies and safeguarding ad account assets, if you’re looking to run campaigns effectively, you can hire an facebook account agency service at BlueFocus. We’ll help you optimize your advertising campaigns.

At BlueFocus, we understand the significance of managing Instagram advertising costs efficiently while maximizing the impact of your campaigns. Our expertise lies in navigating the dynamic landscape of Instagram advertising, ensuring that your investment yields optimal results. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and strategic optimization, BlueFocus is your partner in achieving success in Instagram advertising.

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