Facebook Advertising Policy: Key Considerations for 2024

Facebook advertising policy
Every online marketing platform operates under its own set of rules, and Facebook is no exception. Before launching any ad campaigns, it’s crucial to delve into the Facebook advertising policy to avoid potential pitfalls such as ad disapproval or account suspension.
Carefully peruse the information provided in the following article by Bluefocus. Then, assess and jot down the essential points. Your objective is to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to run Facebook Ads safely and effectively, ensuring compliance with the Facebook advertising policy.

What is the Facebook advertising policy?

Facebook advertising policy is a set of rules issued by Facebook to regulate the types of advertising content, what is allowed and not allowed to be advertised on this platform. You must strictly adhere to Facebook advertising policy to avoid cases where Facebook Ads Rejected

Facebook advertising policy
Facebook advertising policy

When submitting an ad, Facebook relies on the information provided in the Facebook advertising policy to determine whether to approve the advertisement for your product. Therefore, thoroughly reading and understanding the set of rules and policies before embarking on running ads on Facebook can help avoid situations where ads for your products are not approved.

Facebook Advertising Policy Review Process

Typically, running ads on your page after submission may undergo a thorough review process lasting about 24 hours. In some cases, this duration may be longer.
During ad approval, Facebook considers factors such as:
  • Landing Page Content: Whether the landing page is fully functional and relevant to the product/service featured in the ad.
  • Facebook Ad Content: Whether the image, text, objective, and layout adhere to facebook advertising policy.
Once you receive the ad approval results based on the policy, Facebook will notify you. If your ad passes all criteria, Facebook will immediately run the ads, and you can track them by accessing the Ads Manager.

What should businesses pay attention to?

Prohibited Content

Ads on Facebook may not get approved quảng cáo facebook không được phê duyệt, and your ad campaigns could be barred from running ads due to violations of the Facebook advertising policy, potentially impacting your business if they contain the following content:

1. Violations of community standards

In general business practices and specifically in advertising on Facebook, there are standards to adhere to. For instance, on Facebook, we have community standards specifically tailored to our users. Therefore, ads must meet these standards. Read Facebook’s community standards here.
Facebook advertising policy
Facebook advertising policy
Violating community standards can greatly affect your advertising campaign, which could also be Reasons Why Your Facebook Advertising Isn’t Effective

2. Illegal Products/Services

Advertising business must not promote products/information/services that violate policies, break the law, or are inappropriate or excessively pressuring to the target audience on Facebook.
Examples may include banned products related to addictive substances, stimulants, weapons, ammunition, explosives, adult products/content, excessively violent or disrespectful content, misleading content, controversial content related to political or social issues, counterfeit documents… all of which violate Facebook advertising policy and are not allowed to be advertised.
More:Facebook advertising account flagged, due to violating advertising policies.
You can run Facebook ads with Bluefocus’s Facebook agency account rental service, which helps you avoid violating Facebook advertising policies and enhances the effectiveness of your ad campaigns

3. Before-After Images

The use of before-after images, commonly employed in the beauty industry and skincare brands as a form of testimonial, is widespread. However, Facebook restricts the use of such images as they may negatively impact individuals, leading users to develop negative perceptions of themselves.

4. Discrimination

Ads must not discriminate or encourage discrimination based on gender, age, race, skin color, national origin, religion, marital status, disability status, etc.
Facebook advertising policy
Facebook advertising policy

5. Inappropriate or Vulgar Language

Advertisements with low-quality content, grammatical errors, unclear language, or vulgar language are also subject to scrutiny by Facebook.
However, Facebook does not have a comprehensive list or standard criteria for prohibited words in Facebook ads. Therefore, you need to carefully review the content before submitting your product advertisements.

6. Landing Page Quality

Facebook also places great emphasis on landing page quality. You should ensure that your landing page operates smoothly, is visually appealing, and engaging in terms of content and images to attract users to convert and make purchases.

7. Copyright Infringement or Images of Famous Individuals

Facebook prohibits the use of images containing copyrighted brands or individuals, including celebrities. If Facebook detects copyright infringement, your account will be immediately locked.
Even abroad, advertising using T-shirts with images of famous people, if copyrighted, will be rejected by Facebook for violating Facebook advertising policy. However, the issue of using images of famous brands in Vietnam is not regulated as strictly.

Restricted Content

Some products or services related to sensitive issues are also restricted from being displayed to customers by Facebook, including:
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dating services
  • Gambling
  • State lotteries
  • Online pharmacies
  • Prescription drug ads
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Weight loss products/plans

Text in Advertising Images

Intentionally cramming too much text into Facebook advertising images may result in ads being restricted from appearing, or even being unable to run. Use wording cleverly, sparingly, but effectively to highlight the products/services you are introducing to customers.

What to Pay Attention to in Video Ads?

Video ads and other dynamic ads must also adhere to the Facebook community standards and Facebook advertising policy, including the following reasons for display:
  • You do not overly inconvenience users, such as using flashing screens.
  • You are only allowed to advertise entertainment content (such as introducing movies, TV shows, video games) targeting users aged 18 and older, and sensitive content is not allowed in such ads.

To ensure that your advertising campaign complies with Facebook advertising policy, one of the things you need to do is to create a highly effective video advertising on Facebook

If your Facebook advertising campaign is rejected due to Facebook advertising policy violations

here’s what to do:

1. Edit the advertising campaign

If the ad is rejected for not complying with the policy without violations, the best approach is to edit the ad template within the campaign, save the changes, and then resubmit it.
You don’t need to worry about what needs to be edited because Facebook will clearly explain the reason for rejecting the ad in the rejection email. You just need to make the necessary adjustments based on that information.
The email containing the approved ad results will be sent to the email address associated with your advertising account. So, remember to check your inbox regularly for updates!

2. File an Appeal with Facebook

  • If you are unable to make changes or if you disagree with Facebook’s decision, you can submit an appeal!
  • Facebook advertising policy is the set of rules you must adhere to in order to successfully and smoothly run ads. Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question of why your ad was not approved.
  • If you have any feedback or questions about setting up display ads, please leave them in the comments below.
Reference Source: Facebook advertising policy
Here are the things to do when running advertising campaigns on Facebook. We hope it helps you address your concerns and ensures that your ad campaigns comply with Facebook advertising policy. Additionally, you can turn to Bluefocus, a Facebook advertising agency, where we can support and enhance your advertising campaigns.
Wishing you success!

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