Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts: How to Resolve Them? Up Date Facebook Ads 2024

Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
On a beautiful day, you suddenly receive an unusual notification from Facebook, as the headline suggests.
Many accounts are flagged by Facebook for violating Facebook advertising policy, but you don’t understand why you received this notification? How should you handle this situation to prevent it from affecting your business?
Feeling perplexed and unsure of the reason? Whom should you contact and how should you resolve the flagged Facebook advertising accounts?
How can you prevent such incidents when your Facebook advertising account is flagged? What should you be mindful of to avoid violating Facebook’s advertising policy.
This blog post is dedicated to Facebook advertisers facing directly ineffective accounts. It will prove invaluable when encountering such unusual circumstances! Let’s explore together.
This blog post is dedicated to helping Facebook advertisers facing directly ineffective accounts, offering valuable insights to navigate such unusual circumstances effectively. Let’s explore together with Bluefocus and find solutions for this unexpected situation!

Why are Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts?

There are numerous reasons and factors leading to the creation of Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts. Even worse, the account may be disabled altogether. The prevalent misuse by users in Vietnam is a major cause of dissatisfaction for the Facebook team. This further demands stricter measures for cases occurring in our country.

Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts

Below are the main reasons that can lead to Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts. Let’s continue!

1. Issues with the advertising account itself

There are two main reasons to consider:
  • Firstly, the personal account information of the advertiser is not trustworthy enough. However, they still use additional payment methods, so Facebook flags them for violations.
  • Secondly, the advertising account with Facebook has a bad history. For example, running ads but not paying, selling low-quality or prohibited goods, etc. And the account is reported by many Facebook users.
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Additionally, newly created advertising accounts running multiple campaigns simultaneously may attract the attention of Facebook’s managers and could potentially result in flagging for scrutiny.

2. Payment issues

One of the reasons why Facebook advertising accounts get flagged is due to payment issues:
  • Not paying for Facebook advertising.
  • When the payment for advertising is due but you don’t have enough funds in your account. Facebook may interpret this as an intention not to pay, resulting in a violation of your account.
  • Typically, Facebook advertising accounts using PayPal for payment are more susceptible to being flagged for violation. Facebook encounters many cases where Vietnamese customers use PayPal to inflate advertising expenses. Therefore, they perceive accounts in Vietnam using this payment method as untrustworthy.
  • Running Facebook ads for prohibited items, unclear origin products, counterfeit goods, etc.
  • Visa card being declined due to a large number of users of this card inflating advertising expenses too much.

3. Customer file issues

There are some customer files floating around on the internet that have been reported to Facebook. If you happen to use these files, your active advertising account will be immediately flagged for policy violations.
Therefore, you should create and utilize customer files that comply with advertising policies. Do not use files that are floating around or abnormal on the internet.
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts

4. Lack of advertising experience

Many newcomers to advertising may often feel confused when using advertising tools and setting budgets.
Due to their limited knowledge, some of these individuals frequently change their budgets to test campaign performance. This behavior often leads to flagged Facebook advertising accounts.
You should remember not to fluctuate your budget too much, as Facebook will see this as unusual behavior.
Additionally, frequently turning campaigns on and off is also something to avoid.

5. Violation of advertising content policies

If the content of your advertising posts contains language and images that violate Facebook’s standards and policies, it will undoubtedly be flagged. You should be mindful not to post content related to counterfeit goods, replicas, religious attacks, inciting violence, etc.
Moreover, advertising content that contains false claims or images that may mislead Facebook users will also result in flagged facebook advertising accounts. For example, commitments such as 100% effectiveness, 100% absolute satisfaction, etc.
Note: On Facebook, there are advertising review teams not only from foreign countries but also from Vietnamese teams. Therefore, you should be careful in how you use your advertising language.
Completely cure the disease 100%, 100% effectiveness, etc., as shown in the image below.
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
The tactics of ‘deception’ and ‘bait-and-switch’ involve advertising one product but using images of low-quality or unrelated products for promotion. If customers report this to Facebook, the flagged facebook advertising accounts will undoubtedly face consequences.

6. Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts due to Using Vietnamese IP

As noted above, Facebook’s team, both domestically and internationally, often has reservations about advertising accounts accessed via Vietnamese IP addresses. Sometimes, they flag these accounts solely because they detect the use of a Vietnamese IP, without any specific reason. Stay calm and handle the situation! If you haven’t violated Facebook’s policies, your advertising account will be reopened promptly.

7. Checkpoint Issue

This occurs when your personal account is subjected to a checkpoint by Facebook. Facebook perceives your account as insecure, leading them to flag or temporarily suspend all related activities until you resolve the checkpoint.

8. Logging in Multiple Accounts on One IP

Logging into multiple Facebook accounts from one IP address may be perceived by Facebook as spam or impersonation, resulting in the flagging of flagged Facebook advertising accounts. This could lead to the deactivation of your flagged Facebook advertising accounts.
After the above explanation, you now have a basic understanding of the reasons behind the flagging of flagged Facebook Ads accounts. So, what should you do to reopen your flagged Facebook advertising accounts?

How to Support in Reopening Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts

In this section, I will guide you through all 5 effective and easy-to-implement methods to reopen flagged Facebook advertising accounts.

1. Appeal

Account suspension is quite common for experienced Facebook advertisers. Just stay calm and follow the instructions to reopen your flagged Facebook advertising accounts.
When your Facebook advertising account is flagged, there will be a blue link for appealing the account suspension. You can click here to contact and provide feedback.
In the link, there will be a support form to fill in the information about your flagged Facebook advertising accounts. Please fill in the details honestly and accurately. Facebook will then review your case and respond to you.
In some cases, Facebook may request personal identification documents. Simply take a photo of the front side of your ID card and upload it.
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Normally, the review time is 24 hours. You can provide multiple sincere reasons in your appeal form to expedite the review process.
For long-standing Facebook advertising accounts with a certain budget threshold, Facebook will allow you to live chat with their support team. Their support team includes both foreign and Vietnamese-speaking members, so you don’t need to worry about language barriers!

2. Prepare a backup Facebook advertising account

Not every appeal case is supported successfully or may take a lot of time. The advice for you is to have a backup advertising account to deal with when your flagged Facebook advertising accounts issue arises. So that when a problem occurs, you can still continue your work.
For those who sell products on Facebook, please note that the backup account needs to have clear and truthful information similar to the personal account you often use. Then, you use advertising content that complies with the advertising policy. If this account has any misleading information, sooner or later, Facebook will flag it.
You can also use the Facebook agency account rental service at BlueFocus Advertising Agency.

3. Avoid Using Paypal

As mentioned in previous sections, using an IP from Vietnam and paying through Paypal is a ‘money-burning’ combination for Facebook’s review team.
Up to 90% of users utilizing this combination end up getting their accounts locked. Therefore, you should choose a bank with fewer instances of failed advertising payments for your transactions.

4. Buy or Rent Facebook Advertising Accounts

If your flagged Facebook advertising accounts are experiencing prolonged delays, consider the option of renting an advertising accounts.
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts
Just like anything else being sold online, there are both genuine and fake offerings. You must be cautious when buying or renting Facebook Ads accounts. Before renting, make sure to inquire about the following:
  • Do you have direct access to manage the advertising account?
  • If the rented account gets blocked, is there any compensation, and if so, what are the terms?
  • How are the commission rates structured for each budget?
  • Remember to read and sign the rental contract carefully to ensure your rights are protected.

5. How to Address Visa Card Declines

When you add a payment method and enter your Visa card, but Facebook notifies you of a rejection, there could be various reasons for this. However, if you and your account haven’t done anything wrong, it’s best to contact Facebook first.
Here are the detailed steps:
  • Step 1: Click on the Facebook ad payment complaint link:
  • Step 2: Fill out the form, submit it, and wait for Facebook’s response (they will reply via your email).

Protecting Your Facebook Account from Flagging

  • Check advertising demos multiple times before launching bulk advertising campaigns. Avoid situations where you run the campaign first and then realize the content contains terms that violate Facebook standards.
  • Use a business manager instead of individual accounts.
  • Regularly monitor comments on advertisements. If there is negative feedback, address it immediately before Facebook notices or the ad gets reported.
  • Control and manage the frequency of ad displays to show whether this impact is effective or not. Don’t let it appear too many times for a Facebook user, as this increases the risk of receiving negative feedback.
  • Check the balance in your account. Ensure it doesn’t run out of funds when the payment deadline approaches.
  • Avoid using multiple accounts on one IP.
  • Avoid creating advertising campaigns on Facebook from multiple locations. Create them where you usually use and interact with Facebook.
  • Avoid using cards associated with Facebook advertising accounts that have been blocked.


it’s essential to dedicate time to foster interaction on your Fanpage and advertising accounts. Take a gradual approach to advertising and avoid rushing. Show Facebook that you’re not violating their policies. If your flagged Facebook advertising accounts, stay calm and resolve the issue based on the insights shared above with the help of bluefocus.

Wishing you success!

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