3 Ways to Set Up Facebook Slideshow Advertising: From Basic to Advanced

3 Ways to Set Up Facebook Slideshow Advertising: From Basic to Advanced
Facebook slideshow advertising is a relatively new form of advertising, so many advertisers have yet to explore this type of ad. Not every advertiser has the resources to create high-quality video ads for their Facebook campaigns. That’s where Facebook slideshow advertising comes in as a solution to overcome these limitations.
Facebook slideshow advertising offers a dynamic way to tell your brand story, captivating audiences with compelling visuals without the need for complex video production. Follow this article from Bluefocus to discover what Facebook slideshow advertising is and how to set up this effective advertising format.

So what exactly is Facebook slideshow advertising?

  • Facebook slideshow advertising is a type of ad format that allows businesses to create short video-like ads using a series of images and static effects. Essentially, this type of ad displays a sequence of images similar to a slideshow or flipbook.
  • Each image in a Facebook slideshow ad is shown for a short period before transitioning to the next image, creating a sense of movement and progression.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising
  • Facebook slideshow advertising creates video-like impact without the need for video-scale budgets, making them especially useful for businesses wanting to convey engaging stories without high-quality video production.

How Businesses Can Utilize Facebook Slideshow Advertising

Now that you understand what Facebook slideshow advertising is, here are ways you can effectively leverage this flexible ad format to meet any business objective:

Showcasing Products

One of the most common uses of Facebook slideshow advertising is to introduce multiple products. Businesses can create a series of images highlighting various products, features, and benefits. This can be particularly effective for e-commerce businesses introducing a new product line or curating products around a specific theme.

Brand Storytelling

Facebook slideshow advertising is a powerful storytelling tool. Businesses can use a series of images to narrate their brand story, values, or journey. This can help build deeper connections with the audience and foster brand loyalty.

How-To Guides

Businesses can use Facebook slideshow advertising to provide useful information to their audience in the form of tutorials or how-to guides. For example, a beauty brand could create a slideshow ad showcasing step-by-step instructions on how to use their products to achieve a certain look. This not only adds value to the audience but also showcases the products in action.

Event Promotion

For businesses hosting an event, Facebook slideshow advertising can be an effective solution for promoting it. The ads can display images from past events, event details, and a compelling call-to-action (CTA) encouraging viewers to purchase tickets or register.

Reviews and Testimonials

Businesses can use Facebook slideshow advertising to share customer testimonials or reviews. Each slide can feature a different customer testimonial along with images of the customer or their purchased products. This can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Limited-Time Sales and Offers

For businesses running limited-time promotions or discounts, Facebook slideshow advertising can be an effective way to promote them. The ads can showcase images of discounted products along with details about the offer and enticing CTAs.

Why You Should Use Facebook Slideshow Advertising

There are several reasons why you might want to consider using Facebook slideshow advertising:


One of the reasons businesses opt for Facebook slideshow advertising is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike video ads on Facebook, which often require significant production costs, slideshow ads can be created using static images.
This makes them a viable option for small and medium-sized businesses with limited advertising budgets.

Ease of Creation

  • Another advantage of Facebook slideshow ads is its ease of creation. Facebook provides a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to create slideshow ads in just a few simple steps. All you need are some high-quality images and a clear idea of the message you want to convey.
  • This ease of creative process not only saves time but also enables businesses to quickly adjust their advertising strategy as needed.

High Interaction Rates

  • Facebook slideshow ads are designed to grab the attention of audiences and engage them. The autoplaying slideshow format is more visually dynamic and appealing than static image ads.
  • his can lead to higher interaction rates, including likes, shares, and comments, thereby enhancing the visibility and reach of the business. Sometimes, Facebook slideshow advertising can even be more effective than advertising on Facebook Messenger if businesses know how to leverage it effectively.

Increased Reach

Facebook slideshow advertising can reach a wide audience and can be viewed on any device without requiring a fast internet connection to load. This makes them an excellent choice for reaching audiences in areas with slow internet speeds.

Should you choose Facebook slideshow advertising or carousel ads on Facebook?

Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising
When it comes to advertising on Facebook, businesses have many types of Facebook ads to choose from, two of the most popular formats being Facebook slideshow ads and Facebook carousel ads, although both formats allow you to display multiple images or videos within a single ad.
However, the main differences between these two formats can impact your advertising strategy.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising
“Choosing between Facebook slideshow advertising and carousel ads depends on the advertising objectives, budget, and resources available. If you want to showcase multiple products or features without worrying about additional costs, carousel ads may be a better option.
However, if you have a tight budget and want to create video-like ads with static images, Facebook slideshow ads would be a suitable choice.

Some Key Metrics for Facebook Slideshow Advertising

Since Facebook slideshow advertising can be created from images and videos, it’s important to pay attention to the following advertising metrics, which are the key metrics you should know:
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising
  • Frame Ratio: Facebook supports several frame ratios including 16:9, 1:1, 2:3. The frame ratio you choose depends on the content of the image and the format you believe will best attract the audience’s attention. For example, the 1:1 ratio square frame is suitable for mobile phones while the 16:9 ratio is suitable for desktop computers.
  • Image Size: 1280×720 pixels. This size ensures that your images are displayed clearly and sharply, without distortion or pixelation.
  • Video Length: The total duration of your Facebook slideshow ads can be up to 15 seconds. This short duration is enough to grab the viewer’s attention while being long enough to convey a meaningful message or story.
  • Number of Images: You can use from 3 to 10 images. This range provides you with the flexibility to tell a comprehensive story about your product or service.
  • Image Format: PNG or JPG. These formats are widely used and ensure that your images are displayed accurately on various devices and browsers.

How to Create Facebook Slideshow Advertising

Creating Facebook slideshow advertising is a straightforward process. Below are the steps to create slideshow advertising:

Step 1: Create a New Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

To create Facebook slideshow advertising, you need to have an advertising account and access the Ads Manager interface. If you don’t have any advertising accounts yet, you can explore Bluefocus Facebook ad account rental service for assistance.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising

Step 2: Choose Slideshow as Your Ad Format

When setting up your campaign and ad group, you will proceed to create actual ads. Here, you will have the option to select “Slideshow” as your ad format.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising

Step 3: Upload Your Images

You will need to upload the images you want to use in your slideshow. You can use anywhere from 3 to 10 images, ensuring that these images are of high quality and relevant to your advertising content.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising

Step 4: Arrange Images Properly

When uploading images, you will have the option to arrange them in the order you want them to appear in the slideshow. This is an opportunity to introduce or tell a story about your product or service in a specific sequence.
Facebook slideshow advertising
Facebook slideshow advertising
You can customize the duration and transition of each slide. You can choose the duration for each image to appear and the transition effect between the images. To make your advertising more engaging, you can add text, music, or call-to-action. Text can provide a brief description of the image content, while music can evoke emotions to attract users.

Step 5: Review and Publish Your Images

When publishing your advertisement, ensure that you preview it to ensure everything is under control and as you desire. If satisfied with your Facebook slideshow advertisement setup, click the “publish” button to launch your campaign.

Best Practices for Facebook Slideshow Advertising

Creating effective Facebook slideshow advertising involves more than just selecting a few images and setting durations. To truly capture audience attention and drive conversions, you need to follow certain best practices. Here are some valuable tips:

Tell a Meaningful Story

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool; it can help build connections with your audience and make your brand more memorable. Consider using Facebook slideshow advertising to tell a story about your brand, product, or customers.

Create Concise and Engaging Ads

Adding as much information as possible to your ads can be tempting, but it’s essential to keep that information concise. Internet users typically have short attention spans, so your ad needs to convey information quickly. Aim for a total duration of 15 seconds or less for your Facebook slideshow ads.

Clear Call to Action (CTA)

A clear CTA prompts viewers to know what action to take next. It could be visiting your website, purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or any other action aligned with your marketing goals.

Utilize Text Overlay

Text overlays can enhance your slideshow ads. They can provide additional context, highlight key points, or reinforce your CTA. Importantly, use them sparingly and avoid distracting from the ad content.
Facebook slideshow advertising is an engaging and cost-effective way to reach your audience on Facebook. By understanding the technical specifications, leveraging their strengths, and applying the tips shared by bluefocus, you can create an effective Facebook slideshow ad and drive revenue for your business.

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