What is Mobile Commerce? Do These Trends Positively or Negatively Impact Businesses in 2024

Mobile Commerce

Currently, the continuous development of e-commerce platforms and sales applications significantly impacts businesses. In this Bluefocus article, we will provide you with knowledge about mobile commerce and its effects on businesses.

You might not know, mobile commerce involves shopping and transactions through wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets. With the advancement of technology and the trend towards digital transformation, consider the following ways to optimize the M-commerce experience for your customers to improve your business.

Let’s explore now!Concept of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce (also known as M-commerce) is the method of using wireless handheld devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to conduct online commercial transactions like buying and selling products and paying bills. This is becoming increasingly common in the community.

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

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Let’s Explore the Differences Between Mobile Commerce and E-commerce

You know that e-commerce involves buying and selling goods and services over the Internet, typically done through computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In contrast, mobile commerce focuses exclusively on transactions through smartphones or mobile devices. Therefore, M-commerce users can perform transactions anywhere as long as they have access to wireless internet providers available in their area.

Prominent Types of Mobile Commerce in 2024

The most common types of M-commerce include:

Mobile Shopping

  • This is the most popular form of M-commerce. It includes buying and selling products and using services through mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). From a customer’s perspective, these activities range from searching for goods/products for personal needs to booking services through apps.
  • From a business perspective, it includes marketing and selling products/services, such as posting on social media (via mobile devices), sending SMS messages, or sending push notifications through mobile apps.

Mobile Banking

  • This type of mobile commerce involves accessing banking services through mobile devices, such as checking account balances or paying bills.
  • In an era of rapid technological development and the expansion of digital transformation trends, most banks have their own apps to allow users easy access and execution of tasks.

Mobile Payments

  • Nowadays, online purchase transactions often use mobile payments. This includes sending and receiving money through mobile apps.
  • The most common forms are e-wallets like VNPay or MoMo. Users can use mobile devices to perform online and offline shopping transactions instead of using cash or credit cards.

How Mobile Commerce Benefits Businesses

In the current trend of digital transformation, mobile commerce has become an indispensable factor for businesses. Let’s explore the benefits from a business perspective:

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
  • Helps Businesses Easily Connect with Customers: M-commerce provides businesses the opportunity to interact regularly with their customers through the most popular mobile device – the smartphone. As a result, regardless of the time or location, users can see notifications sent by businesses to their phone screens.
  • Enhances Customer Experience: Businesses can optimize shopping time for customers and deliver personalized messages, making customers feel that these marketing messages are tailored just for them. For example, sending a birthday greeting message exactly on the customer’s birthday event will help you create a favorable impression with them.
  • Easily Attracts the Interest of Younger Generations: Many studies indicate that Millennials and Gen Z prefer online shopping via mobile devices. Currently, these are the two groups with significant spending power, so the opportunity to reach and persuade them to make purchases can bring substantial profits for businesses.

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Methods to Enhance Mobile Commerce Experience for Customers

If you want to improve your business with the M-commerce trend, here are some steps you need to take to enhance your customers’ experience, thereby steering your business towards success:

Establish an Attractive User Interface

To be compatible with mobile commerce, the very basic step is to have a user-friendly e-commerce website/app where customers can view products, place orders, and make payments using their mobile devices. Some improvements to enhance the user interface include:

  • Utilize ready-made web/app design templates that are compatible with multiple devices.
  • Feature prominent and functional CTA (Call to Action) buttons.
  • Use hamburger menus (three-line buttons that show or hide links to other pages) to save space.
  • Add a search function.
  • Limit pop-up windows.

Boost Mobile Page Load Speed

To improve the customer experience, page load speed is crucial, especially on mobile devices as it greatly impacts user experience. Moreover, Google considers page load times when ranking websites. Therefore, optimizing page load speed is essential for successful mobile commerce. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Use a reputable web hosting service.
  • Enable caching.
  • Reduce the size and weight of images in posts.
  • Optimize the website’s code.
Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Establishing a Simple and Effective Payment Process

One crucial aspect for mobile commerce success is to build a straightforward payment process via mobile devices. It should be simple, as any errors during the process can frustrate customers, potentially leading them to abandon purchases and cease shopping with your brand. Here are some optimization methods to consider for M-commerce:

  • Implement payment options without requiring login.
  • Limit unnecessary form fields.
  • Display a progress bar for multi-page checkout.
  • Integrate one-click payment capability.
  • Link with various popular banks/e-wallets.

Implementing Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing aims to maintain customer interaction to drive purchasing behavior, thereby providing a seamless experience across various channels. Let’s explore some effective methods:

  • Develop a retargeting advertising strategy across multiple channels.
  • Send reminder emails to users.
  • Send promotional SMS messages to customers.
  • Provide push notifications about promotions and new product launches.

Regularly monitor and track online stores on mobile devices

To optimize customer experience, it’s essential to regularly monitor online stores (websites/apps, online marketplaces, or social media) for timely improvements. Additionally, utilize user profiling and behavior analysis platforms for the best insights:

  • Integrate Google Analytics to analyze traffic sources and user behavior.
  • Set up mobile-friendly tests with Google.

Creating a Custom Brand App

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Designing and launching a branded mobile app is essential and worthwhile investment, especially in this competitive era of online business. A mobile app allows you to offer personalized experiences that only loyal customers can fully enjoy.

After implementing these methods, you can optimize the M-commerce experience for your customers. However, with the Bluefocus multi-channel retail management software, all tasks become easier, enabling you to increase revenue through digital transformation and multi-channel commerce.

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Bluefocus offers comprehensive solutions to optimize Mobile Commerce experiences for businesses. By implementing user-friendly interfaces, streamlined payment processes, and multi-channel marketing strategies, Bluefocus empowers businesses to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. With our innovative approach, businesses can capitalize on the opportunities presented by Mobile Commerce, ensuring sustainable growth and success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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