Choosing the Right Advertising Positions on Facebook – 99 Ways to Optimize Ad Placement

Advertising positions on Facebook
This blog on Bluefocus will cover everything about advertising positions on Facebook, from basic to advanced placement options. In the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, creating appealing Facebook ads is just one part of marketing strategies.
The magic truly happens when you strategically place those ads at the perfect timing. With various advertising placement options on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and more, advertisers have plenty of opportunities to reach their target audience if they know how to leverage ad placement effectively.

So what are advertising positions on Facebook?

  • The Facebook platform refers to various locations where your ads can be displayed to the audience. You determine your positions during the ad placement stage of your campaign based on your campaign goals. Your ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger.
  • This is considered the platform, and each platform has multiple positions. Advertising positions on Facebook are classified based on user experience with your ads on different platforms.
  • For example, if you want to tell a story, video ads on Facebook will provide the most consistent user experience, similarly with ads on News Feed and Reels.
Advertising positions on Facebook
Advertising positions on Facebook
  • When creating advertising campaigns on Facebook in Ads Manager, you can choose where you want your ads to be displayed, allowing you to tailor your message to fit specific audiences and achieve your marketing objectives.

Why are advertising positions on Facebook so crucial?

The Facebook platform offers various types of ads, each designed to help you achieve specific business goals. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right position for your ads.
By doing so, you can ensure that your ads reach the right target audience at the right time. This strategic placement of ads on Facebook can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, boosting engagement and yielding better results. Optimal positioning is crucial for several reasons:
  • Reaching the Right Audience: Different advertising positions on Facebook cater to diverse user habits and interests. Understanding the positions where your audience frequently engages allows you to reach them where they interact the most.
  • Optimized Advertising Performance: Each position possesses unique characteristics that can impact ad performance. Choosing positions that align with your campaign objectives, such as driving website traffic or generating leads, significantly influences click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates.
  • Cost Management: By strategically selecting positions, you can reach your target audience with more cost-effective spending compared to relying on automatic placements.
Remember: not all types of ads are compatible with all advertising positions, so it’s essential to pay attention to the ad dimensions for each ad format.
Always ensure that the type of ad you’ve selected is suitable for the advertising positions on Facebook to avoid common issues such as Facebook ad rejection or potential Facebook ad account disablement. We’ve addressed these issues and proposed ways to mitigate them, such as hiring Facebook ad agency accounts, in previous blogs. You can review them in our earlier posts.

Which one to choose from the options for ad placement on Facebook?

There are two options available in the ad manager that will determine how your ads are displayed: automatic placement and manual placement.
Advertising positions on Facebook
Advertising positions on Facebook
You may be wondering which option is suitable for your advertising campaign. First, let us clarify exactly what these advertising positions on Facebook options mean and when to use them in this section.

1 Automatic Placement Option

The advertising positions on Facebook option allows the platform to automatically distribute your ads across multiple placements based on where they are likely to perform best. Facebook’s algorithm analyzes various factors, such as user behavior and ad content, to determine the optimal placement for each ad.

The benefits of automatic ad placement include:

  • Efficiency: Facebook’s algorithms handle the heavy lifting, saving you time and effort.
  • Optimization: Your ads are placed where they can perform best, maximizing the return on investment for you.
  • Reach: Your ads can appear across all available placements, potentially reaching a broader audience.
Choosing automatic advertising positions on Facebook can be advantageous as it streamlines the advertising process, optimizes advertising performance on facebook, and increases the reach to a wider audience without requiring manual intervention.

Manual Placement Option

This option allows you to manually select where your ads will appear, providing you with more control over ad placement but requiring a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each placement.

The manual placement option has several benefits:

  • Control: You precisely determine where your ads are displayed.
  • Specificity: If you know your audience interacts more with a particular type of placement, you can focus efforts there.
  • Testing: Manual placement allows for more accurate A/B testing across different Facebook ad placements.

Choosing the right Facebook advertising placement for your campaign objectives is essential.

While Facebook encourages using the automatic ad placement option, it’s not always the best approach. The optimal advertising positions on Facebook for your campaign depend on specific goals and your familiarity with the platform.
You should opt for automatic placement when aiming to maximize ad reach and leverage Facebook’s algorithm to determine the best ad positions. This is particularly beneficial for newcomers to Facebook advertising or campaigns with broad objectives.
On the other hand, manual placement is ideal when you have a clear understanding of where your audience interacts most or when you want to test specific advertising positions on Facebook. This offers more control and allows for more targeted advertising, but it requires deeper insights into the performance of each placement.

Understanding the Different Types of Facebook Ad Placements

Let’s take a closer look at all the different types of ad placements on Facebook, from News Feed to vibrant instant articles, each offering unique opportunities to connect with your audience.

Options for ad placement on Facebook

Facebook’s platform offers users a wide range of ad placements to choose from.
Advertising positions on Facebook
Advertising positions on Facebook

News Feed Placement

This option is the most common choice, displaying ads within users’ Facebook news feeds alongside unpaid content from friends, pages, and groups. Its wide reach allows you to target multiple audiences and generate brand awareness.

Right Column Placement

These ads appear in the right column of the desktop version of Facebook and are often smaller and less prominent than News Feed ads, making them suitable for retargeting campaigns and direct response.

Instant Article Placement

Instant Articles are fast-loading articles optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless reading experience. Ads within Instant Articles can be placed in a flexible format, blending naturally into the article.

In-Stream Video Placement

These ads appear within the content of selected creators’ videos, offering a great way to capture the attention of users who are already engaged with video content.

Facebook Stories Placement

Ads in Facebook Stories appear between users’ stories, providing a vivid, fullscreen experience. They are effective for interactive campaigns and brand awareness, especially for younger audiences.

On Facebook Reels

Advertising on Facebook Stories seamlessly integrates into your story and you’ll be paid based on the story’s performance. There are 2 types of ads on Facebook Reels: overlay ads and post-roll ads. Overlay ads are banners on story videos, offering a great way to monetize your content.

Position in Facebook Search Results

Advertising positions on Facebook search results provides a new way to reach those with discovery mindsets. When users search for content on Facebook, your ads can appear in the search results, connecting you with potential customers actively seeking similar products or services to yours.
For example, if a user searches for “athletic shoes, Facebook post ads will display in the Facebook search toolbar.

Business Discovery Position on Facebook

The business discovery option on Facebook aims to help people discover and explore more businesses related to topics they’re interested in. When someone clicks on a post title or comment about a business on the Facebook news feed on their mobile device, they’ll switch to a view mode with that post.
This can be a great way to increase visibility and attract potential customers interested in your industry or business sector.

Marketplace Option

Marketplace ads appear within Facebook’s Marketplace, reaching users actively shopping. They’re ideal for e-commerce businesses looking to target users with high purchase intent.

Instagram Advertising Placement Option

Advertising positions on Facebook
Advertising positions on Facebook

Instagram Feed Placement

Similar to Facebook’s news feed, ads seamlessly integrated with Instagram’s feed provide a natural user experience. This placement allows you to leverage captivating visuals to grab users’ attention and promote your brand or products.

Instagram Stories

The success of Instagram Stories ads with engaging images or videos displayed in the Instagram Stories feed. This ephemeral format thrives on user interaction and is perfect for boosting brand awareness, advertising special offers, or introducing behind-the-scenes content.

Instagram Search Results Placement

Similar to Facebook, Instagram Search Results Placement reaches users actively searching for keywords related to your industry or service. Ads displayed in Instagram search results can attract users with an intent to interact with related content.

To select or edit ad placements on Facebook

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to select or edit ad placements on Facebook:

  • Access the ad manager.
  • Choose the campaign objective and click on the “Continue” button. The advertising positions on Facebook will vary depending on the campaign objective you have chosen.
  • Go to the “Placements” section. Here, you will see that the automatic placement option is selected by default.
Advertising positions on Facebook
Advertising positions on Facebook
  • To choose your placements, select “Manual Placements” and then review the available advertising positions on Facebook you want to include or exclude.
  • In the Facebook ad placements section, choose “Edit Placements.”
  • Here, you can switch between automatic and manual placements or select various options within manual placements.
  • Once you’ve made all your changes, click on “Publish Campaign” to apply them.

Here are some optimization tips for Facebook ad placements from Bluefocus

  • Utilize detailed audience information: Make use of detailed audience data to optimize ad placements based on geographic information, interests, online behaviors, and other factors to ensure ads are displayed to the most relevant target groups.
  • Consider your objectives: Ensure that the ad placements you choose align with the objectives of your campaign. For each campaign, identify specific goals and select appropriate placements to achieve those goals.
  • Customize ad content: Create ad content that is tailored to each specific advertising positions on Facebook. Make your ads reflect the context and requirements of that ad placement to optimize performance.
  • Test different placements: Experiment and compare the performance of ads on different placements across Facebook. This helps you gain a better understanding of which placements work best for your campaign objectives.
  • Exclude irrelevant placements: Exclude placements that are not relevant to your campaign objectives or target audience to focus your budget and efforts on the most effective placements.
  • Optimize bidding: Adjust your bidding strategy to optimize ad placements based on your budget, objectives, and performance metrics.
In this article by Bluefocus, mastering Advertising Positions on Facebook is crucial for any business looking to maximize their advertising efforts on Facebook. By understanding the various options for advertising positions on Facebook and optimizing ad distribution to stay updated with the latest developments, you can ensure that your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

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