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Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Do you often encounter abnormal issues on Facebook without knowing how to resolve them?
In this article, BlueFocus will guide you through the maze of abnormal issues on Facebook. Whether you’re experiencing technical glitches, security breaches, or content moderation challenges, we provide in-depth information and effective solutions to ensure a seamless experience on the world’s largest social media platform. Join us as we shed light on the mysteries behind these abnormal issues and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome them. Let us be your trusted companion in conquering the complexities of Facebook in 2024 and beyond.

Utilize the dual authentication feature to address abnormal issues on Facebook.

Policy context situation

In today’s digital age, online activities are on the rise, and advertisers’ personal accounts are often compromised. These conditions create opportunities for cybercriminals to hijack access to the business management platform and place misleading or misunderstood advertisements.
Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Navigating through the complexities of social media management can be daunting, especially when encountering abnormal issues on Facebook. From sudden drops in engagement to unexpected ad disapprovals, these challenges can disrupt your online presence and hinder your marketing efforts.
But fear not! With our expert insights and strategies, we’ll help you tackle these abnormal issues head-on. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical glitches or resolving content violations, we’ve got you covered.
Stay tuned as we delve into the common abnormal issues on Facebook and provide actionable tips to overcome them. Don’t let these challenges hold you back from reaching your audience and achieving your business goals. Let’s conquer Facebook together!

Issues with Facebook advertising policies

  • Users managed by Facebook’s direct customer group (Managed advertisers) must now have two-factor authentication enabled on the business management platform to mitigate abnormal issues on Facebook. Users will then see prompts in Business Manager and must complete two-factor authentication.
  • Businesses not managed by Facebook’s direct customer group: This issue will enhance the security of the Business Manager platform. We recommend enabling two-factor authentication to address abnormal issues on Facebook.
  • Facebook advertising policy also undergo new updates, and there are certain policy points that businesses need to pay attention to.

Proceed with enabling two-factor authentication on Facebook

  • Navigate to the “Security and Login Settings” page.
  • Scroll down to the “Two-Factor Authentication” section and click on “Edit.”
  • Choose the security verification method you wish to add and follow the on-screen instructions.

The necessary steps to activate two-factor authentication:

  • Go to the business management platform settings page.
  • Select “Security Center” and click on “Edit.”
  • Under the two-factor authentication section, choose either “Require all employees to set up” or “Only new administrators need to set up.” To disable two-factor authentication, select “Not required.”
  • Once you’ve completed the steps, proceed to save.

To ensure the safety of your Facebook account, you can also consider the following tips

  • Keep your password and login information strictly confidential.
  • Remember to log out of your account after logging in on shared or public computers.
  • Limit adding friends to those you know personally.
  • Always be vigilant against malware and suspicious links.
  • Regularly change your password for added security.
Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Abnormal Issues On Facebook

Here’s the content regarding POC Policies

Facebook has initiated projects to standardize advertising units at the domain level for small and medium-sized e-commerce business clients. This project requires customers to provide accurate and complete domain information for website promotion when creating new advertising accounts.
Facebook is gradually rolling out consistent projects on advertising and domain-level promotions for accounts created before December 3, 2018. For these accounts, we will screen them based on past performance if the domain is found to be inappropriate for advertising promotion themes related to the Ad Disapproval Rate or High Disable Ad Account Rate, addressing abnormal issues on Facebook. In such cases, the domain will not be able to create new ads in the account. Conversely, well-performing domains may continue to create new ads even in case of inconsistency.
Additionally, for accounts created after December 3, 2018, the policy remains unchanged.
These solutions will be implemented in the advertising accounts of all small and medium-sized e-commerce companies before the end of March 2019. Importantly, these new solutions will not affect ongoing advertisements, meaning we will not stop running ads due to inconsistent domains. When advertisers need to add new promotional websites, they must submit a new account registration and provide the new promotional website for our review.
To effectively manage abnormal issues on Facebook, consider utilizing BlueFocus‘s Facebook agency account rental service.

Essential Information about DSDL

General context overview

We know that Facebook is committed to building a transparent community to promote real communication and reduce negative user experiences, including addressing abnormal issues on Facebook. Promoting this social value extends to continuously evaluating our ecosystem and partners.
Facebook always aims to create a safe and trustworthy platform environment for its users and brands, addressing abnormal issues on Facebook. In line with these objectives, Facebook has implemented more stringent risk control measures since July 2019. The idea behind building these measures is based on limiting the daily advertising spend for certain newly opened advertising accounts in 2018.
The measures to control abnormal issues on Facebook are newly implemented. Some newly opened advertising accounts will be limited in their daily distribution quota, and when the accounts display certain performance indicators, such as changes in distribution volume. Based on these factors, Facebook will assess whether the advertisements on the accounts are appropriate and comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. Facebook may also block advertising accounts for violating advertising policies.
Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Abnormal Issues On Facebook

Learn about the main features of DSDL measures

Close monitoring: For some newly opened advertising accounts, if there are significant changes in distribution amounts, Facebook will review the accounts based on advertising policies and the effectiveness of the advertising company’s operations.
On the other hand, for accounts not under Facebook’s review, their daily delivery amounts will either remain unchanged or decrease.
You may not be aware that Facebook continuously adjusts the daily delivery amount limits for accounts based on risk assessments, addressing abnormal issues on Facebook.
Violations against ads that have not been adjusted will result in further reductions in daily distribution amounts. Once current accounts have been limited by daily investment amounts, they will not be affected by these new measures. There won’t be any issues affecting your advertising campaigns when implementing this measure to address abnormal issues on Facebook. However, if ads violate the rules, they will be stopped, or the Facebook account will be disabled.
In short and simple terms, some newly opened advertising accounts will have a daily distribution quota set, and if their ads violate Facebook’s advertising policies, their daily distribution quota may be further reduced. The key concern here is that one of the ways to effectively distribute their ads is to ensure that the ad violation rate is extremely low.

Conducting Fan Page Rating Evaluation

Initial Phase

Implementing Customer Rating on Fan Pages – AAC’s New Policy
If a customer’s rating for any of the fan pages they have advertised on is <=1, all of the customer’s advertising account registration requests will not be approved.

The method of ranking customer fan pages will undergo some changes, addressing abnormal issues on Facebook:

  • In cases where the customer’s rating for the fan page is <3, advertisers will receive notifications in the BM/Ad Manager suggesting they improve customer feedback.
  • Consideration for customer ratings on the fan page ranging from 1.51 – 2 will result in various penalties reducing investment for different advertisements.
  • Fan pages rated by customers from 1.1 – 1.5 will immediately enter manual review phase. If approved, the fan page’s investment penalty still remains. If not approved, ad delivery will be permanently stopped.
  • For customer ratings on the fan page ranging from 0.5 – 1, ads will be immediately stopped for 45 days and undergo manual review. If not approved, ad delivery will be permanently stopped. Ads will be restored after 45 days upon approval, but still subject to investment reduction penalties.
  • In the worst-case scenario where customer rating for the fan page is <0.5, ads will be permanently stopped.

The following stages, addressing abnormal issues on Facebook

When customer ratings on fan pages change, some content will be modified as follows:

Abnormal Issues On Facebook
Abnormal Issues On Facebook
  • Considering fan pages rated by customers from 2 – 3, advertisers will receive notifications in the BM/Ads Manager suggesting they improve customer feedback.
  • Some fan pages have ratings from customers ranging from 1 – 2 and will face various penalties reducing investment for advertisements.
  • In cases where the fan page rating is <1, changes to the fan page will permanently cease advertising.
BlueFocus remains committed to providing effective solutions for addressing abnormal issues on Facebook. By implementing comprehensive policies and procedures, we aim to ensure a safer and more reliable platform for users and advertisers alike. Our continuous efforts in monitoring and adapting to evolving challenges reflect our dedication to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the digital environment.

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