Reasons for Facebook Account Blocked | Top 3 Common Policy Violations on Facebook Ads 2024

Facebook account blocked
Is your Facebook account blocked? This is a common question when using the Facebook advertising platform. Even many sellers who are eager to start advertising on Facebook find themselves halfway thwarted.
In this article, BlueFocus will outline the fundamental policy violations that can lead to a Facebook account blocked. As we know, Facebook rigorously controls advertising policies. Instead of waiting for ads to be smoothly approved, it’s better to issue warnings early and avoid minefields.
Common illegal content in Facebook advertising primarily includes adult content, third-party violations, ideal medical treatments, etc. Below are examples of ads that may be blocked.
Let’s see if you are affected!

Examples of Policy Violations That Lead to Facebook Account Blocking

Ideal Medical Facebook Ads

Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked
  • Ads promoting products such as beauty and digestive cleansing claiming to achieve XX effectiveness within a certain period, such as weight loss, etc., risk having your Facebook account blocked.
  • Creating ads with exaggerated claims, misrepresentation in advertising materials, websites to attract users to click, creating extremely exaggerated and unrealistic effects, can result in your Facebook account blocked or Facebook ads are rejected.
  • Medical product ads claiming to be miraculous remedies that can easily cure long-term illnesses and permanently eliminate some difficult-to-treat diseases in a short time, not consistent with objective reality.

Facebook Account Blocked Due to Adult Content

Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked
  • Images of skin or explicit cleavage, even if not overtly sexual in nature.
  •  Ads featuring images focusing on a specific body part, such as abs, buttocks, or breasts, even if lacking overtly sexual content.
  • Facebook dating ads featuring scantily clad models.
These contents violate Facebook advertising policy and may lead to the blocking of your Facebook account.

Do to third-party violations.

Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked
  • Using the wrong name of any organization or property that engages in unauthorized use of intellectual property rights, trademarks, or copyrights to promote your own products.
  • Copyright infringement by using images and text from famous individuals, organizations, famous events, and television programs to promote products.
  • Selling counterfeit or fake goods.

Additionally, If your advertising account is flagged multiple times for violating Facebook policies, it can also lead to your Facebook account being blocked.

Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked

Besides self-checking, the invaluable support of big data algorithms can enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of evaluations. Therefore, you should utilize the ad diagnostics feature on Facebook and avoid situations where your Facebook account blocked.

Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked

Furthermore, you can utilize Bluefocus‘s Facebook agency account rental service, which offers superior features and expert advice. With guidance from professionals, you’ll receive early warnings about Facebook policy violations.

Advertising Control Methods to Avoid Facebook Account Blocked

Before posting Facebook ads, you should utilize the “Diagnose Document Violations” feature, which helps sellers diagnose whether warm documents and ads violate policies before they are released, avoiding risks beforehand.
Facebook ads will not be officially evaluated for policy violations when they are just released. Using the “High-Risk Ads” feature can help you proactively diagnose and issue warnings early if the official website violates policies.
Use the “Violation Rate Monitoring” feature to track your ad violation rate on your account for 7 and 28 days. Sellers can modify ads according to the violation situation prompted by the system to reduce the violation rate and file complaints as soon as possible to reduce the risk of user ad accounts being blocked and budgets being confiscated.
One of the benefits of this feature is Facebook’s ‘High-Risk Ads’ warning feature. It displays the daily diagnosis results of documents in newly added ads from yesterday or the past 7 days—ads related to copyright compliance, adult content, ideal medical treatments, and other high-risk violations— in a detailed risk list, allowing sellers to receive timely warning prompts to modify ads and avoid being evaluated as illegal by regulatory authorities, thus impacting ad distribution.
If you’re looking for an alternative solution to this issue, you can explore how to recover a disabled Facebook account, identify the reasons behind your Facebook ads being flagged, and restore your account.
Facebook account blocked
Facebook account blocked
Proceed to log in to SinoClick, click on the grid of nine squares in the top left corner, click on the ‘Ad Management’ column – the ‘Policy Risk’ column, click on ‘High-Risk Ads,’ and you can experience it!
Bluefocus emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to prevent Facebook account blocked scenarios. By leveraging features like “High-Risk Ads” and “Diagnose Document Violations,” users can identify potential policy violations early and take corrective actions to avoid account suspensions.
Our comprehensive approach to Facebook advertising empowers users to navigate the platform’s policies effectively, ensuring compliance and safeguarding their ad accounts from being blocked. Through vigilance and strategic management, businesses can maintain a strong online presence and maximize their advertising potential on Facebook without the risk of facing account restrictions.

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