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Recovering a disabled Facebook account
Are you trying to find methods for recovering a disabled Facebook account? Has Facebook, also known as Meta, been unhelpful? You’ve come to the right place to purchase a Facebook ad account.
During my tenure at Facebook in advertising, technology, and creator monetization programs, I helped advertisers run their ad campaigns efficiently—not with difficulty, but with intelligence.
Are you looking to reactivate your Facebook ads or understand why Facebook’s bots have halted your activity? In this BlueFocus article, we guide you through the process of recovering a disabled Facebook account.

Recovering a disabled Facebook account

During my time at Facebook, I witnessed numerous advertisers getting shut down due to serious mistakes, sometimes attempting to circumvent Facebook’s system. When your Facebook ad account is restricted, the revenue from advertising sales won’t flow into your bank account.
Recovering a disabled Facebook ad account is crucial because it affects your track record with Facebook, both publicly and behind the scenes.
If you want to restore a disabled Facebook ad account, you need to pinpoint exactly which part of your channel triggered the automated process leading to the ban hammer. And you might be surprised to learn it’s a flag you’ve never even thought of.
Typically, you’re thrown into the watch list of Facebook bots for a series of smaller flags adding up to a threshold of bad behavior that another automated system uses to label you as a bad actor. While making appeals can be helpful, making appeals without first checking your channel is foolish. There’s a better way to ensure you recovering a disabled Facebook account.
If you need to use an account for your campaigns, Bluefocus offers Facebook agency account rental services with many attractive benefits.

The Reasons Behind Disabled Facebook Accounts

The simple solution is to create a new advertising account within your Facebook Business Manager and advertise immediately before 2024. Starting in 2024, Facebook will limit the creation of advertising accounts for Facebook Business Manager, making the process of recovering a disabled Facebook account a bit more challenging.
When you recovering a disabled Facebook account, the best thing to do is to assess risk reviews to determine which of your ads’ content poses the highest risk.
Is your Facebook business page flagged? Or is it your Facebook Business Manager? What poses a higher risk of permanent restriction, the advertising account or the personal profile that created all your ad content?
These are smart questions to ask before attempting to recover a disabled Facebook account (See my article on the next steps for disabled Facebook advertising accounts).
Identify which content is at the highest risk of being banned by Facebook, prioritize your appeals, and be more specific when requesting a second chance from Facebook. If you access Facebook and simply say, “IDK what to do to display ads?” you will get shut down.
Once you’ve pinpointed the exact flags, you can use this knowledge in your appeal to show Facebook that you’ve learned from your mistakes and won’t repeat similar errors with Facebook advertising policy.

Utilize the guidelines to recovering a disabled Facebook account

Recovering a disabled Facebook account
Recovering a disabled Facebook account
Part of my job is to help you and advertising agencies identify what not to do. Using Facebook bots to communicate with Facebook’s advertising support team is a mistake.
Here’s a prime example of what not to do when it comes to “Help with guidance” that Facebook also provides. The guidance you’ll receive is another template, a default fine print copy-and-paste that denies access to your Facebook advertising account.
Advertising content must comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies as a business and is also useful content if you’re seeking clarity on Facebook’s advertising policies. Definitely refrain from using bots or automated forms to attempt appeals (not “requests for review”). It’s crucial to follow the correct procedures for recovering a disabled Facebook account.

Guide to recovering a disabled Facebook account

There are many challenges as a business owner that you’ll have to overcome when searching on Google for ‘recovering a disabled Facebook account.’ Many articles will appear on your search page.
Recovering a disabled Facebook account, whether it’s this article or one from Facebook here, is aimed at regular users with personal profiles—not Facebook advertising accounts—that have been disabled. Most people accessing these articles are often victims of hacked accounts.
It may not be helpful to you if you’re an advertising agency or a business running Facebook ads. So, I’ll help supplement some knowledge that you can use to break out of this cycle. Have you recovered a disabled Facebook advertising account yet?
Don’t fall for scams! Read How to recover a disabled Facebook advertising account now.
In doing so, you’ll encounter a situation where you’ve restarted your device multiple times without receiving an answer, just like one of the clients I’ve assisted.
“Bluefocus guided us through the process of recovering one of our University of Texas advertising accounts (within minutes). He provided some crucial details about why it’s necessary to “recovering a disabled Facebook account” and shared options to mitigate future incidents. We understand better how the algorithm works and know exactly what to do and say if our account gets disabled again

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

Recovering a disabled Facebook account
Recovering a disabled Facebook account
Recovering a disabled Facebook account: The first step in every endeavor always begins with reviewing the most recent ads you’ve run and then identifying specifically which flags carry the most weight on your account
Outside of Facebook, you’re banging your head against the wall and shouting, ‘Give me a clear answer on Guide to recover a disabled Facebook account!’
Instead of helping you resolve the issue, Facebook merely auto-populates a pre-filled template about why your advertising account was disabled due to violating Facebook’s advertising policies. Which policy? Why? Facebook leaves you hanging here. This could lead to Facebook ads are not approved.
In cases I’ve seen, people have had their accounts closed for a series of smaller violations they were never informed about regarding Flagged Facebook Advertising Accounts. (I can help you identify these).
Some time ago, I witnessed advertisers (including big names like Harv Eker, a former client of mine) getting shut down just for a word.
To recover your advertising account and have a chance to “recovering a disabled Facebook account”, first, you need to be 100% sure why you got disabled. Is it a major flag? Or a combination of smaller flags? You need to know this before filing an appeal.
One of the other ways you can use – anyone promising to “recover a disabled Facebook account” is lying. Spammers will say things like give me $100 and I’ll get your advertising account back. That’s a lie. You’ll be scammed.
The only ones who can actually recover a disabled advertising account are Facebook advertising account managers. Now, if you contact me within 24 to a maximum of 48 hours after being shut down, I can file a complaint for you, depending on why you were shut down.
Even if you spend a week reading Facebook Advertising Policies, you still risk being shut down due to an additional 10,000 Facebook advertising policies that Facebook’s bots flag for you without transparency. If you find it difficult to recovering a disabled Facebook account, you can turn to us. Bluefocus provides you with a platform of services, knowledge, and experts with years of experience who can help you increase the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

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