Facebook Ads Are Not Approved: Causes and Solutions in 2024

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

When Facebook ads are not approved, it prevents the distribution of ads to customers. This limitation negatively impacts sales and marketing plans on Facebook. Facebook may disapprove ads due to various reasons such as violating Facebook advertising policies, payment method errors, etc. It’s crucial to identify the reason and make adjustments before resubmitting for approval. If issues persist, you can submit an appeal requesting support from Facebook.

The Reason Facebook Ads Are Not Approved: Understanding Causes and Solutions

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved


Nearly over 50% of self-run Facebook advertising campaigns have images in the ad template containing more than 20% text. This leads to three main scenarios:
  • The reach of the ad may be slightly lower than usual.
  • The reach of the ad may be significantly lower than usual.
  • Facebook ads may not run due to excessive text on the image.
“At this point, you might already know the reasons why Facebook ads are not approved, right?
For all images used in Facebook ads, it’s essential to check the text ratio to ensure that the ad is always in the best state when displayed.


When running Facebook ads, another crucial aspect to consider is mentioning Facebook in compliance with the rules. Simply mentioning Facebook without adhering to Facebook’s guidelines can lead to disapproval of your ads.
There are two key points to note:
  • Firstly: When mentioning Facebook, you need to capitalize the letter “F” at the beginning. It must be written as follows: “Facebook.” Avoid mentioning Facebook in lowercase as “facebook,” “fb,” “FB,” or “Fbook.” Facebook disapproves of this, and your ads will not be considered for display.
  • Secondly: If your ad contains the Facebook brand logo, it must use the current templates provided by Facebook. Failure to do so will result in disapproval of your ads on Facebook.
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3. Revealing Skin Close-Up Shots – Zooming In

This kind of advertising error, resulting in Facebook Ads Are Not Approved, often occurs with bikini fashion brands and skin care product manufacturers. The reason Facebook doesn’t approve these ads is because they belong to the category of “sexy advertising,” with inappropriate content.
To swiftly resolve this issue, consider the following approach: make adjustments to the images to make them more suitable. Instead of using image ads, opt for video advertisements, directing users to your website through links within the ad. If Facebook Ads Are Not Approved, it’s crucial to address the underlying issues promptly.

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved


Facebook only allows advertising accounts to violate regulations a certain number of times. Making too many advertising errors will result in the advertising account being listed in the Facebook Ads Are Not Approved list, which can also lead to the Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled.
Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid encountering this situation. If you have already faced it, the only solution is to directly contact Facebook and request resolution. Alternatively, creating a new account may be faster, as waiting for Facebook’s resolution process can be a significant issue.
Regarding advertising accounts, if you find yourself in this situation, you now know why Facebook ads are not approved:
  • Violating policies multiple times
  • Suspected issues during ad campaigns
  • Unpaid advertising debts
  • Inactive advertising accounts
  • Unusual behavior from any member in the account management team
  • Incorrect targeting of ads to age groups compared to ad content can also be a reason for ad disapproval.
Solution: Hire advertising account or use reputable Facebook Ads Agency services by Bluefocus.


Currently, this is the most common error causing advertisements to be restricted from display or, worse, disapproved. So, what are the prohibited terms in Facebook ads?

Fields related to health, medicine

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Finance, Currency-related fields

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Chemical, Chemistry-related fields

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Issues related to gender, identity, nationality, ethnicity

  • Country names: England, Korea, Japan, France, USA…
  • Ethnicity: Black, White, Ethnicity..
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Occupation, Employment, Office, Housing-related fields

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Monitoring, Surveillance

Security cameras, monitoring cameras


Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

That’s a compilation of prohibited terms in Facebook ads across various topics and fields.


  • For prohibited terms, refrain from using them if you want your ads to be approved.
  • For restricted terms, you can use them strategically to ensure accessibility to your advertising audience.

6. Images causing confusion or non-existence

Facebook ads are not approved when there are image errors that are confusing or contain non-existent features


  • An image containing a button, but when clicked, nothing happens because it’s a designed button in the image rather than a functional one.
  • Or you advertise for Samsung phones but use an image of an iPhone. This is also not allowed.


  • Remove confusing features from images.
  • Use images of the actual product corresponding to the advertising content.

7. Advertising to inappropriate age groups

For many types of content, you are not allowed to advertise to customer age groups that are too young, such as under 18 or under 16. This restriction is enforced by Facebook Ads Are Not Approved policies.

Only when your product genuinely caters to this age group can you advertise to them. If you deliberately target the wrong age group, your ads will not be considered. Therefore, Targeting Advertising on Facebook is crucial. If you target the wrong audience, it could result in your Facebook ads not being approved.

8. Using copyrighted terms

When mentioning a brand in your ad content or using images of a current brand, it’s essential to ensure compliance. You cannot provide documentation proving that you are an official partner or distributor of that product. This can result in your Facebook Ads Rejected, including Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved

9. Mismatched Landing Page with Ad Content

When running Facebook Ads and directing users to a specific landing page, Facebook requires the ad content and landing page content to be consistent. If the content on the landing page mismatches the ad content, leading to “Facebook ads are not approved

Solution: Choose the appropriate landing page that aligns with the content you are advertising on Facebook.

10. Reasons from Facebook

Sometimes you fully comply with Facebook’s policies, yet Facebook ads are not approved. Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding on Facebook’s part, and you can file a complaint with Facebook instead of having to edit the ad content.
Note: Only file a complaint when you are certain that you have not violated any advertising policies.

11. Before-After Comparison Error

  • If you use comparison images related to body, position, human rights, physique, objects, products, etc., the ad will be prohibited from display.
  • Or if you use terms in both the before and after context such as “before,” “after,” “before,” “after,” the ad will also not be displayed as it violates Facebook’s advertising language policy.
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved
Facebook Ads Are Not Approved


This is also a contributing factor explaining why Facebook ads are not approved. Let’s explore some errors related to Visa payment cards.

1. Unsuccessful Payment Request

An unsuccessful payment request means that Facebook has sent a payment request to the payment card account but it has been declined.

In this case, you need to check the balance in your card. If the balance is sufficient to run ads but you still can’t make the payment, contact your bank to check if your card account is restricted for spending.

2. Unaccepted Payment Card

Another error is when your payment card is not accepted by Facebook. For this issue, you need to note that Facebook currently only accepts two types of payment cards, including:

  • Credit cards.
  • Debit cards: Visa and MasterCard.

3. Payment Card Security Error

Another error is when your payment card is not accepted by Facebook, leading to “Facebook ads are not approved“. For this issue, you need to note that:

  • You use a payment card in a different country.
  • Your card has been stolen.
  • Your card is suspected of being used for excessive Facebook advertising spending.

For these cases, you may need to switch to using a different payment card account.


In many cases, the ad has actually been approved, but you wait endlessly without seeing any campaign display statistics. You may think this is an issue where Facebook ads are not approved, but in reality, it’s not; it’s an issue where Facebook ads are not spending.
The reasons for this error could be:

  • Targeting the same ad to the same audience group.
  •  Random approval of the Facebook Ads account.
  •  Ads affecting user experience.
  •  Bidding too low for ad placement.
  •  Insufficient credibility of the Facebook Ads account.
  •  Low budget, broad audience targeting.

If you encounter this situation, you can refer to the guide on how to fix the issue of Facebook ads not spending.

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Those are the 10 most common reasons for the question: “Why Facebook ads are not approved?” You need to be well-versed in them to ensure that your ads are always approved and displayed most effectively to customers. Follow Bluefocus!!!

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