The Reasons Your Facebook Ad Account is Restricted? How To Resolve It? Update 2024

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Your Facebook Ad Account is Restricted and You Want to Fix It?
The phrase Facebook ad account is restricted instills fear and disappointment in the hearts of all Facebook advertisers. If you’ve ever felt the agony of being left in the dark, struggling to find answers and solutions from Facebook, you’re not alone.
In this article, Bluefocus will share the common story of countless marketers facing the deafening silence when your Facebook ad accounts is restricted, with no clear path to recovery. But you’re fortunate to stumble upon this blog because I’ve worked at Facebook for many years, and I’m here to shed light on the lingering issues in the murky waters of ad account restrictions.
My ultimate advertising guide, Facebook Ad Are Not Approved, provides 3 checklists of the best methods for advertising on Facebook (according to policies). It has helped many save time and energy by reviewing their ads before launching.

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted: Non-Enforcement

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Let’s paint the scenario: you’ve been running Facebook ads, but they got shut down, and you’re left clueless about what to do next, so you run some new ads instead. Facebook automatically assumes you’re a spammer when you do this.
Facebook labels it: ‘Non-Enforcement.’ If you’re not well-versed, you’d think Facebook is describing Dog the Bounty Hunter overlooking a deadbeat dad in Florida to dodge child support payments.
For Facebook, they always presume you’re guilty before proven innocent. If you keep that in mind, you’ll understand why we need to meticulously adhere to every detail of your ad copy before the ads go live.
Liana Lang, CEO of Power Up Strategy Inc., once said, ‘Meet Trevor, my secret weapon for all Facebook compliance issues. I highly recommend hiring him to assist you, especially if you’re planning on running ads.

Facebook Ad Account Restricted: Assessing the Authenticity of the Account

Have you ever wondered why so many Facebook ad accounts is restricted? It’s because Facebook is trying to prevent hundreds of thousands of spammers from third-world countries from taking over Facebook.
It’s a very real danger—not an exaggerated threat. I’ve managed several Facebook Groups with thousands of members, and let me tell you, we have many spammers trying to join daily from Bangladesh, Mumbai, Philippines, and so on.

The official Facebook policy states:

“Responsibility and transparency regarding advertisers are crucial for the integrity of our advertising ecosystem, and we aim to facilitate genuine connections between individuals and businesses. If we identify a user account that appears to be non-authentic setting up advertising accounts, Pages, or Business Manager accounts, advertisers may face advertising restrictions.”
However, returning to the reasons why individuals are locked out of their Facebook profiles or encounter difficulties when creating a Facebook Business Page, ad account, or Business Manager:
If you log in from a new location, Facebook may flag your account as potentially not authentic and present you with various security challenges.
It’s important not to overlook this and avoid using an old email that you no longer have access to for your Facebook profile, as this could significantly disrupt your ad campaigns when you’re unable to respond to the security checks sent by Facebook.
You might be using an old email that you no longer have access to for your Facebook profile, and that could really mess up your ad campaigns when you can’t respond to the security checks sent by Facebook. You should consider reaching out to the Facebook account rental service on Bluefocus.

Facebook ad accounts is restricted upon detecting unusual activities

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
When you attempt to log in to your Business Manager from new locations outside your usual zip code – especially new locations – Facebook will issue a warning that you’ve been attacked.
This scenario can take over your entire channel. When Facebook quickly views you as malicious – not only is your ad account disabled but you may also lose access to more features.
VPNs are not the optimal solution. Those are also flagged. You might add someone in your group living in the country you’re accessing, into roles on your Page or Business Manager roles, or both, change your profile location to the city where you’re accessing. This leads to your Facebook ad account being restricted for reasons like above.
Don’t risk your entire channel by lazily disregarding your location when logging into Facebook as well as Facebook’s business and advertising tools.
If it’s not absolutely necessary, avoid logging into Facebook’s business suite when traveling or on business trips abroad, and if you must – plan this better beforehand, aware of the risk of closure, and undertake preventative measures to avoid “your Facebook ad account is restricted“.

Facebook ad account is restricted: Due to violations of Facebook advertising policies

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
One of the challenges you may encounter is having your Facebook ad account is restricted without prior notice of the impending restriction. What do I mean? Well…
Facebook monitors and regulates advertising content. You might not realize this, but there are plenty of warning signs that don’t disappoint. Violating Facebook’s advertising policy leads to your ads not being approved, which results in your Facebook ad account being restricted.
Facebook might view you as a potential bot, a bad actor.
That’s why ensuring that your advertising on Facebook fully complies with Facebook’s advertising policies is extremely important, not just to avoid almost getting disapproved. Because these small warning signs add up, and Facebook won’t let you know that your account might be locked.
Let’s talk about what leads Facebook to issue a complete ban.

Your Facebook ad account is restricted due to too many rejected ads

It goes on your record. Facebook also keeps a similar record, and every rejected Facebook ad is like being arrested. Even if you’re not convicted, the arrest still goes on your record.
Your Facebook ad account is restricted, some clients before working with me genuinely thought Facebook didn’t track this much, but consider running ads as a minor criminal background check every time you hit send.
Facebook’s bots perform their duty with every rejected ad. They automatically cross-reference this database when you submit a new ad for review. If you surpass the ratio of rejected ads to approved Facebook ads, you’ll get banned. So, pay attention to that ratio to avoid getting skewed.

Your Facebook ad account is restricted: Violation of security policies

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
If Facebook finds out that you’re trying to run ads and not paying them is like teenagers trying to steal beer from a gas station. So, your Facebook ad account is restricted.
Behind the scenes hides a truth: Banks have automation mechanisms similar to Facebook to ensure financial security. Clearly not the same kind of automation, and certainly lacking all sorts of machine learning. BUT:
  • You might have told your bank that Facebook ad fees are appealing, but unless you set up alerts on your phone, there’s still a good chance your bank will block Facebook ad fees and not notify you
  • That could make Facebook think you’re a sneaky teenager at a gas station trying to steal something and assume you’re trying to make a run for it.
  • So, triple-check your bank and make sure you’ve set up alerts on your phone as well as checking your online banking account to see pending charges. This will help you a lot in your advertising campaigns, eliminating the possibility of your Facebook ads accout is restricted

Your Facebook ads have too many negative responses

Your Facebook ad account is restricted because competitors are bothering you by using self-reporting feedback tools and hiding all your ads. Facebook bots will then assume that Facebook users don’t like your brand and turn off your ads.
If you have a Facebook ad with low-quality content or use poor targeting (such as targeting 20-year-olds with denture ads for the elderly), Facebook users may also put you on their restricted display list.
Try split-testing your ads across multiple audiences and block competitors from seeing your ads whenever possible. 70% of people earning over $70,000 a year use Facebook (Sprout Social).

Ads are restricted due to policy violations

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Sometimes, you may encounter some advertising limitations, but not a complete shutdown even if your Facebook ad account is restricted. Facebook might restrict certain features like posting on your Facebook Page or using videos if they feel you are abusing these features.
Of course, the list of reasons why you might face restrictions is endless. However, hiring an expert familiar with the platform can help you avoid being blindsided by another Facebook ad account restriction.

What happens when a Facebook ad account is restricted?

f your Facebook ad account is restricted, it means the following:
  • Future ad campaigns may be at risk.
  • You cannot run any Facebook ads.
  • Your Business Manager may have black marks.
  • You might need to start fresh in a new Business Manager app.
  • You should take equivalent proactive measures to reverse this.

How to deal with restricted Facebook ads?

That’s a good question, isn’t it? How do I deal with Facebook ads being restricted? It could be a few things. First, you might have too many ads rejected, leading to your “Facebook ad account is restricted“.
When I compare being banned to having ads rejected, what’s the difference? If you have no criminal record but have been arrested 15 times and applied for a government job, how do you think HR will treat you compared to a candidate with no arrests?
Additionally, you might have been restricted due to issues with specific ad categories or serious violations like denying Covid is real.
Specific Facebook ad policy violations vary by industry for ads related to gambling, political ads, real estate ads, and if you’re trying to run ads for CBD, forex, or cryptocurrency (nope).
Working with clients as partners in crime, I’ve found signs that if left unchecked, their entire ad agency could be shut down.

Some reasons why my Facebook ad account is restricted?

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Remember that Facebook will assume you’re guilty first rather than innocent when you’re just one contextual word off.
Perhaps you’re not using the Proper Noun Attribute (see my Proper Noun Attribute guide here).
The TLDR answer to this question is: You may have done something that Facebook’s automated system doesn’t like or misinterpreted. You’ll want to check your channel and correct these errors with compliant copies.

How to resolve the issue when your Facebook ad account is restricted

Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
Facebook Ad Account Is Restricted
The issue here is the conversation with a machine – whether you realize it or not – as you try to address the problem of your “Facebook ad account is restricted” by the algorithm. You’ll need to think like a machine to succeed.
I know you might think, ‘I’m not expecting some Ex Machina stuff!’ Well, guess what? AI is vast, and that’s why you’re ceasing to use Facebook.
You’re evaluating the machine’s decisions, so you’ll want to have top-notch analytical abilities, examining every component in your channel.
I’ll use your five most recent Facebook ads that you’ve run.
You need to check your entire channel and look for opportunities to evaluate yourself automatically. Imagine you’re an AI designed to shut down Facebook ad accounts and see what you find.”
“If you’re unsure how to converse in bot language, I’m always here to assist you. Schedule a discovery call because this is my genius field when it comes to Facebook ad policy bots.

Facebook ad account is restricted – other reasons

It might be rare, but it could be a glitch that lands you on Facebook’s bad list. But not the glitch you think – many advertisers believe Facebook has mistakenly flagged them. That’s the reason why your Facebook ad account is restricted.
Your Facebook ads might not be flagged, but your payment method could be flagged due to the bank rejecting Facebook ad fees too many times.
So, your bank might be fine now, but the damage has been done, and your credit card has been blacklisted. This could lead to your Facebook ad account being restricted. Additionally, there’s currently an issue with the payment method tool.
When your website doesn’t comply with Facebook’s advertising policies, but if it’s linked to advertising on Facebook, you’ll be closely monitored. For more information, read How to Fix Broken Landing Pages.

Your Facebook advertising account is restricted without early warning.

There’s a lot of horrendous content on Facebook because Facebook has taken that content down before you see it. From terrorists to kidnappings, to the worst hate speech and vile threats – and not just BS insults but actual violent threats.
I say that to say this: Facebook has a safer approach for users. It may not work perfectly at a scale of 3 billion daily users, but it has an effect – to some extent.
Your Facebook ad account is restricted if you give off the wrong impression to bots and may be seen as somewhat villainous. So, managing your digital reputation and robots is the key to keeping your ads displayed on Facebook.
In this article, Bluefocus has outlined the reasons and some remedies when Your Facebook ad account is restricted.  Additionally, another effective preventive measure is to regularly check your Facebook ads before they go live.
Ensure they comply with Facebook’s advertising policies and monitor conversion metrics. You can also stay updated on Facebook’s advertising policy changes through our advertising agency.

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