99 The Reason for Facebook Advertising Ban | How to Overcome Them

Facebook Advertising Ban
Seeking solutions for your Facebook advertising ban? Look no further, as in this article, BlueFocus is ready to share optimal solutions with you.
A Facebook advertising ban is something nobody wants! Your ads on Facebook were running smoothly until suddenly everything shuts down. Your Facebook advertising account is precious as it allows you to run ads to make money, but what happens if your Facebook advertising account gets banned?
This process can lead to your Business Manager being disabled, your Facebook ad account is restricted, or your “Facebook account being disabled. Want to prevent this? Learn more.

Facebook Advertising Ban: Creating Additional Ad Accounts within Meta Business Manager

Why does creating additional Meta ad accounts result in Facebook advertising ban? This is a common question among many people, and below are the reasons:

  • Firstly, to avoid Facebook advertising ban, never use your personal Facebook advertising account. What exactly is a personal Facebook advertising account? It’s the default advertising account associated with your personal profile.
  • It’s essential to understand that this isn’t a Facebook Business Page – it’s your digital storefront. This means it’s a personal profile where you can add friends and view your friends’ and family’s Newsfeed on Facebook. It’s different from having access to the Ad Manager from a Business Page.
  • Because Facebook wants everyone to spend money on Facebook, everyone with a profile automatically receives a personal advertising account linked to their non-business personal profile. Therefore, if you’re new and start running ads on your personal profile’s advertising account, you risk triggering a Facebook advertising ban.

Facebook Advertising Ban: Utilizing and Working with Business Tools from Meta

What you want to advertise from your ad account in Business Manager. What protections does Facebook provide? There are many reasons why Facebook ad accounts are disabled? Instead of banning Facebook ads across all your personal profiles.
That’s a much more acceptable risk because you can create multiple ad accounts in your Business Manager as it is the tool Meta provides to manage your Facebook ad accounts. When your profile receives a Facebook advertising ban, it opens up many doors because your profile creates a Facebook Biz Page, Business Manager, etc.
Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban

Facebook Advertising Setup Ban

Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban

To avoid getting a Facebook advertising ban, the best approach is to pre-screen your Facebook ad accounts to ensure compliance with Facebook advertising policy before launching 60 or 90 new ads simultaneously.

What you need to know when keeping up with the latest advertising trends on Facebook:

Video advertising on Facebook remains a popular choice

Firstly, when it comes to “Facebook video advertising,” ensure they comply with Facebook’s policies. Ensuring your Facebook ads comply before they go live will be much easier than scrambling to fix issues after Facebook flags your ads.
Looking for some professional tips before diving in? Analyze the reasons behind previous Facebook advertising ban before they occur.
Once you’re adequately prepared to create Facebook ads, leave them in draft mode in Ads Manager. Then, have someone knowledgeable about Facebook advertising policies review those ads before they go live. Identify what might get you flagged, and adjust accordingly to align with Facebook advertising policies.
You’ll mitigate risks by setting up Facebook ads within your Facebook ad account.

Facebook Ad Account Manager Encountering Facebook Advertising Ban

Utilizing Ads Manager – this is the interface where you create your ads. Many newcomers have discovered that a boosted post, in fact, functions like a regular ad.
Ads Manager is a vital tool for Facebook, it used to look much more compact – and be much more efficient. Then, Facebook upgraded this interface with a separate ad interface called Power Editor. Now it has evolved alongside the increasing likelihood of receiving Facebook advertising ban.
In the top left corner, you have a dropdown menu to select the ad account you’re using to advertise on Facebook. This helps you avoid accidentally selecting your personal ad account when creating new ads.
If you’ve familiarized yourself with my step-by-step guide on What to Do After Violating Facebook Advertising Policies [Step-by-Step Guide], you’ll recognize the hidden clues that Facebook sometimes provides as warnings – that may require an expert to decode into everyday language. From there, you should start addressing this issue from a preventative standpoint.

When creating an entirely new ad, a Facebook advertising ban may appear

  • With the recent surge in violations of Facebook advertising policy, you may want to set up new ads instead of editing old ones. During this time, when you create entirely new ads in your Facebook ad account, Facebook will scan its entire channel.
  • What should you do to avoid getting your Facebook ad account banned in Ads Manager? Ensure that every part of your marketing channel connected to your Facebook ads complies with Facebook advertising policy. Putting in the effort upfront will save you much more time and money than waiting until you end up on Facebook’s blacklist with a Facebook advertising ban.
Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban

Next, I’ll help you address two misconceptions in Facebook advertising: Buying cheap clicks from third-world countries & the risks to avoid in the entertainment industry.

Select your advertising target audience

“Some of the mistakes I’ve seen from thousands of marketers like you, who have undergone Facebook advertising training, are targeting cheap likes by targeting third-world countries. Advertisers will target Africa or India and small villages in neighboring islands like the Philippines.
This will get you likes at a cheap price, but you’re training your Facebook ad account to attract an audience with no conversions. Facebook’s algorithm will try to show your Facebook Business Page to more people similar to those you’ve targeted. At this point, your ads only reach clickbait farm pages. This is not a strategy encouraged if you want to avoid getting banned from advertising on Facebook.
To ensure that your ads don’t resemble cheap spam, you shouldn’t overlook creating relevant ads – they are better received than standard sales ads.
When you’re in the entertainment industry and you’re running ads for a restaurant, cafe, music venue, wedding venue, event venue, etc., you have to be mindful of your targeting. If your ads are being viewed or commented on by underage teenagers or they’re not old enough to drink alcohol, you could get flagged. So, you should learn about “Interest-Based Advertising Targeting on Facebook“.

Using a reasonable advertising budget helps avoid Facebook advertising ban

You should set up an advertising budget for your Facebook ad account, remembering to ensure your credit card is in good standing. If you’ve previously run ads but got shut down, your Facebook ads may be flagged.
Banks sometimes unintentionally block charges without realizing that Facebook is an approved payment processor. When your credit card is functioning well due to not using a previously closed ad account, if your bank blocks ad charges at any point, your card could be blacklisted. This also leads to a Facebook advertising ban.
Facebook advertising policies are constantly being updated, so when they change, always make sure you adjust to avoid being left behind when budgeting and creating ads.
Adding yours gives people more ways to express their creativity in Stories and share their thoughts with their followers.
However, many people get banned from Facebook ads! There are several ways to overcome this situation, though it’s not easy.
In one particular case, a client of mine, an eCommerce agency, hired me to audit their Facebook ads, I discovered signs that if left unattended, their entire ad agency could be shut down.

Check and revise your campaign

Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban

To avoid getting banned from Facebook ads, you must regularly check and amend any content that may violate Facebook advertising policies.

Whether you’re utilizing various media or integrating SEO with your marketing campaigns on Facebook this year, you must always keep up with the latest Facebook advertising policies. And adjust your campaigns to ensure your Facebook ad account is not restricted.

Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban

You need to check high-performing ads

To avoid receiving a Facebook advertising ban, maintaining a delicate balance between marketing and compliance is essential.
What this means is:
  • Certainly, the most exaggerated statements with the least effort often have much higher conversion rates than statements that require people to work to receive rewards.
  • When your Facebook ads may be rejected during testing – not just split testing to find the best ad copy or content but also testing to ensure Facebook won’t block your ads or issue a Facebook advertising ban for you.
  • Most ad revenue comes from mobile device users in 2024, so make sure your ads are mobile-friendly because if your ads look messy or have text cut off, you could also get banned from advertising on Facebook for that.
That includes ensuring your website also fully complies with Facebook advertising policies.

Facebook Advertising Ban: Hidden Facebook Ad Accounts

How long have you been running Facebook ads? Do you remember the Relevance Score from 1 to 10?
It’s one of my favorite metrics because you can easily see where you stand with Facebook: 1 being your ad not resonating, 10 being Facebook loving your ad to the point they lower your CPC and CPA.
Now, with the new Ad Quality metrics – you don’t really have any clues because they’re quite cryptic. Meaning, these scores are extremely unreliable. You could have a fantastic ad with a CPC under 50 cents with tons of engagement and…
Facebook would tell you it’s a low-performing ad on the Ad Quality Ranking. This could lead to a Facebook advertising ban.
Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban
You’re referring to the Facebook ad policy compliance. To avoid getting banned from your Facebook advertising account, you need to ensure that your ad account doesn’t have a negative score.
I’m talking about what?
I’m talking about the score that Facebook assigns to both your Profile (personal) and your Facebook ad account (in a professional manner).
When you have too many ads rejected, there’s a threshold where even a small flag can lead to your account being shut down entirely. Just because you have too many rejected ads. This could result in a Facebook advertising ban.
You have to make sure that the rate of rejected ads doesn’t exceed the number of ads approved. That could help you.

Recreating a Facebook advertising account

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is “When facing a Facebook advertising ban, how do I start over?”
This answer is more complicated this year than it used to be regarding Facebook’s advertising ban. However, you can also use bluefocus’s Facebook account rental service to quickly restart your advertising campaigns.
Previously, you were able to create multiple advertising accounts within your Business Manager and could restart a new Facebook advertising account. But recently, Facebook has imposed restrictions on creating Facebook advertising accounts.
However, they don’t disclose what these limitations are for creating advertising accounts, so we’ve gone from having 3 BMs to now… one advertising account.
If you need to create a new Facebook advertising account, be cautious not to run any ads resembling those that got you shut down.

Starting ad management with your Facebook advertising account”

This will help you limit the risk of receiving a Facebook advertising ban. The ads you run on your Facebook advertising account serve a dual purpose. They’re not just a money funnel; Facebook ads also contribute to reducing Meta’s compliance violations. These are all factors when they issue a Facebook advertising ban.
This means you’re building a digital reputation assessed through automated filtering processes. There are 7 billion people in the world seeing about 6,000 Facebook ads each day. That means there are around 47 trillion, 328 billion Facebook ads running every day. Or something like that.
Facebook has to consider some of these as bad actors to protect others from harm, but harmless mistakes advertisers make by just running ads also often lead to bans.
However, that’s not always the case; the ads you create also leave a digital footprint that puts you on Facebook’s radar. Stop focusing solely on money and realize that the type of ads you run also shapes your reputation on the platform.

Learn the Basics of Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Advertising Ban
Facebook Advertising Ban
Besides Facebook advertising ban, I’ll point out some things that even the most experienced advertisers seem to overlook about Facebook Business Manager.
You have a Facebook Business Page inside Business Manager, and that Business Manager owns the Facebook Business Page. It means you need to have admin roles on both the Facebook Business Page AND the Facebook Business Manager to run ads on it.
Additionally, to understand the basics of Business Manager to avoid Facebook’s ban hammer:
  • If you sense that you’re at risk of being detected and potentially disabled from Business Manager on Facebook, remove your Facebook Business Page as soon as possible!!
  • That page, if still nested within Business Manager, will be permanently banned from advertising after the Business Manager is disabled because it will be stuck within the disabled Facebook Business Manager.

Understanding Facebook ad account limits

Avoiding a Facebook advertising ban on your account. After multiple rejections of ads on Facebook, you may jeopardize your brand.
Facebook is the third most accessed website after Google and YouTube. This places it above other leading platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.
When your Facebook Business Page is restricted from advertising because you haven’t learned anything from a few initial ad rejections, then that’s on you.
You should explore my analysis of common policy violations on Facebook advertising.
What will happen if you ensure that your ads comply with Facebook advertising policies before they appear online on Facebook? What will happen if you know 100% why your ad account has been disabled? What will happen if you know why your Facebook ads are blocked and have a path to get them back up and running?
In this blog, bluefocus has identified the reasons why you may receive a Facebook advertising ban. Through this, you can seek appropriate solutions to address the issues you are facing and improve your advertising campaigns.

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